Netherlands: Balkenende and Verhagen bend over, grovel, apologize, whine and deflect blame to appease Muslims (again)

* These despicable creatures would burn Wilders at the stakes and would see Ehsan Jamil hanged, if it wasn’t for freedom of speech (which, unfortunately for these filthy cowards) still exists…


THE HAGUE, 11/12/08 – Ehsan Jami has offended Muslims with his film ‘Interview with Mohammed’, according to an official statement released yesterday by Premier Jan Peter Balkenende on behalf of the Dutch government.

* Ehsan Jami’s Movie Debuts in the Hague

* An interview with Muhammed (by Ehsan Jami) (Part 1 of 2)

Read it and weep:

“The Dutch government has taken notice of Mr Jami’s film, in which he expresses his personal opinions about Islam. The Netherlands has a tradition of freedom of religion and belief as well as a tradition of freedom of expression. We also have a tradition of respect, tolerance and responsibility. Offending other people is not in keeping with these traditions. Conversely, free and unrestricted debate and respectful treatment do reflect these traditions. In this light, the government regrets the fact that Mr Jami’s film deeply offends the feelings of many Muslims.”

“Reports in the foreign media have given rise to concern in the Dutch government about the image of the Netherlands that has emerged in some other countries. Islam occupies a fully respected place in the Netherlands. The Dutch government highly values the good relations that exist, both in the Netherlands and abroad, between Muslims and people of other faiths and beliefs.”

“The government emphatically rejects the way that some have misused religion to spread hate and intolerance. Respect for the deeply held convictions of others is something that we share with people in many countries. The Netherlands will continue striving to ensure that freedom of religion and belief and freedom of expression are respected both in this country and worldwide.”

Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen has spoken about Jami’s film with the Islamic countries’ ambassadors to the Netherlands. He has told them that the film is not a product of the government, that the Netherlands has freedom of expression and that a film must be no reason for violence against Dutch people or companies. The cabinet is not planning to comment on the contents of the film.

‘Interview with Mohammed’ can be seen on the website. In his film, Jami asks a masked actor dressed as the Prophet Mohammed what he thinks of modern Islam. The Prophet says the times have changed since he lived 1,400 years ago and that Muslims should adapt to these changes.

For example, the Prophet says his marriage with a 6 year old child was normal in the seventh century but would be “inhuman” nowadays. Asked what he thinks of people that leave Islam, ‘Mohammed’ says that apostasy is “fine” with him. He also rejects death threats to people like Wilders and Salman Rushdie.

A number of organisations of Moroccans and Muslims in the Netherlands have rejected the film. They termed ‘An interview with Mohammed’ a “feeble lightweight piece without a clear message.”

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  1. I traveled to Amsterdam in February on business and can tell you that about 35% of the people I saw were Muslim immigrants, who by the way live off the gracious social services network which exist there and have like 5 to 10 offspring each. (as mandated by their religion to destroy Europe)

    Also, they are apologizing all the time….how about the Muslims apologizing for the death of Theo Van Gogh?

    Closing down brothels and cannabis stores but allowing elements of Sharia and funding mosques, while kow towing in Afghanistan????

    One last point, believe it or not, alot of the people selling hard drugs in the red light area were Muslim youths, in plain view of local cops, my partner in the middle of the street was offered coke and heroin….no doubt to then fund jihad, as they also are in the porn business in the USA, amongst other things.

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