Look who smells the coffee: EU terror chief says "political correctness" is "hampering campaign against militant Islam"

While the French commissioner feels things have already gone “too far in blaming the Muslim communities.” “Don’t be soft on Islam, says EU terror chief,” by Jason Burke for the Guardian

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* Iran Press: ‘US, EU symbol of religious intolerance’ 

Europe’s anti-terror chief has launched a stinging attack on the political correctness that he says is hampering the campaign against militant Islam.

* Was there any time in history when the French were not devious, duplicitous, cowardly and deceitful?/ed

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU counter-terrorism co-ordinator, said last week thatconcern about stigmatising Muslim populations was hampering policy-making and thus prevention. ‘One of the problems … is that some member states are extremely reluctant to be explicit about the link with religion,’ said de Kerchove. ‘Religion has been hijacked and distorted for political ends.’

De Kerchove’s statement comes against a background of infighting within the EU over counter-terrorism policy. The European Commission has been working for several years on a paper analysing militancy in Europe and outlining policy to combat radicalisation. The Council of Ministers is still waiting for the now long-overdue paper, on which future policy will be based.

EU officials claimed last week the delay was because Jacques Barrot, the French Commissioner for justice, freedom and security, had grave reservations about the definition of terrorism in the commission’s policy paper and had delayed signing the policy document as it ‘went too far in blaming Muslim communities‘.

A spokesman for Barrot refused to comment. ‘There is a paper that is being prepared. Our services are working on it and there is no fixed timeframe at the moment,’ he said.

De Kerchove praised the Home Office’s emphasis on countering the extremists’ message through the media. ‘We have to provide an alternative narrative,’ he said. ‘A lot of research is showing that young people being radicalised are looking for thrills as much as anything ideological. We need to show the violence for what it is, bloody and indiscriminate, and the people who do it for what they are, ugly criminals not heroes.’


Malaysia proposes convention on Islamophobia in U.S

The country that only recently had a fit because a concert performer was deemed “too sexy,” which seized Christian books and arrested Americans who promoted Christianity, and which refuses to allow people the freedom to renounce Islam — yes, this same nation wishes to educate Americans about “Islamophobia” and “religious tolerance.”

More on this story. Wild-Hypocrisy-Alert: “Malaysia Proposes Convention On Islamophobia In U.S.” from Bernama.com, September 26:

NEW YORK, Sept 25 (Bernama) — Malaysia has proposed that a large-scale international convention sponsored by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) be held as early as next year to tackle the anti-Islam movement which is rearing its ugly head in several developed nations. 


[Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim] hoped that the convention would be attended by influential people like leaders, department heads, intellectuals andnon-governmental organisations which support religious tolerance.

Malaysia hopes that another window can be opened for a more universal understanding of Islam to help in civilisation building,” he said.

He said the United States was chosen as the venue for the convention because of the polemic on Islam in that country besides the wide media coverage that it would generate…

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  1. Gilles de Kerchove is not a person to be trusted, specially after his statements about Hizbullah. I really believe that saying:
    De Kerckhove asserted that Hezbollah is represented in the government of Lebanon and it has representatives in Parliament and holds one seat in the Cabinet.“It plays a role on the Lebanese political scene and several countries think that this could bring them closer to the democratic process,” he added.
    is not really a very “unpolitically correct” assertion…

  2. Thats not bad coming from the country where the now ex PM Dr Mahartir Mohammed, who in a speech to the OIC in Kulala Lumpur a few yearsr ago talked about how the jews were pigs and monkeys and faught their wars by proxy–nasty ignorant stuff being sprayed by a Prime Minister, but received with applause by the gathered throng of ignoramuses

    Malaysia is becoming just another Islamic shit hole full of lazy bumis who rely upon the preferential treatment being afforded them under the constitution left them by the Brits,whilst the Chinese and the Indians do all the work.

    For this country to be lecturing anyone is a hoot

  3. Hebollah in the Lebanese government? In what way, by threats?
    Islam is the problem all over the world. They should stay in the East if they don’t want the Western ways of living.
    No more immigration to the West. Start deporting them back to the East.
    100.000 every month to the country of origin. Stop building mosques.
    Who has another solution to the problem?
    Too many wars in the name of religion.
    Religion nothing but evil over the centuries.
    Waterboarding in Qantanamo? Already was practised by the Catholic church, convert or else.

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