Italy: Unemployed Moroccan pours boiling oil over savagely beaten wife

* Just ‘cultural differences’- nothing to do with Islam, of course! Neither has the fact that there are women being kept chained up in their homes and girls as young as four or five being forced to wear the Islamic veil all year round anything to do with Islam. What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

Italy: Moroccan arrested in Florence for beating wife and daughter

Florence, 24 Nov. (AKI) – A 28-year-old Moroccan was arrested in the central Italian city of Florence on Monday for abusing his wife and young daughter. He is alleged to have poured boiling oil and stubbed out cigarettes on his wife and having beaten her and their young daughter. 
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The man’s 25-year-old wife reported the man to the police last week after a particularly savage beating. The man is also alleged to have refused to send the child to school in case the teachers noticed bruises on her body.

She claims she was forced to marry him at the age of 20 and told police that her husband had stubbed out cigarettes on her arms and legs and on one occasion threw a pan of boiling oil over her, causing burns.

The man had no regular job, drank, and had become increasingly violent, his wife told police.

Italy’s Association of Moroccan Women has repeatedly denounced domestic violence against Muslim women in Italy.

The association’s president, Souad Sbai, earlier this year claimed there were women being kept chained up in their homes and girls as young as four or five being forced to wear the Islamic veil all year round.

“The problem of violence towards women in Italy is dire. Although many seek to hide it, violence towards women is growing at an alarming rate,” Sbai said ahead of a march in the Italian capital Rome last November to protest male violence.

The Rome march was attended by thousands of women and 400 women’s associations from across Italy.

Sbai, who is now an MP for the ruling conservative People of Freedom party, has urged specific policies to protect women’s rights.

The average age of the female victims is falling, according to the Italian official statistics agency ISTAT. 

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  1. Sheik,i don’t bother with the violence between muzz,i’m totaly without emotion…even i can say,i’m HAPPY !

  2. These sick bastards need to be locked up for life.
    I am so sick of these people. The Morrocon youth are causing so much problems in the Netherlands to.
    The West should get to-gether, any men who causes problems send them back immidiately and a stamp of not being allowed to return.
    I wonder what would happen if we were invading Muslim countries.

  3. It is the few and isolated acts of severely disturbed husbands or others that are used to degrade and disgrace an entire people, today this being very common and deliberately done to demonize Muslims and Islam. I discovered lately my own grandson that had spent a short time in Qutar believes Muslims have a charished custom of throwing boiling oil on their wives. I explaind this would certainly be reported more often were it a cherished custome.

    I became so frustrated with fellow Christians who literally fawn over such deceit, that I downloaded two Qur’an software and began with help from legitimate Muslim and Cleric to debunk slanderous lies being spread, finding Qur’an verse with historic/custom and full-context that proved many myths and slander as complete foolishness.

    Among all people on earth there will be found those evil in thought and deed, most that I have found recently reside in top levels of the US government, not that Corp-CEO’s are far behind. About Americas ‘Foreign Policy’, it is enough deliberate evil that no one need search beyond this nation, should their desire be to eliminate the most immediate and perhaps greatest evil’s in the world.

  4. I think your grandson is wrong about the “charished” custom of
    throwing boiling oil on their wives. More likely to be acid.

    Search acid face muslim


    There is a lot of info about muslim men who have thrown acid in the
    … acid is thrown in to the face of the woman for not wearing Vail. …

    Shahnaz – who was 21 years old – had been punished by having
    acid thrown in her face. Her crime was to be a Muslim woman who
    wanted to be treated as equal …

    Samia of Mandi Bahauddin Gang Raped, Thrown on Road with
    Acid Face ..

    Acid Attack On A Surabaya Woman – The Muslim Woman

    ALIPAC Forums-viewtopic-Muslim Acid Attacks Women’s Faces

    JWT’s Eye-Popping Campaign Against Acid Attacks on Muslim
    Girls …

    MY ACID TERROR – News – The Asian News

    Acid attack on two teenage muslim girls wearing short skirts …

    I could do this all night – only about 38,650 to go.

    I think you will find that islam is demonic, not “demonized”.

    It is doomed.

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