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Vatican: Muslims ‘satisfied’ with interfaith talks

“Muslims and Christians believe in the same God and share the same tradition of prophets from Abraham to Jesus, but we also share the same fundamental values of religious freedom, and respect for the physical and intellectual dignity of the individual…”

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI has told Muslim clergy and scholars that Christians and Muslims must overcome their misunderstandings. He is also urging freedom of worship for non-Muslims in the Islamic world.

Muslim converts to Christianity ask religious experts at Vatican meeting for religious freedom




Rome (AsiaNews) – A group of 144 Christians, including 77 Muslims who converted to Christianity, have launched an appeal to Muslim and Catholics scholars who are currently meeting in the Vatican not to forget Christian minorities and new Christian converts living in Islamic countries. The petitioners, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestants from North Africa and the Middle Eat, want the meeting in the Vatican to agree to the following points:

1.      that Islamic law does not apply to non-Muslims;

2.      that dhimmi (or second class) status be abolished;

3.      that the right to change religion be recognised as a fundamental right.

Muslim gangs have created no-go areas for warders in a British jail

Guards claim the Islamic mobs are “a law unto themselves”. Governor Steve Rodford is pandering to political correctness: “There are no-go sections policed by Muslim inmates…”

Just to crack you up:

“Bigger than Jesus”

Andrew Bolt – 

Oprah on Obama’s win:

“THIS is the most meaningful thing that has ever happened.”

US Treasury submits to Shariah

“The US Treasury Department is submitting to Shariah – the seditious religio-political-legal code authoritative Islam seeks to impose worldwide under a global theocracy.”

Frank Gaffney warns against the latest threatening development in the creeping Islamisation of western civilisation.

Washington Times, 4 November 2008

Iran’s degree of stupidity

And these geniuses run a theocracy that’s close to building an atomic bomb:

IRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suffered a humiliating and politically damaging setback yesterday when his Interior Minister, Ali Kordan, was impeached for deception after he confessed to holding a forged law degree from Oxford University


London Al-Qaeda bomb plotters cost taxpayers 5 million dollars

I owe you one, infidels.

Man who planned “black day” of terror, and who had “direct links” with Bin Laden, far from getting “justice,” gets mega-jizya bucks for protection. (strange that the EU couldn’t find any spare change to protect Ayaan Ali Hirsi…/ed)

“Lawyers for London Al Qaeda bomb plot gang cost taxpayer £5 million,” by Shekhar Bhatia for the Daily Mail, November 4:

Lawyers defending a terror gang cost the taxpayer £5 million in legal aid, it was revealed today. 

Ringleader Dhiren Barot intended to murder thousands by detonating bombs on the Heathrow Express, under the Thames and in US buildings including the New York Stock Exchange.

He admitted conspiracy to murder and was jailed at Woolwich crown court with seven members of his gang in November 2006.

But he and his gang’s case cost millions after Barot waited almost two years before he finally entered a guilty plea – knowing he faced an 80-year sentence if he denied his role and was found guilty.

The Court of Appeal later decided to reduce his minimum tariff from 40 to 30 years.

That process alone is likely to have added tens of thousands of pounds to the cost to the taxpayer.

Among those who profited from the case was Barot’s solicitor, Mudassar Arani, who has already earned thousands of pounds more in legal aid from other terror cases including that of the jailed extremist cleric Abu Hamza.

Other lawyers who would have received legal aid payments were Ian Macdonald QC and barrister Ali Bajwa, who represented Barot when he appealed against his sentence.[…]

Barot, from Kingsbury, planned a ‘black day’ of terror in a series of co-ordinated bombings with the help of a gang of seven men each recruited for their expertise in various aspects of the plot.

He wrote: ‘Imagine the chaos that would be caused if a powerful explosion was to rip through London and actually rupture the river itself.’

Barot was described as the most high-profile terror leader ever captured in Britain, with direct links to Osama bin Laden.


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  1. * “Muslims and Christians believe in the same God …”

    “Allah” has no son – God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son … Jesus

    * Muslim gangs have created no-go areas for warders in a British jail

    There aren’t any No Go zones in Britain – it is insensitive and divisive to claim otherwise (g)

    * £5 million in legal aid

    Nice little earner!

  2. Obamania has replaced Islamania as the most revolting, insane and self centered phenomenon in recent history, possibly ever. Seldom has so much been made about a person so little. One would think Earth scored a victory with his brilliant military acumen over an alien planet trying to take it over the way these lunatics are reacting with their orgasmic swooning. I think I want to go to sleep now-wake me up in about 20 years so that I may miss this mass insanity. Hopefully I won’t awaken to smoldering ruins that this madness is bound to lead to sooner or later.

  3. Now that Obama is in… slick slogans of Hope and Change won’t cut it… result are now going to be demanded from even his own most fanatic supporters. I can smell the disillusionment all ready forming, after all some of the Obama sheeple expect their mortgages and gasoline to be paid for automatically. Their Hopes are to high and the Changes they demanding to much.

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