Muslims plan $10m enclave in WA, "because Apartheid in SA worked well"

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“In South Africa, because of apartheid, all different communities were set up and it worked well. It kept people separate. We can be together in terms of our contribution to the wider community.”

Because Apartheid worked so well, Muslims want to introduce it to Australia:

* After yammering endlessly about ‘racism & Islamophobia’ Muslims want to have their own casbah, mosques etc,. complete with sport centre and football field for the Friday beheadings, public floggings and stoning of adulterous females…

The Islamic community plans to build a Muslim-only housing development and recreation centre as part of a $10 million complex in Rivervale.

Islamic Council of WA spokesman Rahim Ghauri said the group had an architect-designed concept plan for a six-storey housing development, an underground carpark and a hall for weddings, conferences and religious and recreational activities.

Mr Ghauri rejected claims the housing would further isolate sectors of the Muslim community from mainstream society, claiming the venue would be used to teach Islamic youth how to become good Australian citizens.

* And pigs will fly…

And the council’s religious adviser, Abdul Jalil Ahmad, said it was useful for different religious or ethnic groups to have separate residential enclaves so their customs and exotic cooking smells did not offend neighbours.

“It’s ideal for any ethnic group because you can deal with each other in an easier way,” Mr Ahmad said.

* How considerate, Ahmed…

“In South Africa, because of apartheid, all different communities were set up and it worked well. It kept people separate. We can be together in terms of our contribution to the wider community.”

* What kind of contribution to the wider community might that be, Ahmad?

Mr Jalil, who once tried to set up a sharia court in WA to settle disputes in the Muslim community through an incorporated body, plans to live in the 20-unit complex on the community’s 1280sqm Malvern Street block.

Mr Rahim said it would provide affordable housing for Muslims and be first-stop accommodation for Islamic students and newcomers to help integrate them into society.

* Do they need to be integrated into the Muslim society or should they be integrated into the wider community?

The group wants donations from “generous Muslims” locally and all over the world for the complex and so far had $100,000. He declined to reveal who was approached but said all donations would be declared to the Government.

The council hoped to buy neighbouring vacant land from Landcorp to extend the development, possibly with offices, another carpark and sporting facilities.

Mr Rahim said WA’s Muslim community was one of the only religious groups which did not have its own recreation centre. It would offer to rent the hall to non-Muslims.

He said the inclusion of units was necessary to pass local planning laws but the council would include the Muslim-only housing block even if it was forced to move to another area.

Ethnic Communities Council president Ramdas Sankaran supported the development of a Muslim recreation hall but said a separate housing complex for any religious or ethnic group was a “deplorable” idea because it undermined social cohesion and promoted segregation.

He said there was an argument for separate aged-care facilities based on race or religion, but building a general housing complex for families set a dangerous precedent which he believed would not have support in the Muslim or broader communities.

“Self exclusion is just as bad as being excluded by other parties in Australia. It’s not in the interests of any group,” Mr Sankaran said.

Belmont mayor Glenys Godfrey had informal talks with the group but a council spokesman said it could not comment until it saw the plans.


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  1. On Christmas Island, and the Cocos Islands they keep themselves segregated and separate. Muslims, on Home Island, and non-Muslims on West Island.

  2. Another reason for the enclave is isolate children from western culture until they can be indoctrinated to the point where they can venture out and not be tempted to leave Islam.

    And of course the obvious one where Jihadists can move in and out of the concealment of a closed community easier.

  3. And the islamofascists and leftist Israel-haters call Israel, a country open to many religions and races, an “Apartheid state”! Oh, the irony! Can we bring this to the attention of the UN, Dhimmi Carter and the rest of the other wanker mofos?

  4. It is quite understandable that the Muslims would want a place to call their own. Offer them their own part of Australia The government should conduct a census on the condition that it would only grant it to them if 100% of them agree .Knowing Muslims, the moderates who do not want it will be ruthlessly bullied and you will have 100% agreement. Then give them a large slice of the Australian Antarctic and ship them there.

    It is nice to dream.

  5. I think they might have a good plan. Why don’t we set up our own non-muslim communities. Let’s say all of Australia and its territories. There yer go camel f’ckers thinking about you all the time.

  6. It’s nice to dream, ciccio, but that is exactly what allah’s Maldives paradise is looking for as an
    alternative to sinking beneath the waves – someone they can relocate to, in Oz, India, Nepal
    where they can have their own independent enclave under sharia “law”.

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