Thailand: Moslem Terrorists Shoot Government Official Before Beheading Him In Front of Students & Teachers

Government official beheaded in South

( – Southern insurgents ‘Missionary Bandits’ shot dead a government official in the southern province of Pattani on Tuesday before beheading him, police said.

The victim is identified as Attapong Gonlom, 26, an assistant chief of his village council in Yarang district. He was the 41st person beheaded by separatist forces since the dispute in the South escalated in January, 2004.

According to police, he was shot when he was driving a pickup truck in front of a school in the district. Then, the insurgents dragged his body out of the vehicle and cut his head off in front of students and teachers.

Also in Pattani, three patrol soldiers were wounded by a roadside bombing. They were rushed to a nearby hospital.