After 3000 dead white farmers & the assassination of Eugene Terreblanche, BBC & SBS worry about "white revenge"


Genocide on White South Africans is Cool with Enlightened Progressives:

Eugene Terreblanche’s Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Resistance Movement) was founded in 1973 opposing equal rights for black and white residents.

It came to prominence in the 1980s, as unrest grew over South Africa’s apartheid racial segregation, and gained particular support in the farming town of Ventersdorp, 150km west of Johannesburg, where Terreblanche lived.

The movement’s military uniforms and swastika-style logo led them to be seen an extremist organisation, and the AWB was behind a bombing campaign around the 1994 South African elections…the same year that apartheid ended.

In 1995, people voted for unified local authorities for the first time, and the AWB’s membership and influence declined.

But the white supremacist remained in the news… he was jailed for six months in 2000 for assaulting a petrol attendant and was also in prison between 2001 and 2004 for the attempted murder of a farm worker, who was left brain damaged.

Terreblanche was hacked to death with a machete at his home in Ventersdorp on 3rd April 2010, at the age of 69, reportedly in a dispute over wages. Two black farm workers are currently awaiting trial charged with his murder.

Terreblanche means ‘white earth’ in French, which is the language of Terreblanche’s ancestors.

Sources: BBC/SBS

Flashback: The crowds chanted “Shoot the Boer” as the black African National Congress youth leader arrived in the former bread basket of Africa.  The Telegraph reported, via Free Republic>>>>

Infiltration Watch: Al BeBeeCeera's Zainab Badawi

Islam, nothing but Islam!

It’s Islam, Stupid! — Redux (thanks to PI: Commenter Fabio Barbieri replies to my entry It’s Islam, Stupid!)

Islamo Agit prop Badawi

On the same day as you published this (Sunday 25 July) I saw a long (half-hour) BBC interview with Eileen Gittins, the founder of the print-to-order company Blurb. (Print-to-order companies are internet-based businesses that allow anyone to publish a book and make as many or as few copies as they can sell or pay for. The best-known is Lulu.) The interviewer was Zeinab Bedawi, a Muslim of the same kind as Aygül Özkan, dressed in subdued chic, gracefully made up and coiffured, and with not the shadow of a veil in sight. From the beginning, Ms.Bedawi was visibly hostile, and her questioning was clearly aimed at showing, either that there was something unethical – as in the case of old-fashioned vanity publishers – about print-to-order, or that it would lower the level of communication.

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How the British Establishment and Al BeBeeCeera Failed to Demonize Nick Griffin & the BNP


Ever since Griffins BBC appearance the far left slime bombers go apeshit. Quite obviously, its them who fail in the marketplace of ideas. Its his critics who fail to debate.  Even more so, these smear merchants fail to see that vilifying Griffin and the BNP  is a discredit to themselves.

B409737D-03F4-B5D0-565DA453BAE7F092 Nick Griffin

Andrew Bolt:

It’s the Hanson phenomenon, only far more serious, and shows the danger of attempts to ban the BNP leader from speaking on the BBC:

One statistic above all stands out from the YouGov opinion poll commissioned by the Telegraph. And it’s not that 22 per cent of respondents would consider voting for the BNP, amazing though that is. It’s that a majority of voters, while they may despise the BNP, think it “has a point”:

More than half of those questioned said they agreed with the BNP, or thought that it “had a point” in wishing to “speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people … which successive governments have done far too little to protect.” This included 43 per cent who said that, while they shared some of its concerns, they had “no sympathy for the party itself”.

I have some sympathy with the “but would you give a platform to Adolf Hitler” argument. But the BNP politicians, although unpleasant, are not the Nazis, and if half the voters think that at least this one party raises an important issue, then banning it from debates can only entrench doubt in democracy, or at least cyncism towards the existing political and media establishment.

If the BNP are as dumb and wicked as claimed, then open debates will eventually destroy it. Using violence, abuse, censorship and even the law to instead bully it into silence will only make more people determined to defend it – if only to defend their own right to be heard. That was the lesson of Hansonism.

Here’s how BNP leader Nick Griffin actually went on the BBC: Video here

Matthew Engel complains that the gang-up was exactly not what was needed. I agree, especially given what these polls say. Argument, not abuse, is the most effective antidote. I’m with Rod Liddle: don’t panic or rage, just talk.

Sheik Yer’mami noticed that “Baroness Warsi” managed to slime Griffin with some imaginary Nazi associations. But truth was never part of the Mohammedan agenda… Traditionally, the Mohammedans sided with the Nazis then and glorify Hitler even now. Its a pity that Griffin himself took the bait of “racism” instead of attacking Mohammedanism as such.

The Coke heads from Al BeBeeCeera

A former BBC employee has blown the whistle on cocaine use among the corporation’s TV and radio producers and star performers.

* Not that I I ever spotted a “star performer” among those tarts….


Cocaine use ‘rife in the media’- Broadcast

Funniest links of the day:

Tolerance Alert:

Protesters storm BBC as Nick Griffin show airs


  • 500 protesters lay siege to BBC
  • Controversial politician to appear on show
  • He wants “the big time”, BBC won’t censor

Who are the fascists now?

HUNDREDS of “anti-fascist” protesters have stormed the BBC’s television headquarters in west London amid outrage at a far right-wing politician’s appearance on a political chat show.

A group of 25 people broke through a front gate and entered the BBC’s Television Centre shortly before British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s arrival at the studios.

While they were swiftly ejected, more protesters carrying placards emblazoned with the messages, Stop Fascist BNP, and BNP is a Nazi Party, jostled with police outside the main entrance. More>>

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BBC: Looking for Taliban Humanity

Lyse Doucet   “I’m such a sucker for the Taliban” would like to take a look under the kaftan: “reporters are not showing the Taliban’s humanity” – says BBC presenter…


Al BeBeeCeera’s Lyse Doucet demands kinder coverage:

A BBC presenter has attacked coverage of Afghanistan’s ongoing war, claiming TV reporters are not covering the ‘humanity of the Taliban‘.

Andrew Bolt has more>>

The Taliban and their admirers are not concerned with Lyse Doucet’s stupidity. They prefer snuff movies:

Jawa Report: “Yes akhi, Its the BEST beheading I ever saw”

Jihad Watch: NYSlimes reporter, held captive by the Taliban, gets hit with a giant cluebat

UK Compo Jihad: MCB chief Muhammad Abdul Bari gets £45,000 for saying what he said…

  • Gallopping crazyness  in politically correct, dhimmified Labour Britan:

* Update: UK teacher fired after reporting Muslim students’ racism

A panellist  on Al BeBeeCeera suggested that Mr Bari believed the kidnapping and killing of British soldiers was a good and Islamic thing. Mr Bari was not (even) mentioned by name, but was implied in the panellist’s reference to the “leadership” of the Muslim Council of Britain. For that he gets £45,000 in damages? 

The Islamofascists must be laughing their sorry asses off!

BBC pays damages to Muslim “leader”

The secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, Muhammad Abdul Bari       Mr Bari has publicly condemned the killing of British troops

The BBC has agreed to pay £45,000 in damages to the head of the Muslim Council of Britain over a libellous claim in the Question Time programme.

The claim was made by a panellist on the programme, who accused Muhammad Abdul Bari of implicitly condoning the kidnap and killing of British soldiers.

Mr Bari argued this was untrue, citing his public condemnation of the killing of British troops in Iraq in 2007.

The BBC accepted the argument and apologised unreservedly.

The libellous claim – made on the 12 March 2009 edition of Question Time – came in response to a question from an audience member concerning controversial protests in March by a group of Muslim men against a regiment of British troops on parade in Luton on their return from duty in Iraq.

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Are Pakistani Madrassas Breeding Killer Zombies?

Hmm, I think we all know the answer to this one…

“Humphrys presents no evidence whatsoever that the Jamia Binoria madrassa he visited in Karachi, and whose hospitality he has abused, is brainwashing its pupils into becoming terrorists. This is a man who blithely informs his readers that there are “relatively few Wahhabis compared to the Sunnis and Shias”, evidently oblivious to the fact that Wahhabism is a variant of Sunni Islam.”

Sure, there is never “any evidence” to prove that the ROP is bad news.  A BBC reporter cannot be expected to bang his head on the floor as hard as the Bungla does,  but that doesn’t change the substance. Not a bad effort from the otherwise useless Beep:

Inside a Pakistani school where children are being brainwashed into terrorists

By John Humphrys/ Mail Online

Mumbai revisited:

mumbai_islam2_2“Even the Rabbi and his wife at Nariman House were sexually assaulted and their genitalia mutilated”. Remember, the Rabbi’s wife was pregnant.

mumbai1Mumbai railway station, where 52 people were killed


The Imam in charge of the madrassa could not have been more welcoming. 

I sat on the carpeted floor of his office enjoying the cool of the air conditioning, thankful for this temporary refuge from the broiling streets of Karachi – perhaps the most overcrowded and dangerous city on the continent of Asia. 

On the other side of the madrassa’s high gates, 18million people were struggling to survive in the heat: the vast majority of them out of work with no hope of a job; millions living in slums as foul as anything I have seen anywhere in the world; small children dodging the lethal traffic, banging on the windows of cars stopped momentarily at a junction to beg for a few rupees, competing with old men and women doing the same. 

Young boy studying the Koran at the Jamia Binoria Madrassas, Karachi, Pakistan         Young boy studying the Koran at the Jamia Binoria Madrassas

And amongst them an unknown number of mostly young men playing an infinitely more dangerous game.

These are the men who threaten not only this city and the state of Pakistan, but who threaten us, too.

These are the men who are capable of walking into a mosque run by a moderate Muslim leader and blowing him to bits – as they did while I was here – or of driving a car loaded with high explosives into a hotel and reducing it to rubble, murdering dozens in the process. 

Or strapping on a suicide belt and blowing themselves up on a London train.

* The result of this indoctrination you can watch here: Massacre in Mumbai: Graphic video of the attack in which Holy Warriors killed explicitly to uphold the “prestige of Islam.” The Religion of Peace in action! Chilling phone transcripts of Mumbai terrorists with their Lashkar handlers

It was because of men like them that I was here in the Jamia Binoria International Madrassa, the biggest in Karachi, pretending to enjoy the thick tea sweetened with condensed milk and several spoonfuls of sugar pressed upon me by the friendly imam, Mohammed Naeem.

I wanted to know whether his madrassa was one of those that gave shelter to these men or – even worse – brainwashed naive young people into believing that the best way to serve Allah was to murder those of us who do not share their views.

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BBC Gives Religious Programming Job to Islamic Agit-Prop Who Instantly Attacks and Smears Christianity

The BBC supports Islam and attacks Christianity

Not too surprising, considering the BBC has a long lineage of dhimmitude. “The BBC supports Islam and attacks Christianity, claims Radio 2 stalwart Don Maclean,” by Paul Revoir for theDaily Mail, June 22:v ia  JW

We reported:

One of Radio 2’s most popular religious presenters has launched a stinging attack on the BBC suggesting the broadcaster is biased against Christianity.

Don Maclean, 66, who hosted Good Morning Sunday for 16 years, said the broadcaster was ‘keen’ on programmes that attack the Christian church.

He said programming chiefs were keen to take a ‘negative angle at every opportunity’ in a way they do not with other faiths like Islam.

  • Exactly what should be expected by these ‘progressive’ cowards. They suck up to their Muslim masters (whom they fear) and despise those who don’t threaten to chop their heads off…

*  Spencer: Comparing the Christian right with the brutal ayatollahs in Iran is childish nonsense — not that that stops anyone from doing it

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Coming on you and at you: Al BeBeeCeera Pushes Homo Agenda on Muslims…

* No surprises here: nothing could possibly have more priority  for the effeminate wankers from Al BeBeeCeera than the gay and lesbian agenda. 

Thanks to Davey

“It is entirely possible to be Muslim and gay and there’s many of us in Britain today”



According to some supporting a gay Muslim program. So what if Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger and most perfect of all creation, condemned homosexuals to death, and they are being actively persecuted in jihadi hotbeds such as Iraq? “Gay Muslim story for EastEnders,” from BBC, via JW:

EASTENDERS is set for its most controversial storyline yet – when a Muslim character embarks on a passionate gay love affair.

Dashing developer Syed Masood shocks his conservative family when he falls for Albert Square’s only openly gay resident, caterer Christian Clarke.

The pair will be shown snogging in scenes expected to shock and offend conservative Muslims.

Homosexuality is traditionally deemed forbidden by Islamic law and the Koran. 

More from the Sun>>

Only 100 Complaints Over Al BeBeeCeera's Muslim Appointment?

Over 100 complaints over BBC’s Muslim head of religious shows

The Guardian

‘Vast majority’ of complaints were about BBC head of religion and ethics Aaqil Ahmed not being a Christian.

* Dhimmitude and appeasement sux. But the effeminate,  progressive serial-wankers at Al BeBeeCeera suck and swallow, and can’t get enough of prostrating themselves to their Moslem overlords.

* Here’s what happens if you appoint Muhammedan’s to rule over you. but that’s only the beginning:

Shahid Malik: Muslim M.P’s And Muslim Prime Minister

Aaqil Ahmed

Aaqil Ahmed: moving from Channel 4 to the BBC. Photograph: BBC

The BBC has received 115 complaints over its appointment of the first Muslim to the role of head of religion and ethics.

Channel 4 executive Aaqil Ahmed was confirmed in the post on Monday, becoming only the second non-Christian – after agnostic Alan Bookbinder in 2001 – in the BBC’s 87-year history to be appointed to the role.

It is understood the “vast majority” of the complaints are about Ahmed not being a Christian.

In a statement, the BBC said: “We have received complaints from our audience regarding our decision to appoint a non-Christian as the new head of religion and ethics.

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The Queen has told Gordon Brown she is worried that the scandalous revelations about MPs’ expenses could damage Parliament

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