Beware of pious Muslims!

* UK submits: Historic pub “Saracen’s Head” had to go…  

Historic Pub renamed for fear of islam/thanks to Shiva

Angry letters fired off to the Mail said the church had no right to “wipe away 300 years of history” for fear of offending Muslims.

Terror-mastermind Rashid Rauf was a “very pious Muslim”

* Why do Muslims wage jihad?

From aspirations of owning a gas station to blowing up ten infidel-laden jets

Thanks to Jeffrey Imm, here’s an article about Rashid Rauf (just killed, see below) from over a year ago. Like many others Misunderstanders-of-Islam, he seems to have believed that jihad (of the militant variety, mind you) is “obligatory for every Muslim.” Also, like many other jihadists, he seems to have become “radicalized” in the West, citing the latter’s “un-Islamic” — synonymous with debauched and depraved — qualities. Interestingly, however, Rauf’s friend says the former was planning on becoming a simple gas-station owner, and yet, over a year later, we find him as a fugitive on-the-run living in an al-Qaeda stronghold. The obligation of jihad must have returned to haunt him — either that or he or his friend or both were just lying about the gas station bit.

“Jihad obligatory for every Muslim: Rashid Rauf,” from the Daily Times, via JW April 17, 2007:

ISLAMABAD: The alleged mastermind of the London terror plot, British-born Pakistani Rashid Rauf, believes that jihad is obligatory for all Muslims, and after release he wants to live in Pakistan and set up a Compressed Natural Gas station in Jhelum, Mehboob Ilahi, Rauf’s fellow prisoner, told Daily Times after being released late Saturday night. 

“Rashid wants to live in Pakistan because he is against the un-Islamic British society,” said Ilahi, who spent six months with Rauf in a sub-jail of Police Civil Lines in Rawalpindi. “An Islamic conference attracted Rauf towards Pakistan. He is a very pious Muslim,” said Ilahi.

“Rauf told me that he was arrested during a journey to Multan at Lodhran Phatak when a man sitting with him in the bus asked him [Rauf ] what his opinion was on jihad and he replied that he believed it was every Muslim’s obligation,” said Ilahi. He said Rauf had not been arrested in Rawalpindi as previously reported, but instead had been apprehended at Lodharan Pathak on August 8.

Ilahi, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal National Assembly member Maulana Abdul Aziz’s brother, was reportedly arrested on August 25, 16 days after the foiling of the London terror plot. The government had provided terror charges against him but he was released after the Supreme Court review board found him innocent. “Rauf and I were kept in a very small cell. The police did not even provide enough water for us to perform ablution,” said Ilahi. “Investigation personnel have badly beaten Rauf during interrogations and once he lost consciousness for three days following a beating,” Ilahi added.


Anger over plans to change name of Saracen’s Head pub in Kings Norton Green

Saracen's Head

BIRMINGHAM Mail readers have spoken out against the decision to change the name of a historic city pub – accusing it of being “politically correct”.

The home of the famous Saracen’s Head, in Kings Norton Green, will become known as Saint Nicolas Place said its owners, at the nearby St Nicolas Church.

Angry letters fired off to the Mail said the church had no right to “wipe away 300 years of history” for fear of offending Muslims.

Ann Spooner, of Kings Norton, wrote: “To us it will always be the Saracen’s Head.”

The 18th-century former inn was originally built as a rich wool merchant’s house in the 1400s and was given to the church in 1930. In 2004 it won £500,000 to help bring it back to its former glory in the BBC programme Restoration.

Cannon Rob Morris said the church consulted with its congregation of more than 300 and the Friends of Historic Kings Norton in reaching the controversial choice.

In 2004 the Birmingham Mail reported how the Very Rev Morris said the name was “offensive” to Muslims. But he said the reason behind the name-change was to stop people from mistaking the building – now a community centre and church office – for a pub. It was also to recognise the role of the church and its more than a million pounds’ worth of investment.

Keith Carton, from Kings Norton, said: “When was the last time anyone can recall coachloads of lager louts turning up for a heavy session?”

Rod Murphy, from Northfield, said: “This barmy decision has nothing at all to do with people thinking the building is still a pub. The only people who use the building are locals and they know full well it is not a pub.”

Rod was among many who felt the new name was prompted by a fear of offending Muslims.

He said: “This is the real reason that the name is being changed. How the misguided, deluded do-gooder Canon Rob Morris can be allowed to wipe away 300 years of history is beyond belief.”

Mr Morris denied the charge adding the site would be home to the Saracen’s Head Cafe.

He said: “I’m surprised at how many people have complained.”

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