Somalia: Religion of Destruction Destroys Christian Shrines

* Think they will ever build anything instead of wracking everything?

Somali jihadists destroying Muslim and Christian shrines


Both Islamic and Christian shrines. The Islamic ones are manifestations of a cultural Islam that the Wahhabis of al-Shabab reject, deeming such shrines “un-Islamic.” And the Christian ones of course are sites of infidel idolatry.

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* Militants in Pakistan destroy priceless Buddhist sculptures

Sharia Alert: “Somali fighters destroying shrines,” from Al-Jazeera, December 20 (thanks to DW):

Al-Shabab, an armed group fighting transitional government and Ethiopian forces in Somalia, is desecrating religious shrines in the south of the country, Al Jazeera has learned.

Here’s an interview with an Al-Shahab leader jihadist:

The ancient graves of clerics and other prominent people are among holy sites being targeted by the armed group in the port city of Kismayo.

Al-Shabab took control of Somalia’s third-largest city about four months ago and quickly announced it would not tolerate anything it deemed un-Islamic.

Al Jazeera correspondent Mohammed Adow said Kismayo’s Roman Catholic church was torn down just days after they seized power through bloody fighting.

“The 60-year-old church had not been used for nearly 20 years and not a single Christian lives in the city – but that was not a good enough reason for the militias to spare the building, he said.”

“They are planning to replace it with a mosque.”


Video here: Somali fighters destroying shrines


The fighters then turned their hammers on graves, some of which contained the remains of followers of Sufi, a mystical form of Islam.

The sites have been revered for decades and are regularly visited by people paying homage to the dead, a practice al-Shabab has condemned as being akin to idolatry.

“We are a chosen lot by Allah to try and correct the mystics of the people and guide them,” Hassan Yaqub, a spokesman for the Kismayo administration, told Al Jazeera.

“We have a responsibility to the people to guard the people against all evil deeds.”

In Marka, another coastal town in the south of the country, Al Jazeera witnessed the public implementation of Sharia, or Islamic law.

Three men accused of smoking hashish were given a public flogging before the al-Shabab fighters set fire to the drugs that were purportedly found when the men were arrested.

Such practices have become more frequent as al-Shabab has increased its influence across southern and central Somalia, taking back many of the areas which were formerly controlled by the Islamic Courts Union until late 2006.

In October, a 13-year-old girl was reportedly stoned to death in Kismayo after she was found guilty of adultery.

The UN later said that she had been raped….

Somali jihadists: “We will not stop fighting even if the Ethiopian troops withdraw because our aim is to implement Islamic law across Somalia”

“The presence of the Ethiopian troops, whom many Somalis see as occupiers in their land…” Occupiers. And yet they will not stop fighting when the “occupation” is over. They will keep fighting until Islamic law is implemented. That, of course, is exactly the same situation with Israel and the jihad groups that threaten it, but the State Department, and Bush and Obama, continue to imagine that a Palestinian state will solve the problem there. In reality, a Palestinian state will simply become a base for continued jihad attacks against Israel, until the Jewish state is eliminated and Islamic law is implemented where that state had once been.

Somali Jihad Update. “Somali insurgents vow to keep fighting,” by Mohamed Olad Hassan forAP, December 31 (thanks to James):

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A powerful insurgent group poised to take over Somalia said Wednesday it will fight until the country is ruled by Islamic law, even as Ethiopian troops who have been propping up the government packed up to leave.The presence of the Ethiopian troops, whom many Somalis see as occupiers in their land, has been a rallying cry for the insurgents to gain recruits even as the militants’ strict form of Islam terrified people into submission.

But on Wednesday, the most powerful insurgent group said the departure after two years will not be enough to stop them fighting the government.

“We will not stop fighting even if the Ethiopian troops withdraw because our aim is to implement Islamic law across Somalia,” said Sheik Muktar Robow, leader of the most aggressive Islamic insurgency group, al-Shabab.

The Ethiopian troops were packing up to leave Wednesday amid fears their departure will allow the strengthening Islamic insurgency to take over. But it was unclear when the thousands of soldiers would actually depart. They are expected to leave in stages, not all at once…

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