Welcome to Kruddistan!

They just keep coming: from Andrew Bolt

* Once again Australia is being swamped with Middle Eastern Muslims, who pass through 2 or 3 or more Muslim countries on their way here. These Muslim countries are obliged to help them, because they are ‘one Muslim ummah’- but the eyes of these invaders are on Australia. These people are not migrants, they are not refugees, and they are not asylum seekers: they are invaders. Only instant repatriation will keep us safe from this onslaught. What is the Krudd government going to do about it? Feed them halal burgers? Will these good Muslim people be asked to forswear the jihad ideology, hatred of infidels and the overthrow of the infidel government of this country? Don’t bank on it!

* First EU African immigration centre opens in Mali

* More Dreck from the UN: anti-Semitic now means anti-Islam

Testing Rudd’s red carpet?

The Rudd Government, to prove it’s nice, weakens the laws on illegal immigrants. I think some people smugglers, put out of business by the Howard Government, may have got the message:

A SECOND group of suspected Middle Eastern refugees has arrived in Australian waters and is being transported to Christmas Island for processing.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Evans tonight said 17 people, including three crew, had arrived at an offshore storage facility in the Timor Sea off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet:

Senator Evans said it was the second unauthorised boat arrival in Australian waters this year; there were five cases last year.

What may have been the invitation:

In late July, Senator Evans unveiled a new “risk-based” approach to immigration detention and expanded review arrangements for people who lodge claims outside Australia’s migration zone. Under the changes, detainees on Christmas Island can expect access to taxpayer-funded migration agents’ advice should they lodge an asylum claim.

If their claims are unsuccessful, they will have access to an independent review of their decision.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Kruddistan!”

  1. I don’t know if this is one of Rudd’s, or one of Howard’s, but a recent spate of shootings
    in Gouger Street has resulted in an Albanian here on a visitor’s visa being arrested & held,
    with his image suppressed … too many of these being allowed in, legally or otherwise.

    * The Adelaide Magistrates Court today banned publication of the image of Soniard Mrishaj, whom prosecutors allege injured one man and almost shot two others during the early-morning gunfight on Sunday morning. [Adelaide Now]

  2. Leftist lunacy will be the death of us all. They’re the ones opening all the doors, then hand out all sorts of goodies, then make excuses after their “pets” create the inevitable problems.
    If mindless leftism could be stamped out we may have a chance of finally defeating Islamania once and for all.

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