UK: former soldier and teacher to be banned from ever teaching again for criticizing Islam

* The Religion of Muzzlers wins again. Or is it Gordon Brown’s brain police or  fundamentalist Christians that are muzzling  free speech in the UK?

“Teacher faces classroom ban for criticizing Islam,” from Grantham Journal, 

A teacher at a secondary school near Sunderland who contributed on an extreme right-wing website during a lesson could be struck off. 

Adam Walker, 39, a British National Party member, may become the first person to be banned by the General Teaching Council for religious intolerance. While children worked on a project during a lesson at Houghton Kepier Sports College in Houghton le-Spring, Mr Walker posted critical comments about asylum seekers, Islam, immigrants and “the promotion of homosexuality” on a chat forum.

His brother Mark Walker, a fellow BNP member and also a technology teacher, was suspended by Sunnydale Community College in Co Durham for accessing the BNP website during school hours.

Meanwhile no one seems to mind when their colleagues access porn sites, or simply surf the web instead of working, since the former are no where near as troubling as spending time on a national, though “neo-con,” site.

Adam Walker, a former soldier and karate expert, admitted contributing to the forum during work-time and left his post last year. 

He now faces a GTC disciplinary hearing, which could ban him from teaching, for demonstrating “views suggestive of racial and religious intolerance”.

Apparently they’re not through with this man who served his nation: an example must be made.

Its general secretary Patrick Harrington said Mr Walker admitted he was wrong to use his laptop to contribute to the forum during work time. 

Mr Harrington added: “That was a contractual matter between him and his employer. When he resigned, that should have been the end of the matter.

No, they mean to hound him perpetually for his unforgiveable transgression against the religion of peace.

“We feel this raises human rights issues. He has a right, like every other citizen, to freedom of expression and association. He criticized Islam in his posting, but people criticize religions all the time.”


Ahhh, but as we all know by now, criticizing any religion — not to mention mocking and degrading it — is ok, so long as it’s not Islam.

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  1. Sounds like this British SUBJECT needs to be offered asylum in the USA…. sounds like in the future alot of people will need asylum from Mohammedanism. To bad the freaks at the State Department would rather import Mohammedan to piss off the locals instead.

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