Rape of infidel women, Australia update

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     Jail for raping woman in front of mates

  • Man jailed for raping unconscious woman
  • Mates watched as assault took place
  • Judge said helpless woman taken advantage of

A MAN has been jailed for eight years for raping an unconscious woman who woke to find him on top of her and his mates laughing and jeering.

The Victorian County Court was told Mohammad Khan, 28, met the woman at the 3D nightclub in central Melbourne on December 9, 2006.

The woman had been drinking and had taken ecstasy during the night when she met a group of men in the club linked to Khan, the court was told.

She was described by witnesses as being happy and alert before she awoke about 5.30am the next day in an alley to find a man on top of her assaulting her.

The court was told two or three other males were watching and “laughing and jeering,” Judge John Smallwood said.

Judge Smallwood said the woman felt bewildered and believed she had been drugged.

She yelled at the man to get off her.

A jury earlier rejected Khan’s contention that the woman agreed to sex, and found him guilty of one count of rape.

Judge Smallwood said Khan had taken advantage of a woman in a helpless and vulnerable situation.

While he accepted that Khan had fallen into the drug and rave scene, he said he was clearly intelligent and would have been aware that what he was doing was wrong.

He ordered Khan serve at least 5½ years’ jail.

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  1. “”he was clearly intelligent and “would have been aware that what he was doing was wrong.””
    Yeah, right –
    He was just having a bit of fun with an infidel, acting out what the “Ideal man” prescibed!
    I bet he consider himself innocent………..

  2. Execute the muslim crimnial!!!! And the bastards muslim friends who thought it was fun to look on!!

  3. These punks don’t know any better, the knobheads who are the leaders of there dumbass creed think this is the norm. Keep on honking your horn you fools, we are just reloading.

  4. * he said he was clearly intelligent and would have been aware that what he was doing was wrong.

    There goes his “mental illness” get out of jail free card.

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