California Muslims angered they can't incite murder of Jews

* Now lets see if this gets into the MSM. This is from Israel Today:

Muslim students at the University of Southern California are enraged by the school’s recent decision to remove from a student group’s website an Islamic text that encourages the murder of Jews.

Until recently, the website of the now-defunct Muslim Student Association, which is hosted on the university’s servers, had featured the full text of the hadiths, the words of Mohammed that are not found in the Koran.

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One of those hadiths calls on Muslims to “fight against the Jews and…kill them,” and promises that even the stones and the trees will assist Muslims in that gruesome task.

A statement issued by the Muslim Student Union at USC suggested that the hadith was being taken out of context, and called the school’s decision to remove it from the website “unprecedented and unconscionable.”

The Muslim Student Union accused the USC administration of practicing unfair censorship.

4 thoughts on “California Muslims angered they can't incite murder of Jews”

  1. “A statement issued by the Muslim Student Union at USC suggested that the hadith was being taken out of context…”

    But, of course, did not explain in what context the killing of Jews was being advised by Mohammed and would, thereby, be recommended to Muslims. Worthless farts.

  2. I’m interested in whether these moslem students are American or foreign students.
    It doesn’t bode well for their studies that their understanding is so poor that they think incitement to murder is perfectly acceptable. What if the position were reversed and there were calls to kill all moslems? There would be hell to pay. It’s interesting that these barbaric hate filled messages are supposed to be acceptable but nothing else is.
    One rule for them – and apparently nothing for anyone else.
    This isn’t the only university going along these lines, its happening all over.

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