Finnish report wonders about child brides and whether the 'developing world' is developing at all

* Not a word about islam, of course. But as long as Islam exists, the third world cannot develop and child brides will continue to be raped because every Muhammedan seeks to emulate Muhammad:

Because Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64 

Narrated ‘Aisha:  that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old

            “It Is Allowed to Marry a Girl at the Age of One”



                        “It is permissible to marry a one year-old girl”

*   TalibanChief Baitullah Mehsud Takes a “Young Girl” for his Second Wife..

A Finnish report touches on the subject without ever pointing to Islam or its teachings. “Helsingin Sanomat Reports on Child Marriages, But Forgets to Mention Islam,” from Europe News, October 14:

In what promised to be an interesting and informative story about the Islamic practice of adult males taking child brides for themselves , soon evaporated into an article describing another problem within the “developing world”.


The journalist totally ignored the fact that when it’s an Islamic developing state in question, it can no longer be depicted as simply being a “cultural practice”.

Islam or Muslim was not anywhere to be seen in the article:

“Even though the majority of child brides are mostly the problem of the world’s poorest countries’, also the Europeans are confronted with the phenomenon. For example, British newspapers have, throughout the year written about the disapperance of girls from British schools. It’s suspected in Britain that underage girls are being sent abroad to enter into the marriage.”

What girls is the journalist talking about? Does she expect us to believe that just “any girl” is being bundled up and sent abroad to get married to a waiting peadophile, or are these girls actually the daughters of immigrant Muslims who are sending them off against their will to be pyhsically and mentally abused by male Muslim adults?

It has to be said that there is the Islamic/religious element involved in the disgusting practice of “sex with prepubescent girls” which gives it not only a cloak of respectability, but also serves to ensure that the victimization of these young girls will remain as a permanent feature within these societies.

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  1. Can the Koranic world be even considered “developing”? They’ve spent 1400 years in the 7th century so it seems to me that there is no development of any kind going on there at all.

  2. Muslim Penchant for spinning state-sponsored conspiracies: Will it turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy?

    But do we ever come across a word of gratitude, even gratitude expressed to God, for what “in practice already had become a Brahmin-dominated state” to have not gone the Pakistan way or the Islamic way?

    Do we ever wonder what would be our situation if we were living as a religious minority in an Islamic state? Do we ever move our lips or lift our little finger in support of the religious minorities living in Islamic states next door? Well, what to support them, we have hounded out the one Muslim lady who dared to speak for them in Bangladesh? There are so many Hindus and even Hindu ladies who fight for our causes in this country: would we like the Indian system to hound them out of the country and of course, not get any refuge anywhere else, certainly not in a Muslim country? …

    We have tens of thousands of mosques and madrasas running throughout the length and breadth of this country, but one of our mosques, a dilapidated and disused one, was demolished by people who were characterised by the Supreme Court as miscreants, and we blew that into an issue of our religious freedom in the country. We have still not solved that problem and allowed it to fester, to our nation’s detriment. Do our intellectuals take time off fighting the system and tell us it is not in our interest to allow a cancer to grow. The mosque is gone. We apparently don’t worship bricks and soil. Bricks too are gone in any case. Why can’t we initiate an amicable solution, as it would be in our own interest too? We need a plot of land to pray, we can pray anywhere in the area. Why do we need to blow it out of all proportion, make it such a big issue, when the country – the system – is allowing us to have as many mosques and madrasas as we wish?

    An analysis by Sultan Shahin, editor,
    9 Comments More.

  3. INDONESIA: Alleged brutal torture and sexual abuse by the Banda Raya police

    The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding the case of Mr. Hartoyo who was tortured and sexually abused in January 2007 in Aceh. The Banda Aceh District
    Court treated this case as a minor offence and let those responsible go free.

    Earlier report: AHRC has received information regarding the alleged brutal torture and sexual abuse of Mr. Hartayo, an NGO worker, and his partner Bobby while in detention, by the Banda Raya police between 22-23 January 2007 in Banda Aceh. The alleged underlying motive behind the detention, torture and sexual abuse of the victims is because they are homosexuals. We were also informed that the police made the victims to sign a statement to the Village Head Chief not to indulge in “homosexual actions again”. The AHRC is deeply concerned that such brutal violence against the victims was committed without hesitation not only by the civilian attackers but also by the police whose mandate is to protect the rights of people.

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