Atlas Shrugs: Kenyan Jihad with Obama & Odinga

Barack Hussein Obama & Raila Odinga

Atlas readers are long aware of the odious alliance between Odinga and Obama both Luo: 
“We are Taliban
 as I have been covering it over nine months now. WND is reporting it now, it’s been out there since January and NO BIG MEDIA has touched the story until now. FOX this weekend and Corsi in his book, published well after I ran my explosive findings.

In a today’s WND article:

For the past week, WND author and reporter Jerome Corsi has been in the Kenyan capital investigating ties between Sen. Barack Obama and Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, as first presented in his New York Times No. 1 best-selling book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.”

Melanie Phillips cited my work and wrote on January 10, 2008 at The Spectator: Kenyan Jihad,

Radical imams have preached violence against Westerners, attacked the Kenyan government as the lackey of the United States and Israel and called for the implementation of Shariah. Members of the Qaeda cells that blew up the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on Aug. 7, 1998, were recruited in mosques near the Indian Ocean beaches where hundreds of thousands of Western tourists flock each year.


And now look at this on Atlas Shrugs which, after railing at the media for failing to report what is actually going on in Kenya, makes the following claim:

Raila Odinga has, in his own words, a ‘close personal friendship’ with Barrack Hussein Obama Junior.When Obama went to Kenya in August of 2006, he was hosted by Raila and spoke in praise of him at rallies in Nairobi: Obama’s bias for his fellow Luo was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila’s ‘stooge.’

Today’s WND article also reports my previous findings:

At a news conference today in Nairobi, Corsi plans to announce he can now affirm the following as a result of his reporting in Kenya:

  • Obama and Odinga have been in direct contact since the senator’s visit to Kenya in 2006.

Reported at Atlas Shrugs on January 4, 2008 here.

  • Obama remained in active phone contact with Odinga through the New Hampshire Democratic Party primary in January. The Illinois senator continued to support Odinga, turning a blind eye to an agreement signed with Muslims and the post-election violence instigated as part of the campaign strategy.

Reported at Atlas Shrugs on January 9, 2008 here.

  • Obama has advised Odinga on campaign strategy and helped the Kenyan politician raise money in the U.S. for his presidential campaign in the East African nation.

Reported at Atlas Shrugs on January 18th, 2008 here (with the help of Dick Morris no less).

  • The memorandum of understanding signed Aug. 27, 2007, by Odinga, representing the Orange DemocraticMovement, and Sheik Abdullahi Abdi, the chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, has been confirmed as a genuine document.

Reported at Atlas Shrugs on January 4, 2008. here.

Actually it was presented first by Dr. Jack Wheeler at Atlas back on January 4, 2008 here.

For background on Kenya in general, see A Tusker at the Stanley from June 2006.  Here’s the current background.

Kenya’s first truly free and fair democratic election was in December 2002, won by Mwai Kibaki and a multi-ethnic coalition party NARC (National Rainbow Coalition).  One of the leaders of that coalition was Raila Odinga.  

Kibaki didn’t give him positions in the new government that he felt were important enough, so Odinga formed an opposition party, ODM (Orange Democratic Movement, orange the symbol color of opposition).

When Raila Odinga lost the presidential election last week (12/27) to Mwai Kibaki, he claimed the vote was rigged, whereupon his tribal followers went on murderous rampages such as in the town of Eldoret, where on New Years Day dozens of people were burned to death in a church set on fire.

Throughout Kenya, hundreds of people have been politically murdered in the last few days.

Kenya’s 37 million people are divided up into over three dozen tribes and sub-tribes, but the two dominant ones are Kikuyu and Luo.  Kenyan politics since independence in 1963 has essentially been a duke-out between them.

The father of Kenyan independence and president until 1978 was Jomo Kenyatta, a Kikuyu.  His main political opponent was Oginga Odinga, known as “OO,” a Luo and Raila’s father.  

While Kenyatta was pro-West and sided with America in the Cold War, OO was a Communist who was aided and supported by the Soviet Union.

That’s why Raila went to school in East Germany (born in 1945, he graduated from Magdeburg University in 1970), and named his first-born son after Fidel Castro.

Thus it likely won’t shock you to learn that Raila has now made a deal for support from the Soviets’ successors as world-champion enemies of the West and democratic freedoms: Moslem fundamentalists.

The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya has posted on its website a photograph copy of a Memorandum of Understanding, dated and signed on August 29, 2007, between Raila Odinga and Shiekh Abdullah Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya.

It pledges the support of Kenyan Moslems for Raila’s election.  In return, as President of Kenya, Raila agrees to 14 actions, listed a) through n) on page two.  Read them all, and be sure you’re sitting down.  Here’s a sample:

b) Within 6 months re-write the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions.

c) With immediate effect dismiss the Commissioner of Police who has allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists to oppress the Kenyan Muslim community.

g) Within one year facilitate the establishment of a Shariah court in every Kenyan divisional headquarters. [Note: everywhere in Kenya, not just in “Muslim declared regions.”]

Again, read all of them, for others are just as bad or worse.

It may also not surprise you that Raila is not Moslem himself, but claims to be a practicing Anglican.  Only a minority of Luo are Moslem (most are Christian).  Kenya on the whole is Christian, with 80% of Kenyans either Protestant or Roman Catholic, while only 10% are Moslem.

And here is the biggest non-surprise:  Raila Odinga has, in his own words, a “close personal friendship” with Barrack Hussein Obama Junior.

When Obama went to Kenya in August of 2006, he was hosted by Raila and spoke in praise of him at rallies in Nairobi:


Obama’s bias for his fellow Luo was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila’s “stooge.”

Read the whole article here.

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I further reported that Obama was aiding and abeting Odinga during his violent pusch on President Kibaki herewhen Joe Klein idiotically admitted to the following in out-ofTIME magazine:

On January 1, two days before the Iowa caucuses, Obama left a message for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. According to Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Communications Director, Rice called back “as we were driving from Sioux City to Council Bluffs on January 1. They talked about the situation and Rice asked Obama to tape a Voice of America message calling for calm.” Obama taped the message on January 2, after a rally in Davenport, Iowa. He said, in part:

“Despite irregularities in the vote tabulation, now is not the time to throw that strong democracy away. Now is a time for President Kibaki, opposition leader Odinga, and all of Kenya’s leaders to call for calm, to come together, and to start a political process to address peacefully the controversies that divide them. Now is the time for this terrible violence to end.
Kenya’s long democratic journey has at times been difficult. But at critical moments, Kenyans have chosen unity and progress over division and disaster. The way forward is not through violence – it is through democracy, and the rule of law. To all of Kenya’s people, I ask you to renew Kenya’s democratic tradition, and to seek your dreams in peace.”

On January 3, the day of the caucuses, he had a conversation with Bishop Desmond Tutu, who had flown to Nairobi to see if he could begin negotiations with the factions. In the days since his Iowa victory, Obama has had near-daily conversations with the U.S. Ambassador in Kenya or with opposition leader Raila Odinga. As of late this afternoon, before his rally in Rochester, N.H., Obama was trying to reach Kenyan President Kibaki.

Near daily conversations with Odinga but has not yet spoken with the Kenyan President?

I haven’t been able to talk to Obama directly about this–he is sort of busy right now–but it does seem noteworthy that, in the midst of the most amazing week of his life, Barack Obama has found the time to do a some diplomatic scut-work. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of this sort of thing if he wins the nomination and is elected President.

Well Mr. Klein I suspect a great many other things at play here. Over at US Vet here;

Odinga capitalized on Obama Jr’s popularity by portraying Obama Jr’s 2006 trip to Kenya as a personal endorsement for Odinga against the Kibaki government.


After Obama Jr’s 2006 visit, Odinga supporters created T-shirts and posters with computer-altered images showing Obama Jr. and Kenyan presidential candidate Odinga standing side by side with arms around each other.

That caused one excited Kenyan blogger to write, “in 2009, we might see a Luo president in Kenya, a Luo president in the USA, and a Luo ambassador in Washington, D.C.”

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Apparently, Jerome Corsi, anti-Obama author, has been detained in Kenya

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