German 'Reverts' Apply For Asylum In Egypt; Rejected For Being "Too Extremist"

Egypt to deport German family for ‘Islamic extremism’

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* Flying over the cuckoos nest: a lunatic asylum might be more apropriate for these loons…

Cairo (dpa) – Egypt imprisoned and said it would deport a German family that tore up its German identification papers upon arrival, fearing the documents would connect them to an “infidel state.”

Egypt accused the family of Islamic extremism and imprisoned the family, which consisted of a man, his wife, his two sisters and his mother. They were being prepared for deportation, Egyptian Independent al-Badeel newspaper reported.

According to media reports, the family does not want to return to Germany.

The German embassy in Cairo is cooperating with Egyptian officials to deport the family, the paper said. However, it has declined to give them new identification documents for fear they would also be destroyed. It must also be determined which country will pay for the flight.

Eyewitnesses said the female members of the family wore garb that only allowed their eyes to be seen. None of the family is fluent in Arabic, which made communication with police authorities difficult. After their arrest, they debated whether a true Muslim would allow himself to be photographed for a passport.

Al-Badeel quoted political scientist, Hossam Tamaam, as saying new converts to Islam often leave their home countries to live in Muslim countries and can be prone to religious extremism.

The paper did not give further details about the family. Egypt’s secular government has cracked down in the past on militant Islamic movements

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