France: 3rd Intifadah in the making? Muslim Riots break out after "youth" dies while fleeing police

A French police officer was shot and wounded during clashes with youths that broke out after a teenager died while fleeing police, authorities said Tuesday.

From Islam in Europe (hat tip Shiva)

* What we see here is a tried and tested pattern: Muslim thugs engage in crime, the police chases after them, one or 2 of them get killed and all the Koranimals come charging out to burn the place to the ground.

The officer appeared to have been shot in the leg with a hunting rifle, said the police prefecture in Romans-sur-Isere, a southeastern town located 60 miles from Lyon in the Rhone Valley on the edge of the Alps. The officer’s life was not in danger. Dents from bullets and buckshot were also found in police vehicles nearby.

Police used tear gas and rubber pellets to push back some 50 youths during clashes late Monday and early Tuesday. Several cars were burned and about 15 shop windows were smashed.

After nightfall Tuesday, some 300 riot police officers and gendarmes took up positions around the center of town to prevent a second night of clashes. Some teams of officers were brought in from neighboring regions.

The violence broke out after a 16-year-old died by driving a stolen car into a wall while fleeing police. Four other minors in the car were lightly injured.

Accidents involving police and youths have been particularly sensitive in France since riots in 2005 that were sparked by the deaths of two teens electrocuted in a power substation while hiding from police.

Jean-Pierre Nahon, a prosecutor in the regional capital, Valence, said a police watchdog agency will investigate latest incident.



Nahon said that, according to a preliminary investigation, the five teenagers had stolen the car overnight and were driving at high speed through the center of Romans-sur-Isere when police began chasing them. The young driver took a sharp turn and lost control of the car, running into a wall.

Le Monde reports (translation is general):


A little later the relatives came out furious from their closed-door meeting with the municipal team.  In tears, a young woman told the dozens of worked up youth: “He wants that it will calm down.  I say to you: burn everything.”

This statement was met by cheers and the youth dispersed in small groups, promising the security forces a night of fire.  A handful of them started shouting: “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!”  “It will burn,” said one of the leaders of the group, surrounded by a swarm of teenagers who listened respectfully.  “They’re fed up with our small brothers dieing in our neighborhoods.  You dominated our parents.  We are the third generation and we won’t submit.”

His face haggard,a politician tries to resume the dialogue.  In vain.  “The only support that we can have are the mothers.  but even among them, there are those who are too angry,” Maurice Crouzet, responsible for social issues, is upset.  

In his office, an hour later, the mayor struggles to recover from the failed discussion.  “Dialogue is very complicated.  Why have we arrived at this breakdown?  Why is all authority suspect?” he asks himself very worriedly.  Because in the neighborhood nobody believes that version given by the authorities about the circumstances of the accident. 

“As long as there’s no serious investigation, there will be war,” maintains the same “big brother” in unison with his friends.

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  1. It would appear that the family refuses to take responsibility for the fact that this kid stole a car, was probably a bad driver, and even if the police had not chased him, would quite likely have crashed it. Nothing is ever their fault, they cannot be responsible for their own behaviour (he was 16 after all), they have to be a victim of something. In this case the police. What do they want? The police to allow them to commit crimes and do nothing about it?
    Someone needs to get up in public and tell them straight out that if they commit crimes then the police will take action. If they don’t want the police involved then they can obey the law. If necessary put up big posters in these areas telling them exactly what is against the law (just how dumb are they!). Tell them that if they start rioting then riot police will break it up, arrest as many as required and there will be swift punishment.
    The French really need to grow a spine about this sort of hysterical violence, police have been seriously hurt.
    This is repellant behaviour and it needs to stop now.

  2. The west keeps decrying the brutalities of the dictators in the Islamic countries. The only democratic countries in the middle east fifty years were Israel and Lebanon. Lebanon was at the time mainly Christian, the did not suppress the muzzie hordes and look where that got them. Israel is still a democracy only because all efforts the of the state go to battle the hordes. Islam only understands one thing. Brute force. It took brute force to stop the piracy in the Mediterranean, it took brute force to stop the Ottoman hordes invading Europe, it took brute force to get the Turks out of Greece. Any attempts to negotiate, is seen as a weakness, not applying force to this lot of headbangers is seen as a partial surrender and will only encourage more violence. The Islamic dictators know who they are dealing with and how to do it, Europe can only emulate them or go down in flames. The world still condemns the Sharpeville massacres of 40 years ago, a violent uprising was put down with equal violence. 600 died that day, but think for one moment how many would have died had it been allowed to continue. If a body has cancer it can succumb to it or it can be excised.

  3. Thanks, Jimmy.

    We also got Mosqueteers, Allah-bots, Mo-bots, Musulmaniacs, Mo-clones, head-choppers, sitzpinklers, kaftan-men, letterboxes etc.

    There must be more, though…

  4. muslims refuse to take stock at their behaviour – they act like wild pigs (actaully wild pigs behave properly – muslims behave like scum) – the muslims threaten us because they are punished for breaking the law – the only answer – EITHER KILL THEM OR THROW THEM OUT OF EUROPE – THEY ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. koranimals!? wild pigs???

    Muslims were upset by the fact that a child was ELECTROCUTED by police. Youths make horrible decisions everyday, but the fact that he was killed by members of the government (who should be setting examples) is what is offensive!!!

  6. Says, can you read?

    A 16-year old is not a child.

    In this case it was a Muhammedan car thiefs, criminals who drove a stolen car into a wall and fled to escape police. A police officer was shot and wounded by muhammedan headbangers.

    If we were to take your false accusations at face value, perhaps it would be better if the police did indeed electrocute Muhammedan crims instead of chasing after them…

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