More from the EUrabian front

From Andrew Bolt:


Reuters reports:

Police extinguish burning barricades on the main road in the immigrant-dominated suburb of Rosengard in Malmo in southern Sweden, early December 19, 2008. The fire department considered the area to be too risky to enter with their personnel. Clashes in the Malmo suburb Rosengard have escalated after the police in the beginning of the week cleared out and closed a basement facility in a rental building that was occupied after a dispute between the real estate owner and the Islamic cultural society in the neighborhood, local media reported

The riots this time lasted two days.

Earlier this month in Spain:

There have been serious riots between Moroccan and black African immigrants in a village in southern Spain.

The violence erupted in La Mojonera in the province of Almeria when a Moroccan man stabbed a Malian immigrant to death… Moroccan shops were attacked and ransacked, and rubbish containers and cars were set alight during the rioting. It took the Spanish police several hours to restore order

Meanwhile in Belgium:

Representatives of Hezbollah are scheduled to speak in the conference hall of the Belgian Parliament. The Hezbollah representatives and the manager of the terrorist organization’s Al Manar TV will address a symposium on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails…. The conference …is sponsored by the International Union of Parliamentarians for Palestine. It reportedly was organized by Fouad Lahssaini, a Belgian parliamentarian from the Ecolo Green Party…

Also in Belgium this month:

The Belgian authorities on Friday charged six of the 14 people arrested on Thursday who were suspected of links to terrorist group al-Qaida….  The suspects, five men and a woman with Belgian passports, were charged with preparing a terrorist attack and membership of a criminal organization…

The target of the purported attack was unclear, said federal public prosecutor Johan Delmulle. He said a video was found in the suspected suicide bomber’s home, in which he said goodbye to his family. The man in question, a young Muslim, is well-known in Brussels criminal circles, VRT said. Several of his family members have been convicted of serious crimes, including hostage-taking and armed robbery… The man returned to Belgium last week from a training camp in Pakistan or Afghanistan

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Athens is burning


For two weeks the barbarians of the Left and the anarchist movement have torn Greece to pieces. The latest:

HUNDREDS of rioters battled police in central Athens, fire-bombing finance offices and attacking the city’s Christmas tree two weeks after the police shooting of a teenager set off Greece’s worst unrest in decades.

See Greece burn itself alive.

What makes the state so impotent in dealing with the rioters is not only that Greek culture is dangerously in love with political violence, but that one arm of this suicidal state is at war with the other:

The rioters, using the National Technical University of Athens as a base, launched attacks against police, throwing rocks and petrol bombs and erecting roadblocks. Police responded with volleys of tear gas. Greek law prevents security forces from entering the university grounds unless the school’s administration gives the go-ahead. So far no permission has been given.

The World Socialist Web Site is meanwhile outraged that the police defend themselves against the barbarians:

About 150 demonstrators attacked the police with Molotov cocktails and set fire to police cars. The police responded by using teargas against the demonstrators. In the course of the fighting two firebombs were thrown at government buildings, causing considerable damage….Once again, there were instances of police brutality in the course of the protests.

Underparented, attention-seeking, adolescent spongers of the world unite! 

The Riot-Cow Collective in Omaha, Nebraska dropped banners today from the Memorial Park Bridge in solidarity with our comrades over in Greece. The first read, “Fight Together or Die Alone / Greek Riots” and the second, “ / get to the streets!” From Omaha to Athens we all fight the same fight, see you on the front page of the last newspaper that they ever print! Solidarity forever!