Our "Friends", the Slick Little Predators of Pakistan

Pakistan: You Know Those Predator Strikes we Hate so Much? Give ’em to us  and We’ll use ’em on you…..

Zardari seeks Predator technology from US

Pakistan, a failed nation based on Islam and nothing but Islam, is and always will be, an economic basket case depending on handouts. Pakistan has no economic foundation to support it, no language, culture, traditions, art  or people that would distinguish it as a nation. But The Islamic extortion racket known as the jiziyah, huge tribute payments by unsuspecting infidels, supports and rewards the festering ignorance, illiteracy  and stupidity  Islam breeds.  These tribute payments have kept Pakistan going. The mustachioed Generals of this Islamic jihad-cesspool are encouraged by the stupidity of infidel nation states, most of all the U.S., to keep the absurdity of their existence alive.

At present America and other infidel nation states are showering Pakistan with billions and billions of dollars, which inevitably disappear in the usual black holes. This is just the latest installment in a long line of failures to understand what makes Pakistan tick. Chutzpah takes on another dimension when dealing with Muslims: 

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 *  ‘‘The tree of Islam was irrigated with the blood of martyrs” 
WASHINGTON, Nov 16: President Asif Ali Zardari has voiced the hope that President-elect Barack Obama’s administration in the US will recognise Islamabad’s key anti-terror role and understand the fact that Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism. (Muslims are always ‘victims’ and will never take responsibility for their crimes/ed)

“We think we need a new dialogue and we’re hoping that the new (US) government will… understand that Pakistan has done more than they recognise” and it was a victim of the same insurgency the United States was fighting, he said in an interview with the Washington Post published on Sunday.

President Zardari expressed his disapproval of US drone attacks on Pakistani areas along the Afghan border and urged Washington to instead provide the Predator technology to Pakistan to enhance its ability to fight terrorism.

Rather than using Predator to fire missiles against Pakistani territory, why not give Pakistan its own Predators? “Give them to us… we are your allies,” he said.

He said such unilateral strikes harmed efforts to win hearts and minds of the people. The US should equip Pakistan with advanced weapons to help its forces fight terrorists more effectively.

President Zardari said Pakistan received “no prior notice” of the air strikes and he disapproved of them.

“If the casualties are women and children, the sensitivity of its effect increases,” he said. (Islamic terroists usually hide behind women & children which makes them what… exactly?/ed)

He said the US “point of view” was that the attacks were good for everybody, while “our point of view is that it is not good for our position of winning the hearts and minds of people”.—APP

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  1. Isn’t this the case of “We don’t know how to tell the Taliban to shoot them down, but hang we’ll find out”?

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