Sikhs and Hindus accuse Al BeBeeCeera of pro-Muslim bias

Sikhs and Hindus accuse BBC of pro-Muslim bias

* And so they should. But will anybody listen? Because Sikhs & Hindus are not threatening to blow s#*t up and kill us all why give them the light of day?

* Update:

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By Jerome Taylor/ Independent UK

Muslims at prayer at the Grand Mosque in Srinagar, India, during the holy month of Ramadan

Hindu and Sikh leaders have accused the BBC of pandering to Britain’s Muslim community by making a disproportionate number of programmes on Islam at the expense of covering other Asian religions.

A breakdown of programming from the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department, seen by The Independent, reveals that since 2001, the BBC made 41 faith programmes on Islam, compared with just five on Hinduism and one on Sikhism.

Critics say the disproportionate amount of programming is part of an apparent bias within the BBC towards Islam since the attacks of 11 September 2001, which has placed an often uncomfortable media spotlight on Britain’s Muslims.

Ashish Joshi, the chairman of the Network of Sikh Organisation’s (NSO) media monitoring group, which obtained the numbers, said many Hindu and Sikh licence-fee payers felt cheated. “People in our communities are shocked,” he said. “We are licence-fee payers and we want to know why this has happened. The bias towards Islam at the expense of Hindus and particularly Sikhs is overwhelming and appears to be a part of BBC policy.”

Indarjit Singh, the editor of the Sikh Messenger and a regular contributor to BBC Radio4’s Thought for the Day, said that the public broadcaster was focusing too much attention on Islam at the expense of other religious communities.

“I think it’s probably unthinking, or inadvertent, but the bias is there,” he said. “I do know that within the Sikh community especially there is a feeling of concern over the lack of portrayal of their religion on television. There is a feeling of being brushed aside.”

He added: “The wider community is missing out on what the different religions have to offer society. Of course it is important to educate non-Muslims about Islam but it is also important to provide informative, open and respectful programming on all religions.”

In a letter sent in July to the NSO, the head of the BBC’s Religion and Ethics, Michael Wakelin, denied that there was any bias. He said the demographic makeup of Britain meant that Britain’s 1.6 million Muslims outnumber Hindus and Sikhs by two to one. “Therefore,” he wrote, “if Muslims get 60 minutes a year, the Sikhs and Hindus should share 30 minutes each.” Further content on Islam, he added, was “no doubt sparked by the interest in the faith following 9/11”.

The latest row over the BBC’s cultural output follows a dispute raging at the BBC’s Asian Network radio service, where more than 20 former and current employees have written a letter of complaint alleging that the station ignores Muslim listeners and plays less Pakistani and Bangladeshi music than it should.

A spokesman for the BBC said the broadcaster was committed to representing all of Britain’s faiths and communities. “We reject any claims of bias,” he said. “In our religion and ethics content alone, we have covered Hindu and Sikh issues this year on The Big Questions, Sunday Life and Extreme Pilgrim. In the autumn we will be covering Diwali from a Sikh perspective and we have a major new series for BBC Two in early 2009, including features on Hinduism and Sikhism.”

But a number of MPs, including Rob Marris and Keith Vaz, called on the BBC to do more to represent Britain’s minority faiths. “I am disappointed,” said Mr Vaz. “It is only right that as licence fee payers all faiths are represented in a way that mirrors their make-up in society. I hope that the BBC … addresses the problem in its next year of programming.”


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  1. Hinduism and Sikhism are boring, so nobody makes documentaries about them. Of course they would get more airtime if the media actually covered the news fairly-like in showing the victims of the Koran after the usual terror attacks, often Hindus and Sikhs.

  2. What would be even more just would be if the programs the ‘Al BBC’ did make on Islam told the real truth about it instead of the lame excuses ,PC flim flam and downright lies that they do present.

  3. “Hindu and Sikh leaders have accused the BBC of pandering to Britain’s Muslim community ”

    What in tarnation took them so damn long? It’s about time this community speaks out and all interested parties should make sure they are heard.

  4. What else do you expect of Al-BBC staffed as they are almost exclusively by raving feminist harridans, in their ‘ ‘comfortable shoes’ as Robin Williams would say,and limp wristed Gays and left wing PC Moonbats. All products of the UK’s left wing, PC, pro Gay, pro Islam Universities. The Muslims have done a wonderful job convincing the Universities that they are perennial victims and warm and cuddly not like those nasty Jews. So of course they believe Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ and they will not stop saying it until Islam takes power and they are all stoned to death under Shariah Law.

  5. Come on, you dont remember the incident in a Birmingham theatre where a play was produced in which there was a contreversial scene relating to sikhism. MAN, the theatre was stormed by angry sikh men waging war. They were gonna burn the place down, they were so agressive and violent. Freedom of speech was the hot topic of debate after than, and yes, the play was cancelled. Everybody is like that when their faith is attacked. Sike people carry knives around anyway, its in their faith, theyr “warriors”.lol

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