Forrest Gump Jihad: how to make imbeciles become suicide bombers

Muslim “revert” admits attempted suicide terror attack

* Update: Al-Qaeda operatives brainwashed “suggestible simpleton” to commit suicide attack

Failed martyr

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“Muslim convert admits attempted suicide terror attack ,” by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, October 15 (thanks to JW):

Nicky Reilly, 22, who uses the Muslim name Mohamed Abdulaziz Rashid Saeed-Alim, pleaded guilty to launching the failed attack on a busy family restaurant at the Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter in May this year.


Reilly researched how to make a bomb, acquired the components and made three devices using caustic soda, paraffin and aluminium foil, along with nails, which he had put in glass soft drink bottles.

But when he attempted to assemble one of the soft drink bottle bombs in the lavatory cubicle of the restaurant it exploded in his hands.

Had he only taken Hamas’ “Jihad 101” online course, this would have never happened.

Reilly appeared at the Old Bailey via a video link and pleaded guilty to attempted murder at the Giraffe restaurant. 

He also admitted engaging in preparation for terrorism in that he researched targets and how to make bombs and prepared three of them in the restaurant.

Two charges under the Explosives Act were not put to him after Stuart Baker, prosecuting, told the court that they were alternatives to the more serious charges.

At 10.20am on May 22 Reilly boarded a double-decker Stagecoach bus at Bretonside bus station in his home town of Plymouth, arriving in Exeter shortly after 12 noon.

He took the assembled bombs to the lavatories of the Giraffe restaurant at the Princesshay shopping centre and at around 12.50pm tried to set them off in the main dining area.

He was injured in the attack, in which one device partially detonated, and spent four days in hospital.

When police searched the flat he shared with his mother and 10-year-old brother, they found a typed note which suggested he had planned a suicide attack.

Reilly, of King Street, Plymouth, was arrested when he staggered outside after suffering serious facial injuries in the blast on May 22.

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  1. Nice pic- another fine example why Islamania is for losers. The look on his face tells all.

  2. Sultan Shahin responds to Ghulam Muhammed’s nightmare vision

    “Merely condemning the miscreants who demolished the ex-mosque and abusing them and vowing “Masjid wahin banayenge” will not serve any purpose. It doesn’t seem to me to be a good idea to get pathologically fixated on the demolition of an ex-mosque, which was actually a functioning temple at the time of demolition, and forgetting that we have tens of thousands of functioning mosques and madrasas all over the country and are building new ones all the time. The miscreants who demolished the ex-mosque claimed to be votaries of Hindutva but were not only anti-social, and anti-national but actually anti-Hindu: they gave Hinduism a bad name, sullied its image of peaceful demeanour and non-violence and tolerance built over several millennia and indeed made homeless Hazrat Ramchandra who, I understand, is now living in a tent, bereft of a roof over his head,” says Sultan Shahin, editor,


    “The Mosque will never go. Take this from just one humble member of the 15 Crore of Indian Muslims. Babri Masjid has become the symbol of their freedom in India. Until they rebuild Babri Masjid at its own place, Muslims will not rest…. There can be no barter of our right to reclaim what is due to us. Shahin Saheb has every right to pursue his one-sided effort to denigrate and demonise Muslims and exhort them to accept what is on the table. But Sultan Shahin does not represent the consensus of the overwhelming majority of Indian Muslims”, says Ghulam Muhammed
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