The Lisbon Treaty permits paedophilia – the end of the EU?


The EU Lisbon Treaty of 2007, to all intents and purposes, is identical to the EU Treaty of 2004 (The EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters), but with paragraphs being relocated and consequently renumbered.

 Page 412 Article 21 of the Charter of the Lisbon Treaty is identical to Article 2-81 in the EU Treaty of 2004 and states, “Any discrimination on the basis of… sexual orientation or any other factor is prohibited”.

 In all previous treaties, such as the Nice Treaty, there is a protocol which excludes paedophilia from the prohibition of discrimination (NJS 16 AUG).

Muhammad & Aisha

Saudi Arabia: 8-year-old files for divorce

An update on this story. “Saudi Arabia: 8 Year-Old Files For Divorce, Judge Takes Time,” from ANSAmed,


 Staggeringly, in the Lisbon Treaty, and also according to the view of the EU Information Office, there is no protocol on paedophilia!

 The EU culture radicals have been there!

 Without such a protocol, the Lisbon Treaty Article 21 legalises paedophilia in line with other sexual orientations.  Some might argue that other articles in the Lisbon Treaty might be interpreted so as to contradict Article 21, but the fact is those writing the EU Charter Article 21 in the Lisbon Treaty were well aware of the exclusion of paedophilia from previous treaties.

 So was this just an oversight? Hardly! Those national parliaments which have ratified the Lisbon Treaty have been asleep. Many, if not most,  members of these parliaments have admitted they have not even read the Lisbon Treaty, preferring to entrust its construction to professional lawyers. 

 However, the authors of the Treaty have undoubtedly studied the earlier treaties carefully, to ascertain that all that they desired was carried over in the new treaty, while everything we the people want, was omitted. Government officials, therefore, have quietly but deliberately, chosen to preserve the nasty crime, paedophilia, so that it is now in our culture. Why?



The explanation is simple: they want to placate the Arab muslims. The supposedly holy prophet was happy with little girls, and even his deputy, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeinei wrote in his book Tahrirolvasyleh in 1990:


“A man can have sexual pleasure of a child as young as a baby. But he should not penetrate her vagina.” However, he declared the second form of child sex abuse is acceptable ….”

This sounds ridiculous to a sane person’s ears, but actually, Europe, with France in the lead, has worked hard for a cultural, political and economic alliance / entente (”Eurabia”) with the Arab countries, particularly since the oil crisis in 1973. Of course, this “cooperation” includes the acceptance of Muslim culture including child pornography and even abuse – on European soil.

 How can our politicians and our most senior lawyers have allowed this disgusting practice become a part of our way of life?

Can they REALLY have DELIBERATELY made paedophilia legal?




Saudi Arabia: 8-year-old files for divorce

An update on this story. “Saudi Arabia: 8 Year-Old Files For Divorce, Judge Takes Time,” from ANSAmed,

(ANSAmed) – RIYADH, SEPTEMBER 10 – A Saudi judge asked to decide on the request for divorce between an eight-year-old girl and a man of 50 has taken his time until December 20 to rule on the case, a lawyer of the family said. The hearing on the divorce request, filed by the mother of the girl, was held yesterday in the town of Unaizah, 420 kilometres north of Riyadh. Lawyer Abdallah Jtili said that in the hearing the husband reiterated he did not agree with the breaking up of the marriage. “The judge said he wanted to reflect further on the matter and give time to the parties to reach a mutual agreement before ruling on the case,” the lawyer said. The marriage of the girl, who does not know yet that she has been given away as bride, was organised by the father….

3 thoughts on “The Lisbon Treaty permits paedophilia – the end of the EU?”

  1. Looking on the bright side maybe all of us who live outside the EU will see all the moral degenerates heading to Europe to engage in their various perversions if the treaty passes.

  2. I loathe the EU with a passion. It is a totalitarian entity that is undemocratic, far left socialism/marxism and has forced a slew of lunatic and oppressive measures on the people of Europe. I think they are underestimating how angry people are. In Britain we are still pressing for our referendum – which we won’t get. Given a referendum on *get out of the EU* I reckon you’d get a yes vote maybe of 80 percent.
    The Lisbon Treaty was deliberately made incomprehensible – Valery Giscard D’Estaing said so – so how are they ever going to impliment it. If they have pandered to the sexual perversions of the few then it could be the straw that breaks the camels’ back. Wait for the first case to come up and see if the defence is that it isn’t against the law, then stand well back.

    PS Thanks for the email Sheiky, most kind, I hope the problems get sorted out soon. At least I know it isn’t me!

  3. I comprehend what you are saying Spitty Kitty but stand back whilst some 8 year old British girl gets screwed legally! I don’t think so. It has been good lately, as a distribution of the stories on Jihad watch have the girls at work in absolute shock as to the depravity of these Arab (Islamic) arseholes. Even my daughter cannot argue any politically correct diatribe.

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