Mumbai: its worse than we thought!

Andrew Bolt:

Police brought some hostages out of the Oberoi late Thursday night. However, the Indian state department said that at least four Australians and one Japanese national were killed.

I cannot verify that report. And:

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the Government was also working to confirm the possibility thatat least 26 Australians were being held hostage.

I fear that the Indian police and army, in conducting operations against hostage takers, are less discriminate than you’d expect in other countries.


A round-up of intelligence sources shows no one really knows yet who is behind this, but suspicions are building:

The attack on India’s financial capital bears all the trademarks of al-Qaida — simultaneous assaults meant to kill scores of Westerners in iconic buildings — but clues so far point to homegrown Indian terrorists, global intelligence officials said Thursday.


AT least one other Australian is thought to have been killed in the violence in India, the Federal Government said.

The Muslim Brotherhood blames the Jooozzzz!

“… It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries…”
*  Amaresh Misra from the Ikhwan then tells us in an ironic twist that Muslims are too dumb to plan such a sophisticated attack,  and that only the Mossad could do something like that…
This kind of Muhammedan propaganda finds buyers in the strangest places:

Australian prof: Hindus responsible for Mumbai attacks

* History of Jihad vs India

* F*kcwits in ivory towers:

More lunacy re the Mumbai jihad attacks — this time from the Muslim Victimology Department. Marika Vicziany is a Professor of South Asian Studies at Monash University in Victoria, Australia. She isn’t saying that the Hindus mounted the attacks, but that they’re revenge attacks for Hindu mistreatment of Muslims.

“Australian killed in Mumbai terror attacks,” from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,

4 thoughts on “Mumbai: its worse than we thought!”

  1. The spin: revenge attacks for Hindu mistreatment of Muslims.

    The place: Monash University

    The book: Islamic Terrorism in Indonesia: Myths and Realities

    by Marika Vicziany (Editor), David Wright-Neville (Editor)

    yawn…. too early in the morning

  2. It would certainly reduce skepticism if the deaths of Jews were reported. Otherwise it would be anomalous that Muslim attackers are said by the media to have specifically targeted Jews, but only Australians, Japanese, and Indians were killed.

    The media should be sharply reprimanded for playing into the hands of Muslim extremists by failing to report the deaths of Jews in these attacks. The martyred Jews should be identified by name and photograph, and their families interviewed (with sensitivity) so that there is no question that they are authentic victims.

    With the harsh light of publicity, the slanderous accusations of these Muslim extremists can be demolished.

  3. I agree with you implicaverse, but isn’t there something horribly wrong with this world when we’re looking for dead victims to convince others of the truth?

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