"Aussie experts" head to Mumbai to develop anti-terror strategies

God help India! 

SYDNEY – A team of “safety and risk experts’ from the University of NSW is heading to Mumbai to help Indian academics develop strategies for dealing with threats of terrorism.

* Last time we checked “Global Worming” was the number one problem. Now, since that is resolved,  the University of NSW, a hotbed of scientific research, tackles terrorism. Sure thing, as long as its got nothing to do with Islam….

Hat tip: Islam Monitor

* India to take tips from Israel on tackling “terror”

Last week, militants staged a series of attacks on hotels and other sites across Mumbai, killing 188 people, including two Australians.

The team of experts could leave for India as soon as next week after the signing in Sydney on Thursday of a cooperation agreement between the UNSW and the University of Mumbai.

UNSW School of Risk and Safety Sciences head Paul Barach said the team’s initial visit to Mumbai would be used to gather the data they needed to understand external threats to the university’s many campuses and the city itself.

They will then develop strategies and training programs in cooperation with Indian researchers.

“They have a serious crisis on their hands and we can help them in their time of need to understand how to develop the skills to deal with threats of terrorism, injury and harm,” Professor Barach said.

The Sherriff of Mumbai, Dr Indu Shahani, was at the signing.

“It is overwhelming to see the positive response from young people,” he said.

“I am getting so many messages from my students saying they want to help out.

“This is the spirit that is going to fight terrorism.”

* More like a wild goose chase, really…

The UNSW School of Risk and Safety Sciences has expertise in strategic risk assessment of threats such as terrorism, climate change and toxic spills as well as the development of world-class systems to respond to “injurious” events from disasters, to road accidents and gun violence.