Indonesia goes apeshit over executed Bali bombers

* That’s because they’re all “moderate Muslims”…as you can see here:

* Clashes Follow Bali Executions

* Amnesia Intentional takes a big dump on Australia for not preventing the execution of Bali bombers

* Jihadists vow revenge for Bali bombers’ executions

Wild crowds unleash fury at funerals of executed Bali bombers

Outraged over the execution of mass murderers

“Wild scenes erupted and cries of ‘death to infidels.'” As predicted. “Wild crowds unleash fury as bodies of executed Bali bomb trio are flown home and buried,” by Richard Shears for the Daily Mail, November 9 (thanks to JW):

* Update: Smiling assassin died ‘pale and afraid’ like a bitch

Wild scenes erupted and cries of ‘death to infidels’ – Westerners – rang out in a village today as the bodies of two of the executed Bali bombers returned home for burial.’Smiling Assassin’ Amrozi and his brother Mukhlas, shot by a firing squad, were carried by helicopter to their village of Tenggulun in central Java – and it was there that a 500-strong crowd unleashed their fury over the executions.

They cried for a holy war and threatened to avenge the deaths of ‘our brothers’.

There were similar chaotic scenes in the west Java town of Serang as the body of the third executed bomber, Imam Samudra, shrouded in a black cloth bearing an inscription from the Koran, was paraded through the streets between his local mosque and a cemetery.

Western observers in both villages were verbally abused as ‘infidels’ and ordered to leave immediately.

In Tenggulun village heavily-armed police were outnumbered by the angry crowd, who surged around ambulances carrying the bodies of Amrozi and Mukhlas who, along with Samudra, had been shot shortly after midnight local time.

In Samudra’s village, hardline cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, who has previously been jailed for inciting bombings in other parts of Indonesia, pushed people aside to clear a path for the executed man’s body to be carried through the streets.

There are now grave fears among Western diplomats that radicals will heed Abu Bakar Bashir’s call to avenge the executions.

Even though the three men convicted of masterminding the 2002 Bali bombings were shot dead the families of the victims say they do not believe justice has been fully achieved. […]

There are now fears that supporters of Amrozi, Mukhlas and Samudra, will carry out reprisal attacks.

Western tourists in Indonesia – particularly those in Bali – have been warned to be on the highest alert. […]

The killers, who had shown no remorse in the countdown over the months leading up to their executions, were taken to an orchard some four miles from the prison and tied to wooden chairs.

Then, seconds before bullets struck, they cried out ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is Great.

It was a cry they had uttered, too, as they were led from their prison to face the firing squad of paramilitary police. […]

There bodies were then flown to their home villages for burial in accordance with Muslim custom.

Mr Ali Faukzi, head of the prison, sent a text message to relatives saying: ‘They are with the Almighty.’

Chozin, the elder brother of Amrozi and Mukhlas, said on behalf of his family: ‘We hope the spirit of my brothers will be taken by green birds to paradise.’


Not, you’ll notice, “We hope the spirit of my brothers will find mercy from Allah and forgiveness for their heinous act of mass murder.”

Silence on executions puts Aussies at risk, says Amnesty International

  • Amnesia, as you may know, is totally Muzz infested:

November 09, 2008

THE Federal Government’s selective call for clemency has put the lives of Australians on death row at risk following the execution of the Bali bombers, Amnesty International said today.

Bombers Mukhlas, Amrozi and Imam Samudra, three of the men responsible for the 2002 attacks which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, were executed by firing squad in Indonesia just after midnight (4am AEDT).

The Government’s failure to call for clemency in the three men’s case had put the lives of Australians on death row at risk, such as three members of the Bali Nine, Amnesty International said.

Australian drug smugglers Scott Rush, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan are also facing the firing squad.

But while silent on the fate of Mukhlas, Amrozi and Imam Samudra, the Government has been lobbying hard to save the lives of the three Australian men.

Canberra was not in the business of intervening on behalf of foreign terrorists, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said.

“We’ve been calling in recent times for this Government and the previous government to take a consistent and principled stance on the death penalty and to oppose it all cases,” Amnesty campaign co-ordinator Katie Wood said.

“By being selective in its call for clemency the Government is promoting a two-tiered policy on capital punishment, which inevitably undermines Australia’s standing on the issue, and which inevitably has an effect on Australians who are facing the death penalty in Indonesia.”

Ms Wood said Amnesty understood why some victims’ families had supported the death penalty, but said it was a “cruel, inhuman punishment, irrespective of the crime and the nationality”.

“We express sympathy and we completely understand how the victims and the family members of the victims of Bali, the Bali bombings would feel at this time.

“We believe that all those who commit such heinous crimes should be brought to account, but without recourse for the death penalty.

“We oppose the death penalty for absolutely everyone, be it Saddam Hussein or be it a 13 year-old Somali girl who is stoned to death for allegedly committing adultery. We oppose it for all cases, for all nationalities, for all kinds.

Jihadists vow revenge for Bali bombers’ executions

“There’ll probably be retaliation. What is clear is that no drop of Muslim blood is free. It has consequences.” The person who said this, mind you, was not similarly concerned about the non-Muslim blood shed by the Bali bombers.

“Jihadists vow revenge for bombers’ executions,” by Stephen Fitzpatrick for The Australian, November 10 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

INDONESIA was on high alert for terrorist attacks last night after hundreds of chanting supporters buried the Bali bombers and demanded revenge for their executions.Police clashed with hardline followers who gathered in two towns in Java to bury the bombers, whose bodies had been flown by helicopter from the prison island where they had been shot in an orange grove early yesterday morning.

Amrozi, his brother Ali Ghufron, also known as Mukhlas, and Imam Samudra died more than six years after the atrocity they planned and carried out, the October 2002 nightclub bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Authorities are worried about reprisals in the wake of the executions, and Australia has warned travellers to reconsider their plans to visit Indonesia.

After days of threats before the executions, Indonesian authorities yesterday maintained high security around tourist areas, shopping centres and foreign embassies. The Australian embassy in Jakarta was yesterday the subject of its fourth bomb threat in recent days.

“Our target is the Australian embassy and we will bomb it this morning,” said the warning to Jakarta police, who sent their bomb squad to the mission. Nothing was found. […]

Until the end, the bombers – members of the Jemaah Islamiah regional terror network - expressed no remorse for their “infidel” victims and claimed they wanted to die as martyrs.

The head of Indonesia’s top Islamic body, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, denounced the three bombers, saying they had not died as martyrs as they wished.

“To die as a martyr is impossible; people who kill cannot be said to be martyrs unless it is war,” MUI head Umar Shihab told

“I think it’s not right. We are not at war. We are in peace and what they did, they killed Muslims.”


“They killed Muslims.” That’s what makes it wrong in his eyes. Not that they killed non-Muslims.

Following their executions on the prison island of Nusakambangan, the bodies of Amrozi and Mukhlas were welcomed amid frenzied scenes in their home village of Tenggulun in East Java.Some in the crowd wept and shouted, “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great) at the sight of three vultures over the village as the helicopter bearing the bodies landed in a nearby field.

“This is God’s grace,” one member of the crowd shouted. “The mujaheddin (holy warriors) will fight on!”

Heavily armed paramilitary police could not control the 500-strong crowd that surged around the ambulances carrying the bodies from the helicopter.

Clashes broke out and the police were driven off the road amid shouts of “Jihad!” and “Get out!”

Abuse was hurled at foreign journalists, who were prevented from filming proceedings, and at police who formed a protective barrier along either side of the road before being overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers.

The bodies of Amrozi and Mukhlas were delivered to the village mosque for prayers, before being carried through a crowd of about 1000 onlookers – some having climbed trees to get a better view – to an Islamic boarding school founded by another of the bombers’ siblings, Djafar Soddiq.

They were accompanied by Abu Bakar Bashir, the divisive preacher whose message of hate helped set the terrorists on their deadly campaign against the West.

The bodies of the two bombers, wrapped in shrouds, were later carried to two graves side by side in a specially cleared plot of land.

The site, which will become a shrine, features signs reading “Grave of the Islamic fighters, Amrozi and Mukhlas”.


Ibrahim Hooper is no doubt firing off a strongly-worded letter to the people responsible for this, telling them that there was nothing Islamic about what Amrozi and Mukhlas did. Aren’t you, Ibrahim?

There were similar chaotic scenes in the west Java town of Serang as Samudra’s body was paraded to a graveyard, shrouded in a black cloth bearing a Koranic inscription in Arabic. “There’ll probably be retaliation,” said Ganna, 26, who had travelled 90km from Jakarta to show his support. “What is clear is that no drop of Muslim blood is free. It has consequences.”Samudra’s family handed out copies of what they claim was his final will, whichurged supporters to continue to carry out attacks against non-Muslims.

The three bombers were executed by firing squads shortly after midnight. Each was blindfolded and tied to a stake in a clearing and executed simultaneously. Given the option of standing, sitting or kneeling as the 12-member squads took aim, they chose to sit.

The trio reportedly shouted out “Allahu Akbar” as they were taken to their deaths….

Smiling assassin died ‘pale and afraid’

Published by Streem — Nov 10, 2008 11:24am 
Updated Nov 10, 2008 2:04pm AEST

A former Catholic School Priest is likely to face more charges of sexual assault during his time at a prestigious school.


One of the three Bali bombers died a pale, afraid and cowardly figure as he faced the firing squad during his execution at the weekend in Indonesia.

Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra were all executed by firing squad at midnight yesterday, six years after the terrorist bombings which killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

Indonesia is on high-alert for reprisal attacks against westerners and other interests just 24-hours after the executions of the three Bali bombers.

Reports say Amrozi, once dubbed the smiling assassin, looked “pale and afraid” as he faced his death.

Indonesia and the island of Bali are now on high-alert against potential reprisal attacks.

Hundreds of supporters gathered yesterday for the funerals of the bombers – a clear sign they maintain extremist support on the island and around Indonesia.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says the Government has credible information to suggest a potential terrorist attack and has warned travelers to reconsider.

“We continue to have credible information that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia,” he sad.

Mr Smith also asked school leavers to reconsider plans to celebrate Schoolies on the island due to the recent executions.

Indonesian authorities said they had already received fake bomb threats in shopping malls and Embassies

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    “Ameer Ali, said members of the Australian Government were hypocrites for not protesting against the execution.

    “What have we achieved by executing these people?” Dr Ali said.

    “We have just made it easier for them to execute the Bali Nine. Australia should have taken the opportunity to try to put an end to this barbaric penalty known as capital punishment.”

    Oh, I forgot. Mass murders are the same as drug smugglers.
    What a disingenuous comment!

    Keelty also has a lot to answer for.

  2. Firstly Ameer Ali is an islamist scumbag who claims Australia is a muslim country which it is NOT and NEVER WILL BE. Ali should be deported immediately. However I agree with Gramfan…the islamist scum that run Indonesia will use the execution of these three cowards as grounds to execute non-indonesians. And I predect that many non-indonesians will now be freamed and set-up by these corrupt islamic scum. I also hold Keelty the Kelpy partially resonsible. To muslims who are trying to force their backwards beliefs onto the rest of us – leave now or die.

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