Poll Results: Why do Western leaders kowtow to Islam?

Politcal correctness got 3%, 

fear of being seen as ‘racist’ got 4%

fear of Islam-terror got 3%

Ingorance and stupidity got  7%

And “all of the above” got 84%

Doctor Ayman, your Medicine Man

New Poll Starts Now: Would you seek help from a Muslim Doctor?



3 thoughts on “Poll Results: Why do Western leaders kowtow to Islam?”

  1. check out the muslim doctors and dentists assos of GB (or somesutch stupid name)
    They list their aims and objectives which include the promotion of islam in the UK and looking after the health of muslims in the UK. Infidels don’t get a mention. The koranimal “doctor” in the Baby P case didn’t even notice a broken back. I wouldn’t go near a muzzie doctor.

  2. Remember Glasgow? I wouldn’t trust young muslims doctors. One has no idea where their allegiances lie. If Obama gets his healthcare passed the American people will be seeing alot more of muslims physicians basically due to the fact there won’t be enough internists to treat 350,000,000+ people. The US will need to import them……..and their rotten religion.

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