Puff Ho Lefties Blame America, Republicans and Sarah Palin for Rape and Execution in Somalia

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Somali Teen Executed For Adultery Had Been Raped

If many of you have not heard, there was a horrific story in the news where a
13-Year-Old rape victim was stoned to death in Somalia for adultery.
Any sane person would have understood that this event clearly demonstrates Western cultural superiority when compared to Islamic societies. It would also prove why radical Islam needs to be stopped. Well, as usual, the Leftists on the Huffington Post decided to blame America, Sarah Palin and Republicans for the horrific event.

The saddest aspect of the comments on The Huffington Post is that these people are clearly are well-educated. Nevertheless, it is just another example of how college indoctrination makes people dumber. Here are the responses to the rape and execution of the Somali girl in Somalia:

This is exactly what would happen in the United States if the religious-right were to take over.

Since Palin has the same aggressive stance for the consequences for being raped i.e. it’s the woman’s fault no matter what, can one then deduce that Palin has a TERROIST mindset? Only asking.

Just think, if Sarah Palin had been her governor, she would have had to pay for the rocks!

Somehow, I think US fundamentalists like Palin would think this was the appropriate punishment for a rape victim. If she could have had the rape victims in Wasilla stoned, I am sure she would have supported it, especially if Pastor Muthee had told her they were witches.

People without hope, clinging to their guns and religion.

When I saw the headline I thought it was about Wasilla, Alaska. This is the sort of insanity religious nutcases like Palin bring on.

My thoughts exactly. And if Palin had been this girl’s governor, she would have made her pay for the rocks!

I didn’t even know Focus On The Family had a chapter in Somalia!

It’s only a small exaggeration to say that Somalia is the kind of nation that the right-wingnuts would create if they took power. Totally unregulated, with religious fanatics in charge of kangaroo courts, witch hunts and a Bible-based science curriculum.

In Somalia we are being allowed to glimpse the world’s future. As our environment degrades due to the consequences of overpopulation there will be mass starvation even in those countries that currently are the wealthiest. Throw in a few pandemics, add a little nuclear war, and the entire world will fall into chaos.

This is beyond disgusting.

Whether by stoning, hanging, electrocution or lethal injection, the death penalty is wrong, barbaric and inhuman. 38 US states still have and in many cases use the death penalty. This is also a human rights issue that demands immediate attention and deserves our disgust too.

This is the kind of religious thuggery that would happen here if the Christian Right even gets a Theocracy government.

The Right Wing is exterminating Humanity

Look in the mirror, USA.

By stoning. Didn’t you read? All the same, it oughta to encourage more votes for Obama, as McSame and his cronies, Bush/Chainknee are the ones who foisted the horrific situation in Somalia.

How far are we from this, with all the savages who wish to criminalize abortion? The American Taliban is sitting in pews next to you and me. Many of us believe there will be major splits in denominations across the nation for many years to come…..CFF

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11 thoughts on “Puff Ho Lefties Blame America, Republicans and Sarah Palin for Rape and Execution in Somalia”

  1. “Grate edjumication” must bring out the looniness of these deranged posters. It’s beyond belief.

  2. What a disgusting article and from such a twisted mind. Glad on this day that I do not live in the USA a country where I have lived and have loved. God help America and God Bless America. This person should take a look at the Anti Mullah blog and really learn about islamic barbarity but be warned, some of the videos are horrific, but with loonies like this, western societies will be under the same tyranny if we don’t all wake up..

  3. Do we have a death penalty whiner? I love the death penalty. One thing’s for certain; they won’t do THAT again.
    Could this wacko be one of the thousands of birdbrains who stood outside the prison the night Tookie Williams was executed holding a candle vigile?
    Somewhere out in California land is an orphan, his mother being shot point-blank in the face by one “Tookie”, who also murdered three others in cold blood.
    No idiot; the criminals are NOT the victims.

  4. Although off topic I will tell you Rich that I absolutely hate the Death penalty. The Somali lass was murdered because of the death penalty. The islamists use it to force people to accept their poisonous religion, the Singaporean government uses it to keep a population subserviant, Malaysia for the same reason. China uses it to kill people who argue against their system whilst at the same time making a profit on the human organ trade, African countries use it to stifle political opposition, and Texas uses it to promote prosecutors careers. Rich, I find the DP morally indefensible because mistakes happen – because prosecutors can be criminal as well – because it is so easy to frame someone for a crime they did not commit especially if the investigation is poorly done (this seems to a hallmark of many Chinese and Texan cases – in one well documented case in China a farmer was executed for the murder of a neighbour on hearsay – the neighbour reappeared some months later and she was not a ghost – she had been visiting relatives in another part of the country. however the farmer, Rich, was unable to get back from where he had been sent to. There is another similar story from the US where a man was saved from execution when the new defense team accidentally found evidence which clearly showed the original prosecution team doctoring the evidence to get a conviction. In my mind this is murder but the original prosectution team were never punished.).
    Do some serious study on this – the DP is a monstrosity that does not work. If you want to protect the public from a criminal then lock the criminal up – it is cheaper than executing them – and it is equally as effective. And we now have Iran who want to add changing religions to the list of crimes punishable by execution. I am all for terminating Islamic terrorists, but I see this as a military option. I will not have the DP in the civilian legal systems. And for scum like the muslimah who won 43K for having her burka removed to show her revolting face — I would simply throw her and the lawyers that fought for her bs case out of the country.
    If you execute in civil law then you just add to the list of innocent victims (ie relatives etc) and the possibility clearly exits that you have murdered the wrong person and that tomorrow another violent ctrime will be committed.

  5. don’t forget it was the religious wingnuts in the US that blamed lesbians for the 9/11 attacks…

    get the drift ?

  6. Well educated people blogging the Huffington! You can have all the academic qualifications you want, but still be intellectually disabled. These poor leftover punks are delusional.

  7. atheist Says:
    November 6th, 2008 at 5:37 am

    “don’t forget it was the religious wingnuts in the US that blamed lesbians for the 9/11 attacks…

    get the drift ?”

    If you had a single ounce of comprehension in that brain, you would understand…

    Those who linked moral disparity with 9/11 attacks were referring to the concept that God protects the upright, when a nation sinks into wickedness, His hand of protection is lifted in ways where our enemies find easy inroads to attack.

    Then again I wouldn’t expect atheists to understand such a simple concept as this.

  8. uhhh now I get it..

    is that why we haven’t caught Bin Laden yet .? god is protecting him ….

    now it all makes sense. …. /sarc

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