Muslim Riots in Spain, Denmark, Greece, UK…


Rioting immigrants set fire to cars, shops and rubbish containers in a town in southern Spain overnight after a Malian was stabbed to death while being mugged, police said on Monday.

(* They are not immigrants, they are not asylum seekers and they are not refugees. They are invaders…/ed)

A Civil Guard statement said Sega S., 24, was stabbed on Sunday night and died from his injuries early on Monday. Police arrested three Moroccans, one of them the suspected killer.

After the stabbing, a score of angry sub-Saharan immigrants gathered in La Mojonera, in southern Almeria province, and started fires in shops and rubbish bins.

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Police in riot gear were deployed to quell the riot and arrested two men from Ivory Coast and one from Guinea Bissau.

There were similar riots in September in nearby Roquetas de Mar after a Senegalese man was stabbed to death when he tried to intervene in a dispute.

Many emigrants from sub-Saharan Africa drown or die of exposure trying to cross the Straits of Gibraltar to Spain aboard small vessels and flimsy rafts in the hope of finding a better life in Europe.

Some five million of Spain’s 45 million population are immigrants, many of whom found work in a 12-year construction boom that has collapsed in the last year.

Spain’s unemployment rate is now the highest in the European Union, and the government has said it will pay unemployed foreigners to go home, an offer few seem to have taken up. 

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  1. Oz government, whether under Coalition, or now under Labor, is determined to repeat
    the European failure here. Labor lacks leadership – Coalition lacks a leader.

  2. Europe had better get its act together or it will be another islamic craphole. The muslims will not assimilate, they need to be expelled to lands where they can worship as they want and not impose their 7th century, backwards thinking on the rest of us. We should also pack off the socialists as well for getting us into this mess.

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