Crowd chants 'Allahu Akbar' at Moustafa Assoum funeral



* At least the Daily Telegraph reports the facts. The Sydney Moonbat Herald avoids the “M”-word altogether, Andrew Bolt wonders why, here

* Pop quiz: Is Australia a better country for allowing Muhammedans to settle here?

October 24, 2008 01:50pm

A HUGE crowd gathered today at Lakemba Mosque for the funeral service of father of two Moustafa Assoum.

About three hundred people stopped traffic outside the mosque at about 12.15pm as family and associates carried the body up the stairs for an Islamic service.

Gallery: Scenes from today’s emotional ceremony at Lakemba Mosque

The casket was draped in a black Quranic rug covered in yellow writing. 

Chants of “Allahu Akbar” rose from the crowd as the body was moved up the street and into the mosque. 

Assoum, 26, was gunned down on Wednesday morning at Warwick Farm. 

The keen kickboxer and former security guard was shot at point blank range about 1.45am while his wife and two young children slept.

Grim discovery: The scene

In an emotional plea, Muslim youth leader Fadi Abdul Rahman called on those present to renounce violence and turn to God. 

“All we seem to do is turn against each other. That’s all we’re good at and that’s why we’re dropping like flies,” he said.

“For the love of Allah I am pleading with you, love one another, stop hating each other. 

“Look at how the whole world has turned on us. 

“Defend each other, protect eachother, defend each others’ family and children.”

Assoum died at Liverpool Hospital a short time after the shooting. 

An associate, Ahmad Diab, ran to a nearby hotel and raised the alarm.

The homicide squad and Liverpool detectives have formed a strike force that will profile Mr Assoum, his associates and any links to bikie gangs, criminal gangs and drugs. 

19 thoughts on “Crowd chants 'Allahu Akbar' at Moustafa Assoum funeral”

  1. When two Mormons in Auburn are assaulted, with 1 stabbed, by a gang of men of
    Middle Eastern appearance, the mainstream Oz media reports it as … well, it doesn’t
    report it at all, or the reports vanished from google. Blogs & US media reported it,

  2. Thanks Mullah – this happens in Europe quite often now. To the security people monitoring this site: ARREST THESE MUSLIM THUGS!!

  3. Mullah Lodabullah Says:
    October 25th, 2008 at 11:45 am
    well, it doesn’t
    report it at all, or the reports vanished from google.

    Another conspiracy theory? Make sure you look under your bed before you go to sleep at night. Some evil muslim bogey might nab you when you nod off.

  4. ” Muslim youth leader Fadi Abdul Rahman called on those present to renounce violence and turn to God.”

    But Allah wants violence, lots of it, and lots of infidel, especially Jewish, blood.

    “Look at how the whole world has turned on us.

    Yes, we know, Muslims are the innocent victims!

  5. To Frollicking FWit Mole

    Muslims like you are cowards, and terrorists and you are stupid beyond belief. I hope more of you Lakemba thugs act in the interest of the public and kill each other off. You are a terrorist invader Frollicking FW, and you will be treated as such. And dont bother contributing to this site you stupid moron – you have absolutely nothing to say.

  6. BTW Follicking FW, muslims only attack old men, children and women, and then only when the ratio is > 10:1. I dont think the muslim bogey man will worry most of us – we will just kill it when it appears – AND I AM NOT JOKING. Have a miserable life moron.

  7. This is a message from the family of Moustafa Assoum may he rest in peace.
    To everyone out there who doubts the good character and high morality of my brother than shame on you. My brother has contributed more than most to this country because he believed in its future. He lived and died trying to help prevent more crime caused by misunderstood youth, he spent his entire adult life trying to persuade and influence the lives of young Muslim AUSTRALIAN men to choose a life which is beneficent, a life which is free from crime, rich with knowledge and meaning. He treated the youth like he would treat his now orphaned son and daughter. He kept away from all drugs and crime. he was NO THUG like reported in few newspapers and he certainly had absolutely NO Drug or DRUG RELATED charges what so ever. To everyone who is asking why he was out that late and automatically accused him of being a thug and having issues relating to drugs, lets say hypothetically speaking if one your kids called you up at night and asked you for help and guidance and wanted to talk to you, would you stay in your bed or would you have gotten up to see what was wrong with this kid and try to see how you can help him, REGARDLESS of the time of night?.

    Thank you
    The family of Moustafa Assoum

  8. haven’t you ever heard of the media manipulating a story
    if u check with the police as we have, they have specifically stated that there has been absolutely NO previous drugs charges or drug related incidents laid against my brother. and Don’t forget that every person is one day going to die. and when they do, and they have spoken ill about an innocent person like you and the media have about my brother then you will face the same thing, and we the family pray that u face the same thing IF you say such blasphemous and defaming comments about an innocent man who dedicated his whole life to helping others and preventing crime from growing in the wider community. God doesnt Remembers when we forget and he knows who says what and who oppresses whom and every person will have his turn and the family puts their faith in God and he is their guardian and their protector of all that the people conspire.
    Also remember Karma will always take its place amoungst all, and every soul shall taste death.

  9. Assoum,

    “the media manipulates”- true to a degree.

    Most of the time, the media has been covering for Muslim crime and as long as we still have free speech we will use it to make the truth known. Karma is not an Islamic concept and I’m puzzled why you bring it up? Are you Hindu or Buddhist?

    As you can see in the above link it says “It is understood Mr Assoum was known to police and had faced serious drugs charges in the past.” Instead of threatening me with death perhaps you should take it up with the Herald Sun who published it. If you are right and they are wrong, you can sue them and make them retract.

    A newspaper or a blog entry can hardly be blamed for making ‘blasphemous and defaming comments” because your brother is not a deity and never will be. Instead of accusing others of oppression perhaps you should try not to oppress others by trying to prevent known facts from being published.

    One more time:

    “It is understood Mr Assoum was known to police and had faced serious drugs charges in the past.”

  10. Yermami

    I never threatned you with death, just to let u know, i was simply reminding everyone that we are all going to die and you will never know what will happen and what people will say about you after you die, in regards to karma, the concept of karma exists in islam but under a different name. also we have taken it up with the press and will be pursing them for these false statements that they have published. Also inregards to muslim related crime, the media doesnt coverup for muslims on the contrary they always exploit it and make it worse than it was and i can give you many examples of it.

  11. If he has no links to crime or drugs than please help us understand his association with “Ahmed (Glebe) Diab” who has served time for accessory to murder and is now wanted for questioning relating to the “Supermax Jihadist” drug organisation and was also the only witness/associate with Mr Assoum when he was shot??? Confuscious Say

  12. Sad sad world, when a victem of a murder is blammed for helping an ex con. It is easy for those who do not fear, to ” run down ” a man who was shot dead. Only on you’r death bed buddy, will you be aware that we all make mistakes. When you point the finger at someone, you have three finger’s pointing back.

  13. If he was soo fkn innocent then why would you associate with ahmed diab?. i kno him personally and he is a drug dealing gronk.

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