India Jihad: The Main Stream Media Sux!

Muslims have attacked at least 7 hotels and restaurants simultaneously.

At least 100 injured,  80 confirmed dead and the battle is still going on.

The “experts”  on CNN, FOX and SKY:

“Terrorists” did it. Right. At this point in time we can’t be sure whether ‘Deccan Mujaheddin’ are affiliated with Al Qaeda, but Al Qaeda is a losely knitted group that folllows a ‘certain Ideology’- hm, what might that be, that ideology?

Its just “terrorism”  nothing to do with Islam, right?

“Terrorism in Asia is on the rise,” said Rohan Gunaratna, head of the Singapore-based International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research. “It’s paramount for Asian countries to convene a summit to fight the rising terrorism.”

Karl Rove on Fox News a few minutes ago:

“Those extremists who kill in the name of a great religion…”

Michael Bloomberg a few minutes later:

“Those religious fundamentalists…” then this: he said the attacks “reminded us that there remain dark forces in the world that think killing innocents is a way to advance an agenda.” …and which ‘agenda’ is that, you numbskull????

Two Australians were among those injured in the attacks, according to the government in Canberra. One Japanese citizen was killed and another injured, the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo said.

Another gem:

“The terrorists don’t like the changes due to increasing Westernization…”

Gordon Brown and Ban Ki Moonbat to the front!

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the “outrageous” attacks in India would be met with a “vigorous response,” while United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for the attackers to be “brought to justice swiftly.”

The Obaminator bloviates along…Bloomberg: “Obama Leads Global Condemnation of Mumbai Gun, Grenade Attacks” 

Simon Crean says at least two Australians have been injured in the attacks.

 The chief of Mumbai’s police anti-terrorist squad, Hemant Karkare, was among those killed.

ABC & Reuters go straight into BS peddling: ‘police have also arrested suspected Hindu extremists thought to be behind some of the attacks.’

Earlier this morning:

Fox interviewed a f*kcwit ‘terrorism expert’ who didn’t dare to mention Islam. CNN of course has “never heard of the group called *%@ mujaheddin although they might be affiliated with Al Qaeda”, BBC marvels at how well the attacks were coordinated,

Back to Fox: its about Kashmir, sez one, Israel is not to blame, (great!)  how long can this go on?

We need at least ONE new network that tells the truth! F*kc these A-soles!


7 thoughts on “India Jihad: The Main Stream Media Sux!”

  1. Karl Rove, “those extremist who kill in the name of a great religion”, should be given a sufficient quantity of barbed wire to fashion a dildo, enough sulfuric acid to lubricate it well and forced to go and f*** himself with it. Get it through that miserable rotten brain of yours, it is not great religion, it is a murderous cult that has spent the last 14 centuries doing the best to destroy a great religion.

  2. Verflucht noch mal, Du verdamter Schweinehund Roverer, bleib doch mit deinen Nazi Schweinen.
    Du bisst eine verdamte missgeburt, weiss der Teufel wie Du im weissen Hause gelandet bisst statt im Klo. Excuse my German, it is rudimentary and I do not have the sharp S on my computer.

  3. Same old crap-

    A peaceful religion hijacked by misunderstanders.
    Why do they hate us?
    More interfaith conferences.
    Yadda yadda yadda.

    I am soooooooooooo sick of this Koranic crapola and the attached apologists. My dream is to wake up one day and have the Koran and all its believers gone from this world. Then maybe, just maybe we will finally have a shot at world peace at long last. Til then, there’s absolutely NO way that it will ever happen. That rotten book is pure evil that makes its believers commit more evil, pure and simple.

  4. @ciccio: Hey ciccio, that wasn’t bad! The sharp s (ß) can be substituted by double S and, since the “Rechtschreibreform”, all words ending with the sharp one have to be written with double S. Do you think Rove understands German? I thought he’s from norwegian descent… Anyway. Here’s mine: Rove, Sie schwachsinniger Apparatschik, Sie begreifen es einfach nicht: Der Mohammedanismus ist eine totalitäre Ideologie, die genau das verlangt, was die sogenannten “Islamisten” tagtäglich ausführen.

    Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, the proud “lideri” of all turks, on the term “moderate Islam”:

    “Diese Bezeichnungen sind sehr hässlich, es ist anstößig und eine Beleidigung unserer Religion. Es gibt keinen moderaten oder nicht-moderaten Islam. Islam ist Islam und damit hat es sich.” (This terminologies are very ugly, it is objectionable and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or not-moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.)

    This absolute clear quote is from 2007. He said that regarding the wretched european discussion whether there is a moderate Islam or not…

    In your face, appeasers!

    Regards from Germany,


  5. Erdogan is by far not the first or only prominent follower of the prophet who made such a statement. Many Saudis have been saying the same for many years now, and what remains is naive Westerners who somehow (how?) hope that some ‘moderate Islam’ will evolve, some kind of ‘Euro-Islam’ or some magic concoction that makes the Koran and the sunnah obsolete.

    That will not happen….

  6. ciccio:
    I wish I’d said that. masterfully expressed.
    Looking back,I believe the worst damage done by the 60s flower children was the total destruction of objectivity in the media. All the other ills of our society stem from that wound. As stated in the post, “we need at least ONE new network that tells the truth.” So true, but I despair of our ever having it. Perhaps if enough people with at least half a brain left got together we could found a medium completely financed by sales and supporters, with no dependency on advertising revenue. I know – dream on.

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