Breeding kids to be martyrs: Taliban grooms children for suicide attacks

You heard the one about the two Pali-females talking to each other, something like “gee, kids blow up fast these days…” Well, in case you thought it was a joke, you are wrong. 


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Journalist Sean Langan who recently escaped from captivity by the Taliban lived to tell the tale about one of his captors who proudly showed him a photo of his son on his cell phone, and another one where his young son is strapped with explosives and blows up a  Humvee. “I’m looking at him like, you’re a sociopath,” Langan said.

So here, once again, we see people proudly sacrificing their offspring for the moon god Al-Ilha and his pedophile apostle.  Just like the guys here got a 13 year old to push a wheelbarrow laden with explosives towards 3 British marines only to blow him up by remote control. Young lives wasted by murderous, bainwashed zombies…

* Come to think of it: if they want to be ‘martyrs’ then are we not doing them a favor to despatch them?

* Need education? Trust Muslims to educate your kids: UK Muslims: let us teach your kidz!

Taliban grooms children for suicide attacks

Feel the love. More on this story. “Taliban’s 12 Child Bombers — ‘Chain of Terror’ That Brought Child Killers,” by James Murray for the Daily Express, December 14 (thanks to JW):

TWELVE more children are being groomed to carry out suicide attacks against British forces in an escalation of the Taliban’s new dirty war.

As Gordon Brown, in Afghanistan yesterday, praised the bravery of three Royal Marines killed by a 13-year-old suicide bomber, we disclose that the attack is just the start of a concerted campaign to drive out British troops.

Intelligence sources say 12 Pakistani children are being groomed at a secret camp in the mountains where their controllers give them heroin as part of their brainwashing techniques.

The campaign is designed to sap morale and turn public opinion against the war. There are also concerns that some of the child bombers may be sent to Britain to attack civilian targets. The Sunday Express revealed last February that a 12-year-old Afghan boy smuggled into Britain told Scotland Yard he had been groomed to carry out attacks by the Taliban and was sent to England by his worried mother to avoid death. He is now studying at a comprehensive….



Brownnose visit to Afghanistan overshadowed by deaths of four marines

By Daily Mail Reporter/ Mail Online

Last updated at 5:47 PM on 13th December 2008



Gordon Brown’s surprise visit to Afghanistan was overshadowed by the deaths of four marines.

In a surprise visit to the main UK military base in southern Afghanistan, Mr Brown told troops that Britain was safer because of the work they are doing fighting the Taliban.

A 13-year-old suspected suicide bomber killed three Royal Marines south of the town of Sangin, while a fourth died in a separate explosion.

The youth approached a unit south of the Sangin area of Helmand province yesterday with a bomb which detonated, killing two soldiers from 45 Commando and one from Commando Logistics Regiment.

Gordon Brown

Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with British soldiers during a surprise visit to Camp Bastion, southern Afghanistan

Speaking to troops in Camp Bastion, Mr Brown said: “It is a terrible commentary on the Taliban that they should use a 13-year-old child to be a suicide bomber to kill some of our British troops.

“My thoughts are with the families of those who have died, with the friends of those who have died.

“These men will never be forgotten for what they have achieved on behalf of our country.



“We are safer in Britain, the people of Britain are safer because of what you do there, checking the Taliban, operating as the frontline against them, making sure that they can’t make advances, holding them in and holding al Qaida in as well.”

The Prime Minister met soldiers in the southern Helmand province in the frontline of the battle with the Taliban, who have this year switched their attack from close combat to more guerrilla-style tactics such as roadside bombs.

As Mr Brown flew in it was also revealed that reinforcements numbering ‘in the low hundreds’ will be sent to the country from a Cyprus-based stand-by contingent that have been called into action by commanders, a Government source said.


Gordon Brown

Mr Brown talks to soldiers from the Royal Gurkha Rifles at Roshan Tower


The boost in numbers from 8,100, completed over the last few weeks, is believed to be part of a shift of strategy towards providing a wider geographical security cover ahead of Afghan presidential elections due next autumn.

Mr Brown, wearing full body armour, was flown into the Roshan Tower post overlooking Musa Qala, where he was briefed by Lieutenant Colonel Chris Darby about recent successes in pushing back the Taliban and allowing life to return to some semblance of normality for the local people.

He then moved on by Sea King helicopter to the district centre itself, which last year was in the hands of the insurgents.

There he was briefed by British military chiefs and also met the local police commander, known only as Koka, and the acting governor, Said Agha, and several members of the local council.

Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister with British soldiers at Camp Bastion. During the trip he was briefed about recent successes in pushing back the Taliban

Yesterday’s attacks marked a dark day for the UK armed forces as another soldier died in Iraq in a case of suspected suicide. He was found dead from a gunshot wound at the main British base outside Basra. His next of kin have been informed.

The deaths brought the total number of British military personnel who have lost their lives in Afghanistan since the start of the operations in 2001 to 132. In Iraq, 178 have been killed.

Commander Paula Rowe, the spokeswoman for Task Force Helmand, said: ‘Today is an incredibly sad day for Task Force Helmand.

‘The tragic deaths of these Royal Marines have come as a huge blow to us all. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to go through.

‘Our heartfelt sympathies go out to their families, friends and comrades at this terrible time.’

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Dangerous ground: The Royal Marines were on foot patrol, like these commandos and Gurkhas, in Sangin valley in Helmand Province, Southern Afghanistan

Brigadier General Richard Blanchette, of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said: ‘These servicemen died helping bring peace and security to the Afghan people.

‘We have the utmost respect and admiration for the ISAF troops that operate in this challenging environment.

‘Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of these brave servicemen during their time of loss.’


All the Marines killed in the twin tragedies in Afghanistan yesterday were serving with 45 Commando, based at Arbroath in Scotland. The MoD was last night in the process of informing their next of kin. 

Even by the standards of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the use of such a young boy in the attack shocked and astonished British forces in Helmand province. 

Earlier this year there was a similar attack against Afghan troops in the nearby town of Musa Qaleh in which a boy of eight or nine was used to carry explosives. 

Any adult Afghan approaching a British patrol in a car, or pushing a wheelbarrow would typically be ordered at gunpoint to halt at a safe distance until troops were satisfied that they posed no threat. 

But the boy in yesterday’s attack  -  in the upper Sangin valley  -  was able to get close enough to kill three of the Marines, all members of X Company, 45 Commando. 

One of the Marines died instantly, another succumbed to his wounds within a few minutes and the third died later at the main British base at Camp Bastion. 

Explosives experts were last night carrying out a forensic examination of wreckage recovered from the scene, to try to discover how the blast was triggered, and by whom.

British troops have suffered relatively few suicide bomb attacks in Helmand, with the Taliban insurgents preferring to plant booby-trap roadside bombs, or launch more conventional ambushes. 

Commanders will now have to assess whether to change procedures and tactics, and to treat local children with more suspicion.

The earlier bomb blast hit a patrol to the west of Sangin town, when a Royal Marine vehicle was caught in an explosion. One member of ‘W’ Company died while being flown to Camp Bastion.

Yesterday marked the worst loss of life in a one day for the forces since September 2006, when 14 men were killed in a Nimrod aircraft which suffered a fuel leak and exploded.

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  1. Oh what will these maggots think of next, hiding behind women and children during a firefight.

  2. I posted this on Jihadwatch concerning the same topic…

    “They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal, which I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind.”
    Jeremiah 19:5

    Tell what is the difference between these Baal worshipers and Muslims who offer their children up to be sacrificed for their God?


    Baal = Allah?

    What is the difference?

    I don’t see any difference between modern Muslims and ancient barbarians. Modern Islam acts without restraint with a circular moral compass, that enables justification in sacrificing their children in the name of their god. The Islamic mindset is the end justifies the means, so standard is all relative to accomplishing the goal of the worldwide Caliphate. Murder is okay, lying is okay, rape is okay, slavery is okay etc…as long as infidels suffer and are weakened into submission.

  3. This is ‘muslim abortion’ with an added plus! They give a kid or two to allah and get a paycheck from the saudis.

    You know the sad part of all of this is that our media, because they don’t hear the whining and wailing of muslims and them parading their dead bodies around, will ignore all of this.

    Most of us who have been reading about what is going on in the Middle East already know that the muslims have been training their children to kill/die for that moon god for quite some time. They also use their dead as propaganda if they have died due to their own violence and our media just believes the muslim and depicts others as the ones who are doing wrong.

    islam is a sickness.

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