Shootout Down Under: Muslim Volunteer "Executed"

Dylan Welch and Georgina Robinson / Sydney Moonbat Herald

Abdul-Rahman blames the infidels:

*  Everything would be so much better under sharia, sez Abdul-Rahman. Its all because Auburn Council closed down the islamic youth centre which they were using illegally. Mr Abdul-Rahman said his fears at the time that violence would escalate as a result of the closure were well-founded.  “This is another young life lost, that’s fallen victim to a failed bureaucratic system,” he said. 

A man who witnessed the shooting murder of a father of two at Warwick Farm in Sydney’s south-west early this morning has told a friend he was “dodging bullets” as he escaped.

Auburn man Mustafa Assoum, 26, a civil engineer and building site manager, was shot at close range in the head, stomach and hand on Sappho Road, off the Hume Highway, about 1.45am today, police said.

Mr Assoum had driven to the cul-de-sac with a male friend to meet his alleged shooters.

The friend, who is now in hiding and fears for his life, managed to escape uninjured when the attack started and raise the alarm at a nearby motel.

“He looks back and he saw Mustafa running and he started running himself when he heard the shots and he said to me ‘mate, i was dodging bullets’,” said Fadi Abdul-Rahman, a prominent youth leader in the Auburn Muslim community, who spoke to the man today.

Police were called to Sappho Road about 1.45am after reports of shots being fired.

They arrived to find Mr Assoum conscious and lying on the ground outside his car, which was next to a phone box and outside Peter Warren Automotive.

Liverpool Commander, Superintendent Gary Worboys, said Mr Assoum had received bullet wounds to his head, torso and hand.

It appeared he had been shot at close range, Superintendent Worboys said.

“This is a violent and brazen attack and it certainly worries me as the local area commander,” he said.

Mr Assoum was taken to Liverpool Hospital but died there later.

Bullet casings, all of the same calibre, were found near to where Mr Assoum was shot and would be tested to see if they came from the same gun, Superintendent Worboys said.

Witnesses told police they saw a silver or grey Honda Civic hatchback drive away from the area shortly after the shooting.

Superintendent Worboys said police had not yet found the car nor identified anybody who might have been involved in the shooting.

The second man ran about two kilometres up the Hume Highway to the Grandstand Motel and called police.

Mr Abdul-Rahman said he spoke to the young man today.

From that conversation, Mr Abdul-Rahman said Mr Assoum had taken a phone call last night and gone to meet his alleged shooters with his friend.

When they arrived in Sappho Road, outside Peter Warren Automotive, Mr Assoum got out of their white Subaru Forrester while his friend stayed in the car.

He fled as soon as he saw his friend running and heard gunshots.


Police spoke to the “distressed” young man today and later released him.    

“He’s really shaken up, he’s scared for his life,” Mr Abdul-Rahman said.

“These guys obviously know his name, know who he is, so he’s in hiding.”

Mr Assoum was a volunteer at the ICRA Muslim youth centre in Lidcombe before it was shut down earlier this year.

Mr Abdul-Rahman, who had known Mr Assoum since the pair were at Granville Boys’ High together, said Mr Assoum had been instrumental in keeping the community’s young men out of trouble.

“We can’t believe it, he was always [at the ICRA youth centre] with the young ones to help them out in any way possible that he could,” Mr Abdul-Rahman said.

The youth centre was forced to vacate its premises at an old masonic temple in Lidcombe after Auburn Council deemed its use illegal.

Mr Abdul-Rahman said his fears at the time that violence would escalate as a result of the closure were well-founded.

Turn nasty

“We told [the council] once this youth centre shuts down, things are going to turn pretty nasty and they didn’t care,” he said.

“I am absolutely distraught at the number of deaths that have taken place that possibly could have been prevented had someone, some responsible leader within Auburn, actually come forward and stuck to their word to help us keep our centre open.

“Yet this is another tragic death the community has to come to terms with, because leadership in our area has once again failed us.

“This is another young life lost, that’s fallen victim to a failed bureaucratic system,” he said.


* Some facts on the Muslim inbreeding problem in Australia, see here. See also here on Muslim IQ.

30 thoughts on “Shootout Down Under: Muslim Volunteer "Executed"”

  1. Amazing how muslims can connect the dots (where no connection exists), while our
    leaders continue to deny the existence of the dots, or the connections. Let’s have a
    Royal Commission into how Auburn Council caused this senseless and tragic death.

  2. The problem is this Mr Muslim in the street, nobody believes a word any of you say. Your creed is glued together with violence, lies and ignorance, the people who talk for you have the credibility of low life thugs. This is a very fast moving age that we live in and the speed of change and technology is going to wash away the non-evolvers namely ancient belief systems like Islam, all this victmhood one moment and beligerant behaviour the next is the beginning of the end for the mindless fanatics who make all Muslims look evil. So make up your minds Mr & Mrs Islam you are coming to the big fork in the road, choose wisely.

  3. I can not believe some innocent man just got killed and can you can sit there at your computer and talk a load of junk like that, instead of saying “god help his wife and kids”. Lionheart, try Noheart…bastard

    I work in a company that employs 1300 people, its an abbatoir here in Dubbo that kills halal sheep. I have more than 100 friends that are all “white” Australians, best mates in the world. Some even have dinner with me and my family. Once they know what a real Muslim is like, the ones that teach that drugs, voilence, sex with any female they can get in the sack, alcohol, gambling pretty much all the shit that others find cool and exciting to do is bad and hated by god, they have trust, honesty and loyality towards us. You have asians, greeks, italians, aborginies, turkeys, australians, lebanese etc etc that kill, rape, steal, assault, its not a religion thing, it has nothing to do with religion otherwise they wouldn’t do it. It’s my faith in Islam that stops me from assaulting racist people or people that talk shit about Muslims even though they know shit about us, not the police not mum and dad, no one but our creator. My mum always told me and my brothers, “Fear the ones that don’t fear god” because nothing stops them from comitting bad things.

    Muslims are not suicide bombers, or terrorists. If people would learn or read the Koran(the holy book) things would change dramatically. People who commit crimes like this on a man who of which i know, have no beliefs in anything, they don’t fear god or what the repercussion’s are at the day of judgement. Only the uneducated and gullable and people speak unkindly about Muslims, please do your research before putting your comments for people to read. You name 1 thing about Islam that is wrong and 1 thing about christianity that is right, you shouldn’t find any and if you do you know nothing about religions and go about being an atheist that you probably are keep your silly remarks to yourself. You put a gun to my head and make leave my religion and i’ll be more than happy to talk the bullet, i bet every other religion wouldn’t. Mustafa Assoum was a great man, married and had 2 kids and what trying to bring young muslims back inline but some people would rather do bad and kill him. (Allah’s mercy be upon him) God help his family through this.

  4. Muslim from the outback

    You are NOT Australian. I have read the Koran and it is an EVIL book and it explains exactly why muslims ARE murderers and terrorists. And it is the educated who speak the truth about you scum – that you are racist, violent, and bloody stupid. Assoum is dead – almost certainly killed by one of you muslim scum – and as far as I am concerned it is one less potential muslim terrorist. I care nothing for his family and for your community – you are invaders who do not have the courage to state the real purpose of your prescence in Oz. Get out of my country , muslim idiot. And DO NOT EVER ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH THE OUTBACK AGAIN YOU BLOODY PARASITE. The ouback was built by good European and Aboriginal men and women – scum muslims did nothing!!!

  5. Furthermore, If I did put a gun to your head you, like all tough muslim men, would start weeping and bleating like a sheep. Seen enough of you scum do this when faced with a life or death situation. BTW learn to write English properly. Muslims are weak – you are cowards. I can very easily rip your ignorant stupid religion to pieces. However. we let your actions do the talking. Murdered any one else because they insulted your paedophile prophet??? Stupid ignorant moron (that is you pretender Australian who is insulting the outback with its prescence) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot say how disgusted I am with my government that they have let this islamic shit into my country.

  6. hehehe…dickhead

    “My Country” what makes it more your country than mine cock smoker??
    “Seen enough of you scum do this when faced with a life or death situation”, fuck you’ve been out and about in fairy land aye? I thought you white cunts came here on boat full of british prostitutes and used aborginal people as slaves, you still havin’t said sorry low life cunts. Going by what we learn’t at school, your great great grandma used to eat cock for a livin to make the convicts (who later populated aborginal land and fucked it) happy.

    “Murdered any one else because they insulted your paedophile prophet??? Stupid ignorant moron (that is you pretender Australian who is insulting the outback with its prescence) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” what the fuck does that mean, if i can’t spell, it’s obvious i’ve made a couple of mistakes, but you knew what i was saying, whereas you dickhead, you don’t know grammar or punctuation enough to make any sense. How old are you seriouslly 13? And look who’s callin who a parasite…at least we didn’t turn you guys into slaves when we came here cockrider.

    Hmmm, my birth certificate states i was born in Dubbo Base Hospital NSW, where’s that you son of whore.

    “The ouback was built by good European and Aboriginal men and women – scum muslims did nothing!!!” I think you fucked up, “good” was supposed to be infront of Aboriginal men and women, and these scum muslims were to busy building there own country.

    please write back this is hilarious, “I have read the Koran”…Carl Barron watch out bro, top stuff. Vote 1 Kaw(lol, how is that pronounced, Cow?)

  7. hey kaw…u fuck head…its not kaw its coward..u stupit shit. its people like u who bred hatred, ur a non-educated white trash and u proved that by the rubbish that came out of ur mouth, not muslim from the outback. u say that they r racist, violent, and bloody stupid…u just showed that in ur self. u used racist slur, threats and showed how bloody arrogant u r.

  8. hey Cow..sorry Kaw, name 1 one Muslim paedophile, not a catholic priest who later converts to Islam so us muslims don’t beat the fuck out of him. Disgusting sons of bitches..your not one of them are you? It’s ok if you get caught the Australian Government will downgrade the charge, it’s fine, your white aren’t you?

    It’s funny how most of these child porn franatics are AUSTRALIAN school teachers too. What’s Australia breedin here? Fuck the Australian dollar is goin down, might as well go back to our parents native country where their money is actually worth something.

  9. no i think kow is up tight because he’s father and uncle fucked him to hard up the arse. Or he needs the priest to play with his in the confessional.

  10. As kaw says, don’t call yourself ‘Australian muslim’ If you are a true muslim you owe allegiance to the umma only, correct? Your foul koran says so, so don’t deny it.

    What do we make of this? In the context of the article I would say that it is just another example of the lust for death that all muslims have. If you cannot kill an infidel you kill your own. How sad a muslim mind must be, no joy, only hatred, death and killing.

    So I ask you, why are you a muslim? Why bother? Is it for the 180 foot tall self-sealing virgins (their hymens reform) houri’s? Because you know, that’s not true? Right? It was a lie, told by old mo to get the brain-dead arab tribesmen to kill for him so he could get 1/5 of all the loot and have sex with a 9 year old girl. Oooh, you must be so proud of your profit (yep, spelt it wrong on purpose)

    All muslims should piss of back to goat-fucker land and leave us humans in peace !!!!

  11. * If people would learn or read the Koran(the holy book) things would change dramatically.

    Yes, if people would read the koran (book of satan’s sockpuppet god “allah”) they find the
    verses that are bad news for infidels, Christians, Jews (and so on).

    I’m sure you are familiar with them, but one of my favourites: (“allah’s” will, revealed to
    “angels”) Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels.
    Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb!” (“The Spoils” – 8:12)

    Then of course there are the blasphemies against God’s only begotten son, the Lord Jesus
    Christ, the one mediator between God and man, and the only name under Heaven by which
    man might be saved. Blasphemies like this: “‘allah’ is but one god. allah forbid the he should
    have a son!” (“Women” 4:171)

    Contrast the sonless, murderous terrorist “allah” with God, who gave his only begotten
    Son, that whosoever should believe in him should have everlasting life.

    (John 3:16) “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that
    whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (Holy Bible)

    Islam is doomed, and its followers with it, whether in the Australian outback, or Iran,
    or London. Not because muslims are any better or worse than anyone else, but because
    they specifically deny God’s Son Jesus Christ, and the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus

  12. Ah, yes, wonderful multi-culti Dubbo, home to Raisah bint Alan Douglas who praised
    the murderous Osama bin Laden as being a follower of a ‘correct’ version of islam …
    (As previously featured on WoJ and elsewhere)

    Muslim convert slurs Bali victims

  13. * oh how i love the thought of ur bodies being burnt in hells fire.

    With false prophet Mo and his 1.x billion followers?

  14. i knew this guy and his family. He was very well known in the area not for his religion but for himself.i think its wrong how alot of use have commented on his religion. Doesnt matter what religion he was, the moral of what happened is still wrong. He was killed and now think of his 4 month old baby girl who wont remember him.

  15. It is interesting to see the Muslims comments here. Most of their comments are anally, vaginally or penile based-this indicates where their minds are (in the gutter) & (with low IQ) naturally, if their religion were true, we’d see something more edifying (don’t hold your breath waiting for it). Their comments are laced with hate & contempt for Australians & Australia, they, or their parents have left, backward, medieval impoverished Muslim countries-that no westerner would bother stepping a foot in. Needless to say, they haven’t joined the dots yet, that Islam itself is a false, and failed system & is in itself responsible for their country of origins failure. Thankyou for printing their comments Sheik, for it illustrates the Neandethals we are dealing with here.

  16. Im never like that, it just fires me up when i read comments dissing my religion, you would do the same. The choice of words i used are wrong and are sinful, and i am sorry. In my town everyone of my friends are non-muslims covering most religions and races, none of which dis muslims. Everyone is intitled to their own opinions but i think some stretch their opinions too far and forget about the consequences they have on others. In final, a true muslim, a muslim that followers his prophet Mohammed(please don’t comment on him, i didn’t dis jesus (jesus is our prophet also)) would never harm innocent others in anyway shape or form. These retarded bali bombers and other stupid suicide bombers will burn in hell, suicide is a major sin…i think in all religions, i maybe wrong. We have to try to live amongst each other because Australia will always be a multi culutral country weither we like it or not, certainally in this century anyway.

  17. Dear Australian Muslim,

    as far as I recall this blog-entry is not about suicide bombing.

    But since you brought it up and you seem to be genuinely against the practice, we urge you to convince your co-religionists to reject it. Since 9/11, there have been more than 11.300 terrorist attacks, massacres and mass-murders in the name of your religion. But you are religiously obliged not to question this, you are supposed to blow smoke at the infidels who stand in the way of Islamic world conquest.

    The website you link to is unfortunately not an authoritative one and eminent Islamic scholars like Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi and Al Tantawi of Al-Azhar are on record of defending suicide bombing, although they make mealy mouthed excuses when questioned about it by the Western press.

    Qaradawi strongly supports Palestinian attacks on Israeli targets, including against civilians, believing they are legitimate form of resistance. Qaradawi claims that hundreds of other Islamic scholars are of the same opinion.
    Defending bombings against off duty soldiers Qaradawi told BBC Newsnight that:
    “An Israeli woman is not like women in our societies, because she is a soldier.”
    “I consider this type of martyrdom operation as an evidence of God’s justice.”
    “Allah Almighty is just; through his infinite wisdom he has given the weak a weapon the strong do not have and that is their ability to turn their bodies into bombs as Palestinians do”. [30]
    At the press conference held by the organizations sponsoring Qaradawi’s visit to London, Qaradawi reiterated his view that Suicide attacks are a justified from of resistance to Israeli occupation. In the past, Qaradawi has justified such terrorist actions on the basis that all Israel civilians are potential soldiers since Israel is a “militarized society.”
    Due to this, Qaradawi has been accused by many Western countries and Israel of supporting terrorism.

    True Muslims are commanded to wage jihad on the kuffar, because that is the doctrine of Islam.

    Terrorizing infidels is a mandate in the Koran and glorified in the hadith. The hadith gives Muslims a mandate for genocide on the Jews:

    ‘You shall continue to fight the Jews, and they will fight you, until the Muslims will kill them. And the Jew will hide behind the stone and tree, and the stone and the tree will say, “Oh Servant of Allah, Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.” The resurrection will not come before this happens.’

    As a Muslim, you also believe that your Muslim Jesus, “Issa” will return to break the cross and kill the swine, (the Christians) before he abolishes the jiziyah.

    We suggest you abolish the hateful verses in those dirty books, because as long as these verses are taught, along with those that teach children that Jews are sons of apes and swine, no peaceful coexistence is possible.


  18. Yermami what religion are you? Im thinking you are Jewish because mostly the jews know about islam because they are or close relation (very similiar religious views). The only terrorism i see that “muslims” are doing are stupid suicide bombings. I haven’t seen muslims enter a store and just open fire on everyone, that terrorism. My very religious parents have read the quran front back back to front, every year during ramadan and it clearly states the act of ending ones life is a major sin. Its the shitte that are raging war against Israel, its the shitte’s that are the worst, their the ones that bend the rules of the quran

  19. what do guys think of farenheit 911?, that Michael Moore doco that shows that 9/11 is a conspiracy

  20. Dear Muslim of the Outback:

    Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the terrorism Muslims are doing, not only to the kuffar, but mostly to themselves. You will also find Muslims entering stores, schools, airports, buses & trains where they’re opening fire on everyone. Muslims also like to attack Christian Copts in Egypt and on Christians in Iraq, just like they bomb Hindu temples in India when they have their religious holidays.

    Michael Moore’s doco shows that 9/11 is a conspiracy by the Saudis. Moore wonders (correctly) why Bush attacked Iraq instead of taking the corrupt Saudis down.

    My dear young friend, you seem to be a good person and quite unfamiliar with the Islamic doctrine that keeps a billion people in shackles. I would urge you to log on to websites like Ali Sina’s, where you can learn what real Islam is all about.

    Also, your idea that Shiia are worse than Sunnis or Sufi or Ahamadiyah is quite naive: all schools of Islam, Hanafi , Maliki, Shafi’i , Hanbali teach violent jihad to make the world Islamic at all cost. Once the kuffar’s begin to understand this, Muslims will be removed from the lands of the infidels. If you don’t want this to happen, then perhaps you should think about changing your ways and to side with the people of Australia rather than with the ummah.

    As for me and why I know so much about islam, let it be no concern of yours; it is not relevant.

  21. to whom it may concern …its not good to condemn each other…additionally i strongly urge that you desist in condemning the quran or the holy prophet (saw)…doing that is grave punishment…know there is only one god, the creator, the sustainer and fear the day you will have to answer for your deeds…and we also await the arrival of the son of mary who will correct the ills embedded in your speech….

  22. Once again our muslims friends revert to nothing much when they have no answers – which is usually the case. “Australian muzz from out outback”, lets just call you IDIOT1. First, Dubbo isn’t the outback, but even though we paid the medical expenses for your hatching in this country you are are not Australian, so why should you know. There have been quite a few recent reports of muslim immans sexually molesting kids under their care – in the UK, in the USA, in the far east. These stories are easily found, your failure to do so merely reflects on your intelligence, If I did behave like your prophet I would be arrested – and if you did your homework you would realize that that the color of my skin would be unimportant. You are rather stupid – you cannot even realise that web sites like this exist because of YOUR behaviour – here YOUR implies the muslim ummah. Now, just to remind, cow is wriiten as “COW”, not “kaw”. So what is “kaw” – just a series of letters, a moniker.
    You dont like people being critical on your religion – well if your religion learns to behave itself your concerns are justified. But muslims have not yet shown that they can live in peace with others. And ‘”good” was in front of both european and aboriginal – but you are incapable of understanding english
    so your inability to understand what was written is not a surprise. Do NOT insult the men and women, both european and aboriginal or aboriginal and european (if this really make a difference for you!), who built this country.
    You have shown what you are – and your condemnation of the Shiites does not make you and better – it simply raises the alarm bells ans tells us that you are another intolerant muslim fanatic that will have to be terminated. Oh, and don’t believe that can’t be done. So IDIOT1, you are an invader and a threat. You cannot spell, you are not very intelligent, and you happily call us racist while behaving as a racist yourself. Have a nice day unwelcome guest.

    But this is has not done, and one can only assume that you are an enemy of my counrtey. Believer, religion is a human concept – that alone miht give you a hint

  23. The Moore film only implies a conspiracy, no firm evidence is supplied, and the conspiracy is suggested to have been committed by the Saudis. There is enough evidence to suggest Saudi collusion in unpleasant events, but their tracks are well covered. IDIOT1 (Pretend australian who is not from the outback) has just displayed a revealing characteristic – the ability to believe in unsubstantiated fact, twist it to support his cause, and an innate inability to critically assess that fact. This is no surprise, he has after all been learning the Quran without thought for his entire life.

    Believer, only when you convince your fellow muslims to respect all other religions equally and without malice will your religion and its followers be viewed with respect. Until that time, muslims are a threat to all non-muslims.
    The inability of IDIOT1 to understand why people are critical of muslims is a very clear indicator that this time is a long way off – and your faith may not survive the duration. Your yourself are probably capable of accepting others without condition, but this is patiently NOT true for many of your co-religionists. Change is required and this change MUST come from within the muslim community.

    On another topic, could someone please explain to IDIOT1 that Dubbo is not the outback. My guess is that IDIOT1 is one of the halal butchers that have been allowed to practise in Australia – a mistake and I am surprised that the animal rights community have not spoken up about this. No offense intended to our Jewish friends, but the practice is not humane.

  24. outback chic,
    Another dubbo resident pretending to be Australian??
    Thanks for the good wishes – may you receive them also in bounty :-))

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