Iran: "Death to America, Death to the Jews.."

Iranians Celebrate Anniversary of Embassy Siege:

Al BeBeeCeera

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* The Embassy siege was an act of war and the hostage taking of embassy personell for 444 days remains the ultimate failure of Peanut Carter to deal effectively with the mullahs. An Obama administration will be worse, far worse!

Iran marks US embassy takeover

Iranian school girls burn an effigy of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice outside the former US embassy, Tehran (3 November, 2008)   

School girls demonstrate outside the former US embassy in Tehran

Demonstrations have been held in Iran to mark the 29th anniversary of the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran.

The Islamic revolution in 1979 took over from the US backed regime of the Shah and installed the clerical rule of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Students stormed the US Embassy on 4 November 1979 taking 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.

The hostages were released in 1981 and relations between Washington and Tehran have never recovered.

The old US embassy compound is now used by the Revolutionary Guards and the walls are plastered with anti-American slogans.

BBC Tehran correspondent Jon Leyne says demonstrators made use of the traditional chant of “death to Israel, death to America”, but on a wet morning in Tehran, school children and students helped make up the numbers and only a few people seemed to be listening to the speeches.

“The evil power of Israel is waning” said one speaker, others launched long tirades against the power of the American government.

US Election

The anniversary comes as Iranians, like the rest of the world, await the result of the US election with high anticipation.

Our correspondent says that despite the rhetoric many, probably most Iranians long for a reconciliation with the United States.

Some demonstrators expressed a hope that it might become possible if Barack Obama becomes the next US President, he said.

Jon Leyne says that even President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is hoping for a diplomatic breakthrough, although there is no sign he is willing to make any of the compromises that would make that possible. 

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  1. The Iranians were the most unreligious Muslims in the Muslim world before the Ayahtolahs took power.
    Had many a fine glass of wine there. Went to a trade show in Tehran in 1974, the biggest stand was Israeli.

  2. Wow Chiccio, just a few years after me. We used to drive up to the Caspian sea and get loaded with vodka and caviar and drive back to Teheran like hell!

    But no, I disagree with with you on the religious part. Perhaps the elite in Teheran, but outside in the provinces it was always bad. But the shah kept it in check. In Mashad we couldn’t get a hotel room because we were kuffar…

  3. And now what have these ignorant Islamists got to celebrate, some kind of jerkoff seizure of the U.S. embassy 29 years ago. Well Whoopydoo!

  4. * In Mashad we couldn’t get a hotel room because we were kuffar…

    What, they weren’t into “diversity” and “social inclusion”? Send in Laurie Ferguson (or
    Massey Ferguson & bulldoze the place).

  5. Sheik, you still have your head attached, but watch out if you refused their “offer” … you might
    end up as a “reporter” for al-Guardian, or worse.

  6. My favorite rioting mooselimb photos are those who fire their guns in the air not aware those bullets fall back to Earth and kill fellow rioters.

  7. For all of you Canuck-bashers – do you remember who risked their lives to smuggle half the US embassy staff out of Teheran right under the nose of the ayatolah? And do you know that Canadians have, percentage wise, taken more casualties in Afghanistan than any other NATO country, the US included? Come on Americans, get your snouts out of the hind quarters of your saudi masters and recognize who your true allies are!

    Rich: while I heartily agree with your assessment of the intellegence of the sons of the desert (IQ = shoe size), spent airborne bullets falling to earth actually do no more harm than heavy hailstones, as at the end of their upward trajectory they come to a complete stop, and only then begin to accelerate from the force of gravity at the rate of 32 feet per second/per second on their downward journey.

  8. “Death to America Day” is PATHETIC. why don’t they do something a little more creative…like Every Hate America Week? that Embassy takeover was indeed an act of war. Never forget.

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