An American Muslims Diatribe


A Muslim’s idea of a reasoned debate:

An ACT! for America chapter leader recently had a running email correspondence with an American Muslim. The catalyst for this correspondence was a private email the chapter leader sent to a third party, which was then forwarded to a number of Muslims. 

The initial email was intended to educate the recipient as to what the Quran, Hadith (sayings and traditions of Mohammed), and works by various Islamic scholars, say with respect to issues such as Jihad, treatment of non-Muslims, and treatment of women. The chapter leader quoted texts from the two holy books of Islam, as well as the writings of the various Islamic scholars. 

What follows is the email correspondence between this chapter leader and the American Muslim. Each specific email is enclosed in quotations and the text has been copied and pasted from the original emails in the exact typefaces and fonts the emails were written. No names or places are mentioned to protect the identities of both. What you will find is an illuminating, frightening window into the worldview and perspective of one American Muslim. 

What you will also find in the tone, tenor and construction of the chapter leaders emails, is a model for our members to follow when communicating with others about this issue. The contrast between the calm and reasoned emails from the chapter leader and the ranting, hateful nature of the emails from the Muslim could not be more stark. 

At certain places we have inserted commentary in brackets and in bold red type. 

[This email text was the first email sent by the Muslim to the ACT! for America chapter leader, in response to the chapter leaders email to a third party, quoting the holy books of Islam and various Islamic scholars.] 

If I were take apart the Jewish religion in a the same manor you attacked the Islamic religion, the Jews would look like blood sucking, prophet killers. Your ignorance and one sided shameless propaganda shows in your tired old diatribe. Do you know that a believer in Islam is a person of the book (Torah, Bible). Do you believe in God/Allah/G*D? If so, then you would not be the “worst of beasts”. You idiot, the unbelievers were pagans and idol worshipers. In all reality, Muslims, Christians and Jews are the same. It is zionist scum such as yourself who distort the truth to promote your zionist agenda. Throughout history the Jews have been the group who has committed the worst crimes. Your self professed studying appears to be from the zionist propaganda and lies 101. 

[Not only is the above email hateful in tone, it is factually inaccurate. Approximately 270 million people have died at the hands of Islamic terror since the time of Mohammed. What alleged crimes have Jews committed throughout history that could possibly exceed that? None. 

Following is the chapter leaders response to the Muslims email quoted above.] 

If you ever said “In all reality, Muslims, Christians and Jews are the same. ” in a Muslim country, you could be executed for blasphemy. Haven’t you read any of the Islamic scholars such as Qutb, Maududi, Khomeini, Qaradawi and others? They all disagree with you. They say that only Islam is the God-given perfect system. Do you disagree with that? They would also disagree with you when you imply that Jews and Christians are “believers”. Actually, the Koran, itself, defines who is a believer: “Only those are believers who believe in Allah and his messenger. (24:62) Since neither Jews nor Christians accept Muhammad as Prophet, they cannot be believers. Do you disagree with that verse from the Koran? 

You do me a terrible injustice when you say that I attacked the Islamic religion. I did NOT! What I did was to quote the most respected Islamic sources (Koran and Hadith) and religious authorities. I let them speak for themselves without giving my own opinion. If you do not like what they say about Islam, then your gripe is with the Koran, Muhammad and the respected Islamic religious authorities — not with me. This has nothing at all to do with Zionism or “Islamophobia”. 


[Following is the next response from the Muslim to the chapter leaders email reproduced above.] 

Do not Jews believe that anyone not a Jew is allowed to be cheated on and murdered by a Jew without the Jew facing consequences or a ridiculously light sentence (one cent fine for Jews who kill non Jews in cold blood). Do not Jews think that anyone not a Jew is worthless? Do not Jews make women sit in the back of busses? Do not Jews attack women who they think are not acting Jewish enough? Did not the Jews kill many a prophet? Did not Jews disobey Moses many, many times? Does not the so- called State of Isreal discriminate against anyone not a Jew? Does not the only democracy in the middle East (HAHAHA) not have a constitution, and practice state sponsored racism. Your quote “behing the smiling faces, there is an agressive, imperialistic ideology that our Moslem neighbors are associated with to one degree or other” remind you of Goebbels vitriol. I can copy and paste quotes from anti-Jewish websites all day like you did. Muslims say “there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.” With your logic, you would say Muslims declare there is no God. Sorry, your accusations are baseless and wreak of zionazi hate propaganda. Nuteri Karta Jews would agree with me. 

[Following is the chapter leaders next response to the Muslims latest email.] 

I did not copy and paste from any anti-Moslem websites. I copied and pasted from the Koran, the Hadith, and from the writings of Ibn Khaldun, Maududi, Qaradawi and the Manual of Islamic Sacred Law. Do you disagree with them? If so, what, exactly, is your disagreement? Where do you think they go wrong? Do you know more about Islam than they do? 

[Following is the Muslims response.] 

I am not sure if I should bother answering your inflammatory accusations. You ask a lot of questions, and you ignore all the questions poised to you. If you are truly an educated person, you should have already realized the context and time frame of the selected verses and quotes. Have you seen the movie The Messenger”? Muslims, not unlike the Jews and Christians, were persecuted severely for believing in the oneness of God. Of course the Quran is the word of God, and his infinite wisdom humans will never fully understand. Translations can only try to explain the wisdoms entailed within the Quran. Have you bother to read the Quran and it full explanations? How could have man have know the things described in the Quran 1400 years ago, that scientist today are just discovering as truths? Many of a researcher and scientist have become Muslims after discovering the unimaginable truths it holds. As I said, I can take take half truths and statements from any religion and manipulate it to conform to my agenda. 

Why do Christians believe that anyone not a Christian on the Day of Judgment will go to hell? What was the Crusades the Inquisition and the Holocaust all about? Did Muslims kill those millions? Do not Jews live in every Muslim country? Not a Jew anywhere in the world is treated like the GOY are treated in the Jewish state. It is because Jews are programmed to hate GOY. How many Rabbis and Jews have killed GOY without punishment in a Jewish court? 

I do not claim to know more about Islam than the quoted Muslim scholars. All of their opinions are not sacred to me, but you do not give balance or explanations to your selected quotes (“To the woman [Shariah] assigns the duty of managing the household, training and bringing up children in the best possible way, and providing her husband and children with the greatest possible comfort and contentment.” “But this does not mean that the woman is not allowed to leave the house at all. She is, when necessary.” “When women have to go out of their homes, they should wear simple dress and be properly veiled. They should also cover their caves and hands as a normal course.” “… nor should a woman expose any part of her body except her face and hands to any person other than her husband..” HMMM, sounds like an orthodox Jewish code to me. I find no fault with it. What is your problem with that statement? 

I have wasted enough time with you. I will say though, I do know much more about Islam than you. 

[Following is the final email response from the chapter leader.] 

You wrote: “If you are truly an educated person, you should have already realized the context and time frame of the selected verses and quotes. “ Are you saying that those selected verses and quotes are no longer valid for today? If so, which ones? As for context, please enlighten me as to the context which makes those verses and quotes mean something other than what they appear to mean. Since you claim to know so much about Islam, I am willing to learn from you, but you must be specific. 

[How does one reason with a person so filled with anger, hatred, bigotry and ignorance of facts and history? We can only wonder how common such a worldview is among American Muslims.] 

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  1. Been thru this experience with a muslim idiot before – dont bother – they are too stupid to learn.

  2. kaw:

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming “they are too stupid to learn”. Taking this course allows you to easily dismiss them, which gives allows them to continue unopposed their campaign to Islamify this country as they have in Britain. Do you want to wake up some day and find that you and your family are subject to Sharia law? If you like to beat your wife, have a stable of mistresses (concubines), and be able to divorce the wife just by saying “I divorce you” this might appeal to you. On the other hand, if you believe your wife and all other women are in fact human, deserving of the same human rights as men, I don’t think you’d like this.

    Oh, and you’ll need to be ready to convert to Islam yourself. Any who refuse to do this will be killed; the Q’uran mandates this (Note: this is an absolute mandate, not an option). No, we ignore these people and their barbaric desert religion at our peril. Their holiest books call for Islam to spread across the world; if this cannot be down peacefully, then it must be done by the sword: so says The Prophet. (Please overlook any inconvenient facts about this man – such as the nine-year old girl he took to wife.) After all, he is Allah’s Perfect Messenger … he said so himself, and that should be proof enough for anyone, right?

  3. Tu quoque seems to be the mantra for Koranist arguments, complete with lies, half truths and twisted facts.

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