UK: Muslim Rape Spree Against Infidel Women Continues

* because the greatest crime in Gordon Browns pig sty is to be accused of being a ‘racist Islamophobe’- which brings the PC-police out in full force...


Recently a BBC announcer was sacked/fired for requesting a “non Asian taxi driver”to transport her young unaccompanied 14 year old daughter. (Out of concern for her daughter’s fears/mental well being & safety) 

Of course, the “racist” club was trotted out by the mainstream media and others to verbally bludgeon Sam Mason for having the audacity to demand an “English driver”. But was Sam Mason really exposing her racism or was she reacting, as any mother would, to the facts that there is a ongoing epidemic of muslim taxi driver rapes in the UK? (Note: the media prefers the more vague term “Asian”) 

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Not surprising – the mainstream media, is aiding and abetting these rapes, by refusing to “connect the dots” and report on the clear evidence: The growing numbers of predatory muslim taxi drivers (some posing as taxi drivers)raping British girls and women.

Here are some - but far from all - examples of muslim taxi driver rapists: 

Abul Malik. 29.  raped 19 yr. old female student – he was angry she didn’t have all the fare money – Oct 2008

Salam Rahman, 27, and his friend, 26-year-old Mohammed Elahi – along with two other men - gang raped two woman – a newlywed and a city worker – Aug 2002 (Police said after the case that they feared these were not isolated cases and appealed for any woman who may have suffered a similar attack to come forward.)

Assadullah Razaq, 31, raped 28 yr. old secretary – Mar 2003

Mohanid Al obaydi, raped 22 yr old woman (was found guilty), Apr 2005

Ghulam Haider, 49, brutally raped 16 yr old gir,l Aug 2006

Murtaza Mateen, aged 47, lured 42 year old woman into his taxi & raped her, Jan 2007

Shahjahan Islam, 27, linked by DNA to attempted rape of lone young woman, Nov 2008

Rami Kayyali, 26, found guilty of raping young woman, Nov 2008

Asian - bogus taxi driver, in his mid-20s, wanted for attempted rape of 18 yr. old girl, Mar 2008 

Asian male, aged in his late 20s or early 30s, wanted for brutal rape of 24 yr old woman, Aug 2008

Asian “taxi driver”, in his 40s, sought in rape of teenager, Nov 2008

Also disgustingly prevalent are examples of dhimmi members of the British police denying and intentionally obfuscating of the epidemic of muslim taxi drivers raping British women:

“Speaking after Kayyali’s conviction, Detective Sergeant Andy Willmott said: “Thankfully these types of crimes are very rare, but that makes it no less distressing for the young woman subjected to an attack by this man.”

“Detective Inspector Terry Sweeney, from Stockport CID, said: “This was a horrifying experience that no woman should ever have to go through. While we like to reassure women that incidents like this are relatively few and far between, nonetheless a woman has been raped and the man responsible is still at large. So women should be very careful when getting into taxis and make sure they are legitimate.”

Denial is bad but some other members of the law enforcement were crass & negligent enough to place a semi naked woman - who police believed had just been raped by a taxi driver -  back into a taxi ALONE rather than providing her with safe transportation home.

So can we really blame Sam Mason for being worried about her 14 year old daughter traveling alone with an “Asian” driven mini cab/taxi?  Was she being “racist” – or is she a realist?

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  1. If I was an Indian or Sri Lankan Hindu or a Chinese Buddhist or a Philippino Catholic or a Sinaporean living in UK I would be disgusted at the PC left wing ‘yuman rites act’ abomination spouting MSM for tying me up with such a euphemism to the criminal Muslim Scum in the UK.

  2. The lady sounds like a realist and should sue the taxi company for making her request something other than normal.

  3. I would recommend NOT visiting the UK anytime soon – or later. They are in full dhimmi mode and with that attitude – I know I am not safe and I hope maybe their tourist income would show if we start telling these dhimmi that we don’t want any part of it.

    Now, we have a lot of work to do here in the USA – it seems that our own government and businesses are selling out to the muslims too and that includes our media helping them along. Our media is a downright disgrace – they should be ashamed of themselves but are too stupid to realize that.

  4. This is pretty sick stuff…an abomination and I would not be surprised if we see an uptick in this type of barbarism under the Odinga clone, B. HUSSEIN Obama in America!

  5. I have requested female cab drivers here in Canada, but by law the cab companies cannot send a female by request they can only send the first driver available. The problem is the fact that most drivers are male and many of them from third world countries and many of them muslim. I decided to buy my own car to avoid the risk of being sexually assaulted by a stange man driving a “taxi”~ There are just too many real creepy men driving cabs these days.

  6. It is obscene that muslims immigrate to our European countries, go to our schools on tax payers dollars, live in houses paid for by tax payers and then have the freakin’ gall to spit in our faces because we will not acknowledge their abominable god “allah” who by the way is none other than an ancient sun god, this idol is not the God of the Bible as some would have you believe.

  7. Not only do the UK press refuse to acknowledge the danger to non muslim women from rape..they fire one of their own who does. This recently occured for just that reason..not hypothetically!

  8. All of this I notice began after the war started, I think freeing a people that wish to be freed from tyrany is a fine idea, but I do not believe it is so noble as our media and government would have us believe. I would expect the attacks are designed to divide us by race and faith – without discriminating against all middle eastern looking people slash muslims how can you distinguish a terrorist, because that’s what these attackers are, they aren’t isolated incidents! There may be a few co-incidences but it’s largely orchastrated to divide us.

    Religion controls through fear (major world religions mainly), and politics controls through manipulation – each lends itself to the other ultimately. But don’t forget corruption and the actions of the misguided are the driving force behind the guise of religion and politics. It is the innocent who suffer most severely. Order should not be forced upon us weither it is religious or political but it always has and always will be ans so long as we are able to think independantly there will always be conflict from outside and rebellion from within, but without that which make such cruelty and injustice possible we are no longer human, our existence is void enough of purpose (thus religion) without our feelings nullified and our thoughts policed.

    I might sound like a ranting loony here, but by now I think most intelligent people are aware that we are constantly manipulated, but I tell you there will come a time when not even the space between your ears is your own – they’ve already made discoveries, for example hooked up a brain to a computer and then had it display the consequences of thought before the action itself had time to occur – directly reading electrical impulses in our brains gives them as much time to react to our thoughts as we have ourselves near enough… It WILL happen, maybe not for another hundred, two hundred years – sooner, maybe later but it WILL happen. Behold the future world where nervous wrecks are dependent on pharmacuiticles just to function right… Piece by piece the foundations are being put in place, a little ammendment to the law here, a little policy passed there – by the time our future citizens are working their nine to nine shifts and taking their medication to keep them going they won’t have a clue it was ever different; some part of me welcomes that day, another part of me shudders.

    I feel for the victims in this endless mess.

  9. Great story! They should’ve sent John Worboys instead, at least he offers champagne! rape is rape regardless of race, religion.

    Its just as easy to narrow down rapists on headlines and just post links commited from either white, black or any other ethinic background. Also if you notice, most are commited by bogus drivers, not ones prebooked by the cab office.

    Ive read everyones reply to the story and it seems most of you all think the same and ignorance comes naturally, and some cases stupidness ahem “Donna”… honestly Allah swt a sun god? you realy knw alot.

  10. Jews believe in the one creator… Christians believe in the one creator… AND Muslims believe in the one creator… and they all mention the same biblionic characters in thier own bibles with similar sounding names but they are talking about the same characters.

    Please be a free thinker and let not media indoctrinate your mind. Do your research and look at the bigger picture and see whats realy happening in this world before you let web bloggers like this hate others for nowt.

  11. Sheikyerself,
    The problem is not that the three religions share similarities, it is that one (islam) is doing its utmost to destroy the other two. We do our research – and the bigger picture supports the above conclusion.

  12. Under the freedom of information act I obtained the following information regarding rape of women in oldham by both Asian men and white men. the question was between 1986 and 2010 how many rapes have there been on white women and children by Asian men…. aswer …………. 207

    How many rapes of asian women and children by white men…..
    answer ………….12

    population off asians in oldham is close to 27,ooo

    population of whites is 18o,000

    which means for whites to be raping equal to asians they whould have to rape not 12 but closer to 1400 so this clearly shows rape in oldham is an asian porblem of huge magnitude over the last 22 years. If you were to look at areas such as Bradford, leicester, rochdale and london ares of large asian populations you would find similar or worse statistics of asian raping of white women and children…. They complain of the BNP who do nothing criminal to them except talk about their criminality….. we of course cant talk about asian criminality of rapes, drugs, murders, benefit fraud, car insurance fraud, rioting, and race crimes which is what asians exceed in over all other ehnic groups all over the world…. in time britain will address this type of person and race accordingly.

  13. UKR realist,
    this statistic is common in all countries suffering from islamic infestation. Just keep speading information of this nature – we need to inform the public on the nature of the islamic thug that we will have to put down. Police ministers and officials have often been ordered to suppress these statistics – and those doing the ordering will have to answer for their crimes.

  14. A little web surfing about Muslims and rapes turns up not only rapes of European women by “refugees” but a pattern of Muslim men raping with impunity in countries with Muslim majorities. The victims of these rapes are frequently Christian minorities.

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