Afghanistan: update on the Giesbrecht Kidnapping

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The Taliban Kidnap One of Their Own

* This f*kcwit keeps costing Canadian taxpayers money: did anyone consider to pay the Taliban to keep her?

As the security situation in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province continues to deteriorate, the Taliban are threatening to take control of Peshawar, the provincial capital. As the Taliban grow bolder, they have begun to target foreigners of all stripes. Even one of their own.

* “I am not a “terrorist”, a fanatic or mentally off-balance…”

Today, two reporters, one from Newsweek, were shot in western Peshawar after they dodged a kidnapping attempt. Yesterday, the Taliban successfully kidnapped an Iranian consular official, in the same region. Two days prior, a U.S. aid worker and his driver were killed in another kidnapping attempt.

*  “Violent jihad is a natural response to Western decadence..” 

But the most curious kidnapping that occurred in Pakistan’s northwest has gone largely unreported. The Taliban kidnapped a Canadian journalist named Beverly Giesbrecht. CTV described Giesbrecht as “a Web magazine publisher in British Columbia who adopted the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar after converting to Islam after 9/11.”

* Chutzpah alert: Afghanistan’s Taliban have called on human rights groups to stop the Afghan government executing prisoners.

What magazine does Giesbrecht/Qahaar write for? None other than Jihad Unspun, a pro-al Qaeda, pro-Taliban, pro-jihadi rag that describes terrorists as “Mujahideen” and Western forces as “Occupiers.” Jihad Unspunroutinely posts translations of terrorist leaders.

Here’s how Giesbrecht/Qahaar “reflects” on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks (read the whole thing, it is much worse than this):


This year, the seventh anniversary of the attacks on America fall within this blessed month of Ramadan providing us with a special opportunity to give thought to our current condition. Since America unleashed its hellfire on Afghanistan following the 2001 attacks, Muslims around the world have been killed, injured, detained, humiliated and demonized in a ceaseless war that America has loosely termed a “war on terror” but that has no specific definition or end.


Giesbrecht/Qahaar recently joined the Taliban in the Mohmand so she could “eat breath and sleep with the Taliban in order to show the true face of those America’s calls ‘terrorists.'” She describes bombings in the region as follows:


Over the next nine days, there were many other bomb blasts including attacks at the main bus terminal that killed dozens. For the record, while the Taliban were quickly blamed, neither the attacks on the power grids nor the bus terminal were Taliban operations. The power grid blasts were part of an ongoing royalty dispute with local villagers and the bus attack appears to be the work of foreign forces as the Taliban do not attack civilian targets.


Of course, the Taliban never kill civilians.

So how does CTV describe Jihad Unspun to its readers? CTV clearly never went to the website. Instead they relied on a “friend” of Giesbrecht/Qahaar, who called it “an alternative source of news on the Islamic world.”

If alternative means pro-al Qaeda, then yes, that is correct. Shame on CTV for not telling its readers what kind of “publication” the kidnapped “journalist” runs.


Here’s another mental tosser, distorter of reality and great propagandist for Islam: the ex-nun Koran Armstrong who’s sanitized absurdities about Islam have gone mainstream and keep confusing, rather than educate, the unsuspecting public:

Karen Armstrong’s view on Islam via her book, “Islam: A Short History”….

Ever since the Crusades, the people of Western Christendom developed a stereotypical and distorted vision of Islam, which they regarded as the enemy of decent civilization….It was, for example, during the Crusades, when it was Christians who had instigated a series of brutal holy wars against the Muslim world, that Islam was described by the learned scholar-monks of Europe as an inherently violent and intolerant faith, which had only been able to establish itself by the sword. The myth of the supposed fanatical intolerance of Islam has become one of the received ideas of the West.

More on Armstrong here via a 2005 article by Robert Spencer….  this  bitch is seriously derailed:

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    Two men have appeared in court charged with murder after a Bournemouth University student was found stabbed to death in a garden.

    Luke Campbell, from Belper, Derbyshire, was found in the grounds of a house in Boscombe, Bournemouth, last Saturday.

    The 20-year-old had recently started a software systems degree.

    Larbi Mohamed, 20, and Saeed Alkadir, 21, both from London, appeared before Bournemouth magistrates on Saturday. They were remanded in custody.

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