Sheila Musaji identifies the enemies of Islam: the Jooozzz!

From the ‘anything to shut you up’ department:

*  In typical Islamo-agit prop fashion, Sheila Musaji doesn’t see a problem with the jihad ideology, the conquest of infidel lands and the subjugation of unbelievers. No, this Ssheila has a problem with the people who take issue with this vile doctrine: the enemy is the people who try to wake their fellow men from their lethargic slumber. For this Sheila, as for all Islamo-agents behind enemy lines, in the dar=al-harb, the problem is not the 11.000 terror attacks since 9/11 and the 1400 years of jihad conquest, but  people like us who to raise awareness to it, because that interferes with her da’awa efforts, which she euphemistically calls ‘interfaith-dialogue’.

 Lots of taqiyya, tu coque, circular reasoning and chutzpah by the truckload:

From the ‘American Muslim’


Who is behind Relentless, Obsession and The Third Jihad?

7 thoughts on “Sheila Musaji identifies the enemies of Islam: the Jooozzz!”

  1. The TV networks should show the movie Obsession, all of them, so everybody will see it, the heck with political correctness, the future of our country is at stake. Why can’t we demand a showing of these type of movies?

  2. There are no organizations more vociferous than the various muzzie gangs, all aided and abetted by none other that that bastion of freedom and democracy, the Sowdis. They are the ones forcing down hate propaganda in every outlet they can. It is high time for us to dish out their own medicine. On the subject of the Sowdis, here is a delicious little nugget. There was much consternation in the local press about the lamentable performance of their team at the Olympics. One editorial commented that the blame should not be put on the athletes, it appears their best equestrian could not compete for the lack of a simple little thing, to wit, a horse.
    The others had to ride borrowed nags.

  3. If you ever have a despicable ideology clothed in religious overtones, just blame all of your troubles on the Jews. Honestly, I believe these people see Jews out to get them in their nightmares.

  4. Wow, she really seems to hate Jews. Of course, it isn’t surprising as most Muslims hate Jews.

    She can hate all she wants, but radical Islam will be defeated by the United States and Israel.

    Inshallah, Islam will be decimated. Mashallah.

  5. Sheiich Yermami, doesn’t Sheila Musaji write at Loon Watch under the name , Ilisha?

    You know.,

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