Clueless CNN Moonbat Tells Bali Bombers "You're Twisting Your Religion" in Last Interview

*  Reality resistent CNN reporter Dan Rivers in his last interview with the Bali bombers still insists that Islam is a Religion of Peace and somehow ‘twisted’ by terrorists like Imam Samudra, Mukhlas and Amrozi.

Rivers is promptly disabused by Imam Samudra that he is a kaffir and that he “knows nothing”.

“Where does it say in the Koran that you have the right to kill innocent people? You are twisting your religion completely,” Rivers asks.

“I know better than you because I am Muslim and you are kaffir (infidel). You kaffir know nothing,” Samudra replies, waving his hand at the reporter.

“The verse, blood by blood, soul by soul. Your country – US, UK, Australia alliance – already killing my people,” he says.

Tears, joy as bombers Mukhlas, Amrozi and Imam Samudra executed

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The Undeniable Evidence Of How The Media Propagated Stupidity

The Job of actively Dumbing down America was obviously taken to task by the Main Stream Media which began sometime after the beginning of the War in Iraq.
News Giants , CNN , MSNBC , CBS , ABC , BBC , and the Wire Services started filtering news reports , separating out news worthy fact and replacing it with fictitious innuendo and rumor.
Other major players in the game of national misinformation will include the major tabloids like the New York Times , The La Times , The Washington Post , the Boston Globe , and Time Warner in general.
The fact that General Electric mother company to some of these Media outlets is being handsomely rewarded by the Obama campaign does not pass the smell test.
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Full list of Australians killed in 2002 Bali bombings

* Update: who is Stephen Smith to say that Australia does not support the death penalty? Lets have a referendum! in a recent poll on this website 80 %  voted in favor of capital punishment.

 FOREIGN Minister Stephen Smith said today he had nothing but contempt for the bombers, but Australia did not support the death penalty. Australia seeks international action

* Daily Telegraph

THIS is the list of the 88 Australians killed in the 2002 Bali bombings – they will never be forgotten.

Gayle Airlie 

Belinda Allen

Renae Anderson

Peter Basioli

Christina Betmilik

Matthew Bolwerk

Abbey Borgia

Debbie Borgia

Gerardine Buchan

Steve Buchan

Chloe Byron

Anthony Cachia

Rebecca Cartledge

Bronwyn Cartwright

Jodie Cearns

Jane Corteen

Jenny Corteen

Paul Cronin

Donna Croxford

Kristen Curnow

Francoise Dahan

Sylvia Dalais

Joshua Deegan

Andrew Dobson

Michelle Dunlop

Craig Dunn

Shane Foley

Dean Gallagher

Angela Golotta

Angela Gray

Byron Hancock

Simone Hanley

James Hardman

Billy Hardy

Nicole Harrison

Tim Hawkins

Andrea Hore

Adam Howard

Paul Hussey

Josh Iliffe

Carol Johnstone

David Kent

Dimmy Kotronakis

Elizabeth Kotronakis

Aaron Lee

Justin Lee

Stacey Lee

Danny Lewis

Scott Lysaght

Linda Makawana

Sue Maloney

Robert Marshall

David Mavroudis

Lynette McKeon

Marissa McKeon

Jenny Murphy

Amber O’Donnell

Jessica O’Donnell

Sue Ogier

Jodie O’Shea

Corey Paltridge

Charles van Renen

Brad Ridley

Ben Roberts

Bronwyn Ross

David Ross

Kathy Salvatori

Greg Sanderson

Cathy Seelin

Lee Sexton

Tom Singer

Anthony Stewart

Julie Stevenson

Jason Stokes

Behic Sumer

Nathan Swaine

Tracy Thomas

Clint Thompson

Robert Thwaites

Jonathan Wade

Vanessa Walder

Jodie Wallace

Shane Walsh-Till

Robyn Webster

Marlene Whiteley

Charmaine Whitton

Gerard Yeo

Luiza Zervos

8 thoughts on “Clueless CNN Moonbat Tells Bali Bombers "You're Twisting Your Religion" in Last Interview”

  1. Haahahahaha!!!

    Typical arrogance of of a libtard MSM minion.

    “You are twisting your religion completely”.

    It is such a hoot when these shiny little liberals try and confront Jihadists with their politically correctness to try to sanitize Islam. Sorry Mr.Rivers mistake no.1, you must have a Muslim who is playing the role of the religion of peace lie before you attempt to apply PC lipstick.

  2. And the beat goes on

    Security remains tight after attack on power plant site

    Multa Fidrus , The Jakarta Post , Tangerang | Tue, 11/18/2008 7:31 AM | Headlines

    Dozens of police officers have been deployed to guard the construction site of a power plant in Lontar village, Kemiri district, Tangerang, after villagers ransacked and burned down buildings, machinery and vehicles there last Friday.

    Tangerang Police said Monday the deployments would last two weeks. The move comes after weekend raids by the police in the village netted 24 residents suspected of involvement in the attack.

    Police detective chief Insp. Dewa Wijaya identified three of the suspects as the village administration head Haerudin, secretary Bakri and treasurer Marzuki.

    “The three village officials have been named suspects because of their role in abetting the extortion of truck drivers heading to the power plant site,” he said, adding 21 others had been named suspects for extortion, plundering and destruction.

    He said the police were still on the lookout for seven other suspects.

    Friday’s incident saw dozens of angry locals attack and burn down project contractor PT Dongfang Electric Corporation’s office, company dormitories, seven cars, three units of heavy machinery and a motorcycle.

    The attack ended around midnight, after dozens of Tangerang Police officers arrived at the scene to evacuate the project employees, including 94 foreigners, mostly Chinese nationals working as experts in the steam power project that is expected to be completed in 2010.

    The attack was triggered by the earlier arrest on Friday evening of seven men as part of the nationwide anti-thug operation launched by the National Police early this month.

    The seven men allegedly extorted between Rp 10,000 and Rp 15,000 per day from each driver delivering construction material to the 3 x 315 megawatt power station project, with between Rp 7 million and 10 million extorted each day.

    Rumors soon spread that the arrests were made following the company’s complaints to the police. About three hours later, locals surrounded the project site and demanded that project contractors urge the police to release the seven men.

    Village administration head Haerudin denied he and the other officials were behind the attack.

    “When the residents attacked the site, I was at a meeting held by the district chief for all villages heads in the district,” he claimed.

    He admitted the extortion money collected from drivers was a form of “village development fee” agreed upon last April with the project’s main contractor.

    Since that time, Haerudin went on, the village administration had collected Rp 350 million from the drivers, with the money distributed to villagers to construct Muslim prayer rooms, fund social activities and build an orphanage.

  3. * construct Muslim prayer rooms

    Haven’t Australian taxpayers built enough mosques & madrassahs with “aid” money? (jizya)

  4. what makes these cretins think they know more about islam than the people who live breath and die for islam?

  5. That is one uberdhimmi reporter. Obviously never read the Koran and to say ‘where!?’ is it in the Koran. There are numerous direct verses to kill the kaffir and hundreds of hatred for the kaffir verses. Must be like Tony Blair and prance around showing everyone the fancy Koran he is ‘reading’.

  6. I haven’t watched the MSM for so long I can’t remember when I watched it last. I don’t even watch it for local news.

    I am not watching Fox news that much either. I thought their idea of ‘fair and balanced’ was that Hannity did all the work on finding out the trash about Obama, and everyone else ‘went to bed with him!’.

    I am sick of them all.

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