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L.A. Times sits on video of Obama toasting radical Jew-basher

By Michelle Malkin  

Jim Hoft has the story on the damning video of Barack Obama that the L.A. Times refuses to release.

Writes Jim: “It’s hard to imagine that the LA Times would hold onto a video of Sarah Palin praising an anti-Semitic radical and former PLO operative…”

Exactly. Guess the reporter doesn’t want to open himself up to the Joe the Plumber treatment.


Mark Steyn exposes the engine driving the hype of a Barack Obama win:

According to newspaper reports, polls show that most people believe newspaper reports claiming that most people believe polls showing that most people have read newspaper reports agreeing that polls show he’s going to win.


The map of newspaper endorsements confirm the US presidential election is essentially a class war. It’s metropolitan vs small town; city vs country; insider vs outsider; media class vs the people furthest from the microphones, cameras and keyboards. Sarah Palin symbolises the clash more than any of the other three people on the tickets – and it’s no wonder that big-city, metropolitan media outlets have spent so much sweat and vitriol on trying to destroy her. The venom of the Left has nothing to do with policy, but everything with identity.



Update: The allure of a charismatic demagogue”

 by Michelle Malkin

Blinded by the glow.


  1. My my my, if Hussein is their “new hope”, then what they are hoping for must be awfully dysfunctional & inane [inane means “lacking significance, meaning, or point… I couldn’t find a better word to describe BHO at the moment] As a Christian looking at this oddball quasi Messiah hype surrounding this shady individual confirms the truth of the bible, when it speaks about this…

    “…And this is that spirit of anti-Christ, whereof ye have heard that it should come, and even now already is it in the world.”
    1st John 4:3

    Personally I do not believe Hussein is the anti-Christ, but I believe he is the beginnings of the manifestation of this hideous deception that is filtering down through politics now. Its more of a indication how ignorant & shallow society has become, where they will try to exalt such a empty suit as this nutball, leading to a point where people will fall for glitz over conviction, smooth sounding words over substance.

    Like “Joe the plumber” said after meeting BHO face to face, he wasn’t impressed and it was total letdown. He said the media pumped him up like he floats into your presence like a angel and mesmerizes you with eloquent wisdom in the legacy of great leaders like Roosevelt & Kennedy…yet in reality the guy is a completely manufactured pompous wannabe like the wizard of oz.

  2. This has got to be one of the most weird (can’t think of another word right now) elections in my living memory.
    Every day something else about this “false messiah”.There is nothing they won’t do to win this “culture war”.

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