Adelaide: former PM Bob Hawke lobbies (and gets) $ 10 Mill for Islamic Propaganda Centre


Useful idiot Bob Hawke

* Another $ 10 million down the tube for a BS-centre designed to put lipstick on a pig. Its only purpose is to promote Islam Down Under, and of course its all our fault that there is so much ‘misinformation and prejudice’….


Former prime minister Bob Hawke hopes a new research centre in Adelaide will help policy makers around the world build more harmonious relationships with Muslims.

The centre, based at the University of South Australia, has been officially opened by Mr Hawke.

He instigated the research centre to focus on the cultural construction of the Muslim world, rather than on theology and politics. Mr Hawke lobbied the Federal Government to give $7 million for the project and the South Australian Government to give $3 million.

“What this centre of excellence is about is to increase understanding, to dispel ignorance and to provide a basis for better policy for leaders and for better attitudes of our own people,” he said.

Also attending the launch, SA Premier Mike Rann said Australia needed to get over perceptions of prejudice towards Muslims if it wanted to increase trade with the Middle East.

Mr Rann thinks the research centre will add to Adelaide’s reputation as a university city and support development of better international policy.

“The Middle East is crucial to us in terms of future economic prosperity, just as China is,” he said.

“But there is so much misinformation and prejudice and we’ve got to get over that and start engaging in a positive way, both economically abroad and socially at home.”


9 thoughts on “Adelaide: former PM Bob Hawke lobbies (and gets) $ 10 Mill for Islamic Propaganda Centre”

  1. Hmmmm….
    Watch this with great interest.

    A reaserch centre based in Adelaide to “aid policy makers around the world, with the aim of building more harmonious relationships with the Muslims.”Rubbish Its a front for something else

    I smell a rat from the start.

    1. Whats the bet the centre forms strong alliances and involvments with the OIC , and its hypcocrite of a General Secretary.

    2. Whats the bet the Saudis find a way to shovel money and influence into it.

    3. Whats the bet it doesnt seek to change anything associated with the obnoxious parts of sharia and indeed becomes an apologia for it, eg,

    4. Whats the bet its operations are not open and transparent.

    5. As for Mike Ranns comments well he would say that wouldnt he. He and the Hawke are tarred with the same brushes.

  2. Is Bob Hawke just a silly misguided old bugger or worse?

    ““But there is so much misinformation and prejudice.”

    So true! Time we were allowed to tell the truth about Islam, and its racist, supremacist and hegemonic agenda.

  3. Well how about that. Thanks Takeyya Tom for that post, it is most revealing.

    My suspicions took just 2 hours to be confirmed.

    As usual the shonkademics will do anything for a dollar instead of being competent at what they are paid out the public purses to do, namely teaching.

    The University of SA is pretty low ranking and is probably therefore more susceptible to manipulation by the Islamists ,particularly when the silver bodgey is on the case.

    Wasnt it him and Keating who let in those mongrel Lebanese muslims who went about raping all those girls -because they had to coming to them as kaffir sluts.

  4. Hawke tried to destroy Australia once before. Now the bloody moron has another go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The fool can be reached on the internet – FLOOD THE IDIOTS EMAIL BOX!!!!

  5. I once thought Bob Hawk was an intelligent man – apparently I was wrong.

    Dear Bob and Mr Rann,


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