A former Catholic School Priest is likely to face more charges of sexual assault during his time at a prestigious school.


One of the three Bali bombers died a pale, afraid and cowardly figure as he faced the firing squad during his execution at the weekend in Indonesia.

Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra were all executed by firing squad at midnight yesterday, six years after the terrorist bombings which killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

Indonesia is on high-alert for reprisal attacks against westerners and other interests just 24-hours after the executions of the three Bali bombers.

Reports say Amrozi, once dubbed the smiling assassin, looked “pale and afraid” as he faced his death.

Indonesia and the island of Bali are now on high-alert against potential reprisal attacks.

Hundreds of supporters gathered yesterday for the funerals of the bombers – a clear sign they maintain extremist support on the island and around Indonesia.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says the Government has credible information to suggest a potential terrorist attack and has warned travelers to reconsider.

“We continue to have credible information that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia,” he sad.

Mr Smith also asked school leavers to reconsider plans to celebrate Schoolies on the island due to the recent executions.

Indonesian authorities said they had already received fake bomb threats in shopping malls and Embassies