Anne Karpf

* Al Guardian presents another shill for Islam: Anne Karpf

Islamofascist slanders: Equating Muslims with Nazis is a hazard in the Middle East, and misfires as a smear on Obama”

* Update: 

“‘Islamofascism” slips easily from the mouth of war-on-terror ideologues but it has a deeper narrative, too, as it attempts to elide modern Islam with 1930s National Socialism, and equate Muslims and Nazis.”

*   “Modern Islam”- what an idiotic fantasy! Where did this dumb twat discover a ‘modern Islam?’ In the urine of a “moderate Muslim?”

They’d be victims under Bush

Andrew Bolt    Inside Guantanamo’s walls

Now that Saint Obama looks like taking over Guantanamo Bay, the New York Times finally concedes it might be housing some bad guys, after all, and may not need closing.

Does this paper think we can’t read through it?

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  1. ““Islamofascist slanders: Equating Muslims with Nazis is a hazard in the Middle East”

    Muslims need to spend less time having hurt feelings and more time showing terrorists where they are wrong. You guys be safe– I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks.

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