The Obaminator will offer Iran carrots…

* Obama vows “partnership with Pakistan” to resolve Afghan challenges

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Pakistan smoke & mirror links:


* $10 billion in military aid provided to Pakistan as ‘reimbursements’ for its efforts to root out militant groups has largely been wasted” 

* Sometimes you wish Condi was an air force drone

* The revolving doors of the Islamic prisons:

“We’ve seen before how Pakistan will arrest some militants, keep them for a couple of months and then release them when the world’s not paying attention,” said B. Raman, a former head of the Pakistan desk at the Research and Analysis Wing (India’s MI6).

Times Online

Obama to offer “carrots and sticks” to Iran

But probably mostly carrots. “Obama vows tough diplomacy with Iran,” from AFP, December 7 (thanks to Weasel Zippers) via JW

(Nothing they haven’t tried before…)

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US president-elect Barack Obama vowed “tough but direct diplomacy” with Iran, offering incentives along with the threat of tougher sanctions to disarm the Islamic republic’s nuclear drive.”We need to ratchet up tough but direct diplomacy with Iran,” he said in an interview aired Sunday on NBC program “Meet the Press.”

As president from January 20, Obama said he would make clear to Tehran that the nuclear program was “unacceptable,” along with its support of militant groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and its “threats against Israel.”

Obama, whose offer of direct talks with Iran represents a break with three decades of US foreign policy, promised a “set of carrots and sticks in changing their calculus about how they want to operate.”

Carrots would include economic incentives to the cash-strapped oil producer and greater access to the international trading system, he said….


Yep, that’ll end their jihad against Israel, all right.

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  1. No amount of carrots will suffice-only total capitulation. Anything short of that means we will continue to be targeted by Iran. I just hope Obama(MCF) realizes this soon enough-every now and then he’s bound to get something right-the law of averages says so.

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