Poll Results: Muhammad "Messenger of Satan"

19 % believe he was a Messenger of God (alright, make it “Allah”)

41 % believe he was the Messenger of Satan

40 % don’t believe he was a Messenger at all

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Alright; here it is:

What is the real percentage of Islamic radicals, as opposed to “moderates?”

15 to 25 %

35 to 50 %

60 to 85 %

There are no “moderates” at all

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  1. BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Assailants hurled explosives at vendors protesting a rent increase by new managers of a government-owned market in Thailand’s capital early Thursday, wounding 13 people, police said.

    Hundreds of vendors who operate stalls at the outdoor Klong Toey market in Bangkok have been staging a protest since Wednesday against Legal Professional Co. Ltd., the facility’s new privately contracted management company.

    The company denied involvement in the attack.

    The blast occurred at about 1 a.m. when some protesters were sleeping in makeshift tents and others had gathered outside, police Col. Sutip Palitkusontap said.

    Two of the injured protesters were in serious condition, said Surachet Sathitniramai at the Narenthorn Medical Center.

    Two men were seen dropping a plastic bag from an overpass bridge onto the protest site before the blast occurred, Sutip said, citing witnesses.

    There was no claim of responsibility and no indication that the blast was related to Thailand’s ongoing political strife. Protesters have been camping out for months at the Thai prime minister’s office in hopes of forcing the government to resign.


    Suggestion for poll

    When you see a report of a blast, what is your first thought

    Its a faulty gas canister

    Its a disgruntled pensionist

    Its a muslim

  2. I almost voted that Mo was no messenger (he sounded like a guy full of delusions from spending too much time in that hot sun) but I went with Satan’s errand boy because everything Islamania is totally opposite of everything that most people deem as common sense. Therefore, if it’s that diametrically opposed to all most people favor (like peace and true tolerance and common sense) then it must be a product of Satan.

  3. Suggestion for a poll:

    Israel (with or without the USA) should:

    Pre-emptively strike Iran NOW, before Iran attacks Israel

    Attack Iran ONLY if Iran attacks Israel first

    Let the United Nations try to resolve Israel and Iran’s differences

    Give in to Iranian demands

    My own personal view: Israel should attack Iran NOW with everything they’ve got, (with or without the USA).

  4. Pre-emptively strike Iran NOW, before Iran attacks Israel.

    War is a cold-blooded game with no place for moralizing and hesitation, not for victors at any rate. Be coherent and single-minded; smother the weakness of humanism, and weaken the enemy by inducing him to act according to moral rules while you disregard them as fiction, inapplicable in crises. Israel has yet to accept and adopt the truth of warfare to prevail in the Middle East conflict. Right now Israel rolls down the dangerous road, hysterically imposing unrealizable political objectives on a strong army.

    There is no way to end the Middle East conflict except to gain the enemy’s respect.

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