Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues

* Religion of destruction: Somali jihadists destroying Muslim and Christian shrines

Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues

* Nothing new here: he just did what Muhammedans have been doing since 1400 years: destroying the idols of the idol worshipping infidels. Because only Allah has the right to be worshipped…

A sign of things to come. This is just the beginning….

From Islam in Europe

I’m assuming for now the man is not Christian, mostly because I expect that if he were, this would be specified in the article. 

A 37 year old Amsterdam resident was sentenced yesterday to sixty hours of community service. In April of this year the man destroyed at least two statues of Christ in Nuenen and Deurne. The magistrate in Den Bosch also charged him with destroying five graves in the Lambertus parish in Helmond.

more pictures available here and here
The suspect came to the Netherlands from Turkey 11 years ago and worked in Amsterdam at a research institute. He was arrested in Venray on April 8 when he again went for a statue of Christ. He failed to appear yesterday.
* Wonder what he was researching?

To the police he had admitted to all the charges and said that he had ‘acted by orders of God in order to warn people.” He had already been sentenced in the past for similar crimes.

Besides the community service the judge also imposed on him two weeks conditional jail sentence. He’ll be under surveillance by the rehabilitation service for two years of probation. He is also to pay compensation for the claimed damage: 2,700 euro to the Lambertus parish and 1,780 Euro to the Deurne municipality.

Source: Brabants Dagblad (Dutch)

4 thoughts on “Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues”

  1. This act is not an anomaly neither is it an aberration. This is the way of Islam. You only have two choices fight or submit (doing nothing is the same as submitting).

    Whether the sentence is lenient or severe it will only get worse. Leniency encourages “them” and severity enrages “them”. Until one day “they” are in power and you are separated from your body. It has happened to many countries over the centuries. Like the proverbial frog slowly boiled in a pan. The slow changes from freedom and life to slavery and death go unnoticed by too many. Wake up people the enemy is inside the gates.

  2. He’s a Muslim. Why do I say that?

    1. He’s from Turkey. The overwhelming majority of Turks are Muslims.

    2. Look at the reported quote: ‘he had admitted to all the charges and said that he had ‘acted by orders of God in order to warn people.” That phrase – ‘in order to warn people’ – comes from the vocabulary that Muslim jurists use to describe the stages by which Muslims set out to ‘command right [‘right’ =anything Islam says is permissible – which includes marriage to prepubescent girls, wife-beating, polygyny, and, of course, slitting throats of recalcitrant dhimmis and kafir] and forbid wrong’ [‘wrong’ = anything Islam doesn’t like, such as pigs, pet dogs, women in any kind of un-Islamic dress, wine and beer…and STATUES OF ANY KIND, they don’t have to be ‘religious’ statues].

    It’s important not to give ‘wrong’ in Islamspeak the meaning that we kafir would give it. Good and evil as absolute categories do not exist for Muslims: what benefits Islam, which boils down to – anything that increases the power of Muslim males over everybody else, is ‘good’, what harms Islam, that is, anything that diminishes the power of Muslim males, is ‘wrong’.

    Mohammed declared statues to be bad; this is a neat trick. Why? – Answer: since practically every non-Muslim society on the planet makes statues of some kind, this universal ‘sin’ provides Muslims a cast-iron excuse (one of many) to take offence and attack everybody who isn’t a Muslim. If they can’t attack the makers of the statues they attack the statues; it’s about asserting the power to harm and destroying the visible evidence of the non-Muslim culture.

  3. I agree we are in war…tho many people want to bury their heads in the sand. Young men who spray a bit of paint on mosques get hefty jail sentences…this codger gets a few hours community service even tho it is much more than wilful damage.

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