3 thoughts on “The Obaminator rules!”

  1. When I end up in one of Comrade Barack’s ReEducation And Correction Training camps (after trying to shoot-it-out with the Obama Guards with my water pistol), I’ll implicate everyone and say it was all a right-wing Aussie Zionist Plot to subvert the New Order!

  2. Yes, the Obamanauts are quite keen to “rule.” Can’t let the people rule themselves; that’s so, that’s so–so un-collectivist; downright mean and bitter, can’t have that!

  3. What we need to do is when/if they bring back the fairness doctrine we need to make sure that the alphabet soup channels, PBS, etc ALL start having conservatives, moderates, etc on their channels too. This is ridiculous that conservatives just whine and slither around like defeated jerks. We need to make sure they ENFORCE the doctrine and HAVE ALL SIDES COVERED!

    PBS has had its way with bashing Christianity (I won’t get into the channels such as the History Channel, etc all putting in jabs about Christians too – while letting muslim slaughters, subjugation, slavery, etc all get a pass!).

    START USING THE LAWS AS THEY USDE THEM AGAINST US AND USE THEIR LAWS AGAINST THEM! Start wising up and ‘be like a muslim’! gag, puke, choke, gag – ok that last was hard to get out – but what I am getting at is that we should be able to take the fairness doctrine and use it to our own advantage.

    One more example besides the news channels are their websites that are just ghastly as far as left wing idiots getting away with bashing us – the fairness doctrine should be used against them just like they think they will use it against us.

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