Brigitte Gabriel: "Muslims are using our democracy to topple our democracy"

Brigitte Gabriel: Hate preaching in mosques

The courageous Brigitte Gabriel (thanks to Advice Goddess) here speaks about how Islamic groups in America are using our American pluralism and openness to push a supremacist agenda and insinuate Sharia law, piece by piece, into the United States. This is, of course, also the theme of Robert Spencers book Stealth Jihad.

Here’s more:

Max Publius makes a valid point:

The vast majority of Muslim terrorists and fellow travelers in America are not citizens, therefore do not have a citizen’s rights, or they are naturalized, and should have their citizenship revoked for the slightest offense. Revoking is legal. The State Dept has done it recently to octagenarian Nazis who had lived here for 60 years. Not doing this to Islamists is an unforgivable act of bureaucratic terrorism by the politically correct traitors at State, as well as by the President.

4 thoughts on “Brigitte Gabriel: "Muslims are using our democracy to topple our democracy"”

  1. I think that it is about time they start get ‘sensitivity’ training too! And in the schools that have muslims – there should be ‘be a dhimmi for a week’. this one sided ‘sensitivity’ training is just downright prejudism!

  2. Islam has the patent on hate, but they also have the patent on cowardice. Watch these punks grovel when the tide turns against them.

  3. People should rise up, present their views to their governments, and then have these muslim parasites thrown out.

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