5 thoughts on “Poll Results: Is Barack Hussein Obama a Natural-Born American Citizen?”

  1. Suggestions:
    – Should the costs of protecting society against islam be borne by the muslim community?
    – Should governments compensate muslims to repatriate to their countries of origin?
    – Should muslims be restricted from jobs in the military, police, judiciary, education?

  2. 1. All religion should be abolished.
    2. Many muslims were born here, so no.
    3. Yes, but only if all religious devouts be also banned

  3. @ Chris
    1. That seems besides the point.
    2. Regardless of where they are born, their country of origin is not in the West.
    3. I don’t like religion any more than you do, but for practical purposes I’d like to distinguish between benign and malignant religions.

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