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This is how Egypt treats her Palistanian Muslim brothers (and sisters…)

* Check out the spin on this vid: Pali mob gangs up on 2 Israelis, Israelis shoot in self-defense, Guardian reports: “Jewish settlers in Hebron shoot Palestinian men”


Rafsanjani: Muslim anger over Gaza siege will explode and “burn” Israelis

Rafsanjani with Saudi King Abdullah

Where is his, and Islam’s, anger toward Egypt for its “siege” of Gaza?

Here again, Rafsanjani has nothing to say about the jihad the “Palestinians” continue to pursue against Israel. The only crime here, as far as he is concerned, is when Israel fights back.

More on Rafsanjani’s remarks. “Iran Cleric Warns Israel of Muslim Anger Over Ongoing Gaza Siege,” from AP, December 9 (thanks to Pamela):

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s former president and influential cleric is warning Israel of the consequences of the ongoing siege of the militant Hamas-run Gaza Strip.Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani says Muslim anger over the siege will eventually explode and “burn” Israelis.

Rafsanjani’s spoke during a prayer sermon Tuesday. The remarks were carried by state radio.

The cleric also criticized Muslim countries for their passivity over the siege. He says “this disgrace will remain” a stain on those states. […]

Iran supports Hamas.


Hugh comments:


“the ongoing siege of the militant Hamas-run Gaza Strip.”
— from the article above

If the Israelis do not provide abundant goods and services to those who make no secret of their desire to destroy Israel and all of its Jews (see the Hamas Charter, and see the Qur’anic verses, and Hadiths, to which it refers), does that constitute a “siege”? Imagine if Hitler or Tojo –that is, Nazi Germany or Militarist (Kodo) Japan — had been conducting bombing raids on Pearl Harbor, attacked Allied shipping in the North Atlantic, sent V-2 rockets whizzing into London and all the while, complained that the English, or the Americans, were not sending enough goods, were daring to refuse to supply materiel that the Nazi and Japanese war machines required. The nerve of Great Britain. The nerve of the United States. And the nerve of Israel, which for some reason chooses not to keep sending unlimited amounts of electricity and food and so on, and chooses to no longer open its hospitals for free medical care for “Palestinians” as it has for decades — my goodness, what a brutal “siege” this is, and how dare Israel not support to the hilt those who wish to destroy it.

In the bizarre or bizarro world of Islam, this is indeed cause for genuine indignation. That’s the point: the indignation is genuine. These are not men who think as we do, who think as we have come to assume everyone does. No, these are men whose minds are on Islam. A different thing.

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  1. I cannot understand how apparently reasonable people can recognize Palestinians as victims. Hamas is just a F’king joke played on those of us who understand evil actually does exist. What money can buy, Aye?

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