Hallucinating California wackademic spins conspiracy theories on Iran TV…

…and smears the Jooozzzz:

Professor Paul Sheldon Foote of California State University, Fullerton: Israeli Minister Rafi Eitan Traveled in the US, Meeting with Drug Dealers, Possibly Planning 9/11-Type Attack

Here’s the video from MEMRI


Following is an excerpt from an interview with Paul Sheldon Foote, professor of accounting at California State University, Fullerton, which aired on Press TV on September 11, 2008:

Interviewer: Do remarks by Israeli minister Rafi Eitan – indicating the use of force and resorting to violence against the officials of a sovereign country, a member of the United Nations – constitute a violation of international law?

Paul Sheldon Foote: This is the story of his life in all respects. It is very appropriate that we are talking about this on the anniversary of 9/11, because a year after September 11, 2001, this man was traveling around the United States for a year, using a false name on an Israeli passport, meeting with known drug dealers. The FBI monitor him very carefully, on the assumption that he might be plotting another 9/11-type attack on America that he could blame on the Islamic world. So it is beyond illegal… This guy makes the Mafia look like choir boys.

* Take a closer look: Sheldon Foote is married to an Iranian and is openly working as an enemy agent for the Iranian terrorist regime  and any Arab-Muslim nation  willing to have him…