Hollywood, Bollywood: what's the difference?

*  Bush Derangement Syndrome afflicts Muslims and Nutroots alike…

Hating Bush is safer

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, December 02, 08 (06:20 am)


Bollywood’s stars suffer from the same derangement as the Hollywood ones:

On the evening of Nov. 26, the biggest names in Bollywood walked the red carpet at the Bombay premiere of “The President Is Coming,” a comedy about six 20-somethings vying to win the right to shake hands with President Bush.

Among those in attendance at the star-studded premiere Wednesday evening was Bollywood’s “new heartthrob” Imraan Khan, who proudly posed for paparazzi donning a T-shirt with Mr. Bush’s face sandwiched between the words “International Terrorist.”

Mr. Khan – a member of India’s Muslim minority – chose not to mock international terrorists who kill in the name of Allah. He and his co-religionists know the deadly results for those who do.

At the precise moment Mr. Khan and hundreds of others making their fortunes in the multibillion-dollar Indian movie business were watching “The President Is Coming,” only a few blocks away, 10 20-something Muslim extremists began a horrific three-day terror spree.

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The Times reports:

At least five terrorist gunmen have evaded capture in Mumbai and could make a secondary strike on India’s financial capital, it was feared today.

Maybe Khan could wear a shirt with their identikit pictures, to help police?


For Waleed Aly, lecturer in the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University, Mumbai was all about bad things done to Muslims, and not at all about a toxic variant of his Muslim faith:

(M)uch Islamist terrorism in recent years has been part of a cycle of violence with Hindu nationalist militants. The Mumbai bombings of 1993, for example, followed swiftly after the demolition of the Babri Mosque and anti-Muslim violence by Hindu militants. But hanging over every Islamist act of violence has been one loaded word: Kashmir…. As a Muslim majority territory, it most logically belongs to Pakistan…(Waleed’s Islamo-logic hard at work/ed)

* Waleed Aly in typical Islamofascist fashion follows the supremacist idea that infidels who resist Islam cause wars and are responsible for them…/ed

Precisely what Israel has to do with Kashmir is not abundantly clear… And it is here (in the singling out of Jews and Westerners), rather than in the particular methods of violence, that we may discern the impact of al-Qaeda, not as an organisation, but as a symbolic ideological force. Its most significant contribution has not been mass death, but a new way of formulating militant politics that transcends the local and parochial, and imbues it with a global resonance. So, to take an example, the brutalising of Muslims in Kashmir may no longer be understood as a problem that begins and ends with India. It may now be constructed as part of a broader, more global conspiracy, spearheaded by the US.

In this connection, Kashmir becomes a symptom of a more general disease that also explains the plight of Muslims in places as disparate as the Palestinian territories, Chechnya, Somalia, southern Thailand and the southern Philippines, all of which may now be generalised in the one struggle. (funny: a while ago I had a run-in with a Muslim who tried to tell me that there is no global jihad, that these are all ‘regional confilcts’ etc./ed)

I did predict this kind of sweet rationalisation, with its tendency to absolve terrorists of moral responsibility. It always comes down to blaming the West – or at least non-Muslims – first. Maybe that’s because they are the only ones left with at least some reason to which the timid can appeal. 

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  1. Hi!

    I’ve read your posts and had a few questions/clarifications for you.

    when you stated that men have clean themselves after touching a woman, it is the same for the woman when touching a man. As we both know, during intercourse things can get sticky (no pun intended).

    secondly, the dirt part is not to show that women are worse that dirt, its the fact of using dirt when water is not available, just as if you were to fart and had to water to clean up, you can use dirt.

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    the media does an amazing job of making muslim women look like dirtt.



    let the hate continue.

    -Your Muslim friend,


  2. * -Your Muslim friend

    Sami, if you want to be my friend, abandon islam, as its false god “allah” and his false
    prophet Mo have this to say about muslims like you taking people like me as friends:

    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another.
    Whoever seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. allah does not guide the
    wrongdoers.” (Sura 5:51 or thereabouts)

    Islam is doomed, Sami. Judgement is coming, and they will reap what they sow. Get out of it
    as soon as you can.

  3. Hey Sami…..
    Why are mussies SO infatuated with sex?
    Always having to cover women because they (mussie men) can’t control themselves.
    Is that why it takes 14 mussies to rape an Aussie girl?
    The bottom line is, even your prophet Mo couldn’t keep his filthy hands off a nine year old.
    When are mussie men going to start covering themselves?
    Yes Sami I despise islam and all it stands for.
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    islam=death cult

  4. “the media does an amazing job of making muslim women look like dirtt.”

    IF there is actually some effort of making Muslim women look like dirt, then its probably the way Islam in general treats them in the first place.

    Btw we do hate Islam. He atleast got that right.

    Note on that shirt calling Bush a international terrorist. The dumbest thing about that is the GWB kisses more Saudi butt and is a constant dhimmi in his “Islam is a religion of peace” nonsense so much of the time, even if you hated the guy it would be hard making the terrorist label sticking. His “war on terror” amounts to nothing more than protecting the Governments of the oil rich Muzzies from the less rich Jihadists. But considering those oil rich ones eventually end up funding Jihadists, Bush is too stupid is be considered some terrorist mastermind.

  5. * His “war on terror” amounts to nothing more …

    Might as well be a “war on fluffy dice”, for all the effect it has.

  6. Sami, another sick muslim mind.
    These people are so twisted in their head.
    Will they ever show decency towards woman.
    What a curse if you are born as a muslim woman.

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